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-- Threads with the most views --

Title: "Pay Rise???"
There's currently no funding here for AfC in Primary Care, so there's been no point in even ...
(Date Posted 10-07-2006 by Simon Neil)
o 1316 Views, 18 Replies, Last Post: 12:47 PM, 01-08-2007 by docarhamilton

Title: "Protocols..."
Gary, / / Many thanks for the attached protocols, am gradually working my way round the site ...
(Date Posted 26-09-2006 by SteveR)
o 1146 Views, 18 Replies, Last Post: 10:49 AM, 09-02-2007 by Jane Jones

Title: "Depression DEP1/DEP2"
Have any of the clinicians any thoughts on how useful (or not!) they find this process of searching ...
(Date Posted 14-08-2006 by SteveR)
o 925 Views, 9 Replies, Last Post: 03:20 PM, 19-03-2007 by docarhamilton

Title: "Im&t Des"
Some more protocols attached
(Date Posted 17-01-2007 by Rachael)
o 879 Views, 6 Replies, Last Post: 01:19 PM, 11-09-2007 by Monica Adjei

Title: "Overseas Patients"
Current Department of Health guidance on eligibility takes no account of nationality. Therefore if ...
(Date Posted 08-08-2006 by Gwyn)
o 872 Views, 16 Replies, Last Post: 02:27 PM, 27-10-2006 by MikeyM

Title: "Practice QOF results"
I know it's a long time ago, but you could generate interim reports in Vision and this will give you ...
(Date Posted 29-09-2006 by gary)
o 870 Views, 7 Replies, Last Post: 04:47 PM, 30-01-2007 by Jerry Cooke

Title: "Management CostS"
Our LMC say do not give up any money from the DES as this is for developing the written Plan not ...
(Date Posted 06-07-2006 by Nick Keyte)
o 860 Views, 6 Replies, Last Post: 12:32 PM, 14-12-2006 by John Holmes

Title: "Access to health Records Policy"
Thank you for a very helpful protocol, Lorraine
(Date Posted 07-08-2006 by garyrogers)
o 753 Views, 12 Replies, Last Post: 03:08 PM, 21-06-2007 by Strato

Title: "staff sickness"
Hi / I have had similar problems and it does seem like you can't sack anyone nowadays unless they've ...
(Date Posted 05-07-2006 by adrianMP)
o 728 Views, 8 Replies, Last Post: 08:50 AM, 21-09-2006 by Ed_H

Title: "Chronic Kidney Disease"
Thank you Nick for sharing this.
(Date Posted 06-07-2006 by Nick Keyte)
o 653 Views, 2 Replies, Last Post: 02:25 PM, 14-11-2006 by shirley

-- Threads with the most replies --

Title: "Eye Test"
Hi Monica, / / We pay for an eye test once year for VDU users, which are most folk these days. / / ...
(Date Posted 11-08-2006 by Monica Adjei)
o 11 Replies, 510 Views, Last Post: 08:29 AM, 11-10-2007 by jenny.manley

Title: "dispensing doctors quality scheme"
Has anybody got a SOP for information to give to parent/carer? / / WOuld be very grateful. / / ...
(Date Posted 01-12-2006 by lbenton123)
o 10 Replies, 237 Views, Last Post: 10:51 AM, 13-03-2007 by lbenton123

Title: "threatening behaviour by patients"
So many GPs do not realise that as leaders of their practices / businesses they need to stand up and ...
(Date Posted 15-03-2007 by MAGGIE)
o 9 Replies, 192 Views, Last Post: 09:12 PM, 03-04-2007 by davebergie

Title: "staff access to their own and family records"
All these suggestions seem to deal only with computerised records,not with written casenotes, ...
(Date Posted 13-02-2007 by Susie)
o 9 Replies, 232 Views, Last Post: 10:09 AM, 21-03-2007 by docarhamilton

Title: "neg Surgery Line"
We run call logging software so when we spoke to NEG about Surgery Line we were able to compare our ...
(Date Posted 09-11-2006 by Arthur)
o 9 Replies, 351 Views, Last Post: 11:16 AM, 15-05-2007 by Bob Shearer

Title: "Digerati"
Further update on using the system: / / So far vey stable and continues to be intuitive and easy to ...
(Date Posted 08-08-2006 by adrianMP)
o 9 Replies, 279 Views, Last Post: 09:49 AM, 28-06-2007 by avezard

Title: "Chaperone policy"
(Date Posted 03-08-2006 by JulieHammond)
o 9 Replies, 466 Views, Last Post: 10:14 PM, 05-09-2007 by Janeking

Title: "staff policies"
Hope these help / / Rachael
(Date Posted 12-12-2006 by lynne bolton)
o 8 Replies, 519 Views, Last Post: 04:03 PM, 20-02-2007 by Rachael

Title: "PPA reimbursement"
Great thank! / This place is such a useful resource. /
(Date Posted 04-07-2006 by adrianMP)
o 8 Replies, 634 Views, Last Post: 09:34 AM, 23-02-2007 by mjwalker

Title: "Welcome"
Very helpful in monitoring what others are up to and how different / similar our problems can be. ...
(Date Posted 02-07-2006 by gary)
o 8 Replies, 373 Views, Last Post: 03:01 PM, 20-09-2006 by des.mccarthy

-- Threads with no replies yet --

Title: "Meeting the aspirations of the British people"
The 2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 20-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "I.G. Toolkit"
Just thought you'd like to know some protocols are available at / / ...
(Date Posted 19-10-2007 by wilko)
o 5 Views

Title: ""A New Appetite for Life" and "Not Only Bingo""
A New Appetite for Life, written by Mike George and Linda... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 19-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "NHS Information Governance - guidance on legal and..."
This guidance covers the range of legal and professional... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 19-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "NHS performance ratings"
The Healthcare Commission has published performance ratings... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 19-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views
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