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Dear $username,

the website has a new look. A subtle alteration that I am sure members will find helpful.

Other new additions are :
the Job Centre section, for advertising new posts/locum availabilities. This hasnt been used yet, and any comments would be appreciated.

A Blog section, for all those with a burning desire to keep a web log. The idea is to foster those PMs who wish to detail how they solve practice management issues on a daily or weekly basis, or perhaps who wish to give advice on particular topics.


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Title: "Pay Rise???"
There's currently no funding here for AfC in Primary Care, so there's been no point in even ...
(Date Posted 10-07-2006 by Simon Neil)
o 1279 Views, 18 Replies, Last Post: 12:47 PM, 01-08-2007 by docarhamilton

Title: "Im&t Des"
Some more protocols attached
(Date Posted 17-01-2007 by Rachael)
o 782 Views, 6 Replies, Last Post: 01:19 PM, 11-09-2007 by Monica Adjei

Title: "Access to health Records Policy"
Thank you for a very helpful protocol, Lorraine
(Date Posted 07-08-2006 by garyrogers)
o 732 Views, 12 Replies, Last Post: 03:08 PM, 21-06-2007 by Strato

Title: "Eye Test"
yes please can i have a copy of the questionnaire.
(Date Posted 11-08-2006 by Monica Adjei)
o 471 Views, 10 Replies, Last Post: 03:54 PM, 05-08-2007 by bubby

Title: "Chaperone policy"
(Date Posted 03-08-2006 by JulieHammond)
o 456 Views, 9 Replies, Last Post: 10:14 PM, 05-09-2007 by Janeking

Title: "neg Surgery Line"
We run call logging software so when we spoke to NEG about Surgery Line we were able to compare our ...
(Date Posted 09-11-2006 by Arthur)
o 345 Views, 9 Replies, Last Post: 11:16 AM, 15-05-2007 by Bob Shearer

Title: "Current Receptionists Hourly Rate"
We pay 7.33 for our receptionists and we are in the East Midlands.
(Date Posted 29-03-2007 by AJM)
o 330 Views, 4 Replies, Last Post: 10:25 AM, 21-06-2007 by B Wolski

Title: "Digerati"
Further update on using the system: / / So far vey stable and continues to be intuitive and easy to ...
(Date Posted 08-08-2006 by adrianMP)
o 272 Views, 9 Replies, Last Post: 09:49 AM, 28-06-2007 by avezard

Title: "Serious Staff Problem, Please Help"
It's a terrible thing to have to admit that your practice is "not the most welcoming of staff" and ...
(Date Posted 30-07-2007 by AJM)
o 243 Views, 3 Replies, Last Post: 01:21 PM, 01-08-2007 by docarhamilton

Title: "Practice Disaster Plan"
Many thanks - very helpful / / Dave
(Date Posted 07-06-2007 by DaveD)
o 196 Views, 4 Replies, Last Post: 02:20 PM, 26-06-2007 by DaveD

-- Threads with the most replies --

Title: "Data security on Laptops" / / Oh dear.
(Date Posted 27-03-2007 by OnesAndNoughts)
o 7 Replies, 71 Views, Last Post: 12:43 PM, 08-05-2007 by sri_130

Title: "Private Fees"
We charge 25 for one Lloyd George, and 50 for anything larger.
(Date Posted 23-04-2007 by lorraine knapp)
o 6 Replies, 196 Views, Last Post: 11:37 AM, 22-06-2007 by Jerry Cooke

Title: "Blood Test Results"
We have a person dedicated to Actions on lab results on a daily basis with a Buddy for hols etc, ...
(Date Posted 17-07-2007 by Harmander)
o 5 Replies, 133 Views, Last Post: 03:38 PM, 31-07-2007 by Carabine

Title: "Chaperone Policy"
Hi Gary, / / Thanks for that it does seem to be clarified now! / / Regards Joan
(Date Posted 27-06-2007 by joan Combs)
o 5 Replies, 81 Views, Last Post: 08:00 AM, 05-07-2007 by joan Combs

Title: "Updating staff contract"
Thank you for the information. It always helps to see what other practices produce as it can show ...
(Date Posted 17-07-2007 by amoss)
o 4 Replies, 115 Views, Last Post: 10:37 AM, 26-07-2007 by amoss

Title: "Patient/neighbour litigating with practice"
I think it's a bad idea to remove the patient. It will leave you open to further risk at worst and ...
(Date Posted 31-07-2007 by Harmander)
o 3 Replies, 91 Views, Last Post: 09:19 AM, 03-10-2007 by avezard

Title: "SmartCard Procedure"
Many thanks for this it is really useful and saved me lots of time.
(Date Posted 29-06-2007 by kirstyfroud)
o 3 Replies, 151 Views, Last Post: 02:58 PM, 30-08-2007 by sue curtis

Title: "Fire Risk Assessment"
Wow Racheal, the forms and guidance really did the trick, brilliant fantastic. / / Ihave a few ...
(Date Posted 22-05-2007 by 1Stopdocshop)
o 3 Replies, 153 Views, Last Post: 03:33 PM, 19-06-2007 by 1Stopdocshop

Title: "Confidentiality Policy"
We've been circulated with a new Confidentiality Clause for staff contracts, not sure if this is the ...
(Date Posted 20-03-2007 by AJM)
o 3 Replies, 118 Views, Last Post: 11:57 AM, 08-05-2007 by hina

Title: "Employment law /Industrial tribunals"
Many thank Gary, no I had not received these documents. / / Best wishes, Jane
(Date Posted 08-03-2007 by gary)
o 3 Replies, 94 Views, Last Post: 10:06 AM, 17-09-2007 by Jane Jones

-- Threads with no replies yet --

Title: "0-18 years: guidance for all doctors"
Guidance that sets out doctors? role and responsibilities... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 03-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "The competences required to deliver effective cognitive and..."
This document identifies the activities associated with the... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 02-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "NHS Confederation NHS European Union Unit"
The NHS Confederation has announced the opening of the NHS... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 02-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "Prevention, diagnosis, referral and management of melanoma..."
The Royal College of Physicians has published guidelines on... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 02-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views

Title: "Who pays? Establishing the responsible commissioner"
This guidance, from the Department of Health, sets out a... / / More... ...
(Date Posted 02-10-2007 by gpm_admin)
o 0 Views
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