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-- Threads posted most recently --

Title: "IM & T Des"
Has anyone completed a data recording policy which includes guidance on coding for QOf and ...
(Date Posted 31-08-2007 by 1Stopdocshop)
o 0 Replies, 5 Views, Last Post: 10:39 AM, 31-08-2007 by 1Stopdocshop

Title: "GP retainers"
There is new guidance being circulated relating to the redundancy rights of retained GP's in that if ...
(Date Posted 28-08-2007 by Ritt_mickley)
o 0 Replies, 5 Views, Last Post: 03:57 PM, 28-08-2007 by Ritt_mickley

Title: "Text Messaging"
you can send a text message ( SMS message) via the ( an email to sms service) / just send it ...
(Date Posted 17-08-2007 by ShelliF)
o 1 Replies, 31 Views, Last Post: 11:56 AM, 17-08-2007 by gary

Title: "Hib Catch Up"
I'm just wondering what funding is being offered around the country for Practices giving the extra ...
(Date Posted 15-08-2007 by cahall)
o 0 Replies, 20 Views, Last Post: 10:16 AM, 15-08-2007 by cahall

Title: "Policy on the Storage of Medicines within the Practice"
Does anyone have this policy in place? Would you mind sharing with me? Thanks MA
(Date Posted 13-08-2007 by Monica Adjei)
o 0 Replies, 40 Views, Last Post: 10:21 AM, 13-08-2007 by Monica Adjei

Title: "Sage accounts nominal list"
Hi Bob, / If you send an email to our Business Manager ( he will email you a ...
(Date Posted 09-08-2007 by Bob Shearer)
o 1 Replies, 32 Views, Last Post: 01:14 PM, 14-08-2007 by Anet

Title: "Depression Protocol"
I would be most grateful if someone could help me by providing a copy of their depression protocol. ...
(Date Posted 06-08-2007 by Harmander)
o 0 Replies, 38 Views, Last Post: 01:00 PM, 06-08-2007 by Harmander

Title: "Patient/neighbour litigating with practice"
i would strongly suggest that you do NOT remove him or you could have another claim on your ...
(Date Posted 31-07-2007 by Harmander)
o 2 Replies, 53 Views, Last Post: 01:45 PM, 14-08-2007 by Anne-Marie Mitchell

-- Threads with the most views --

Title: "Pay Rise???"
There's currently no funding here for AfC in Primary Care, so there's been no point in even ...
(Date Posted 10-07-2006 by Simon Neil)
o 1245 Views, 18 Replies, Last Post: 12:47 PM, 01-08-2007 by docarhamilton

Title: "Access to health Records Policy"
Thank you for a very helpful protocol, Lorraine
(Date Posted 07-08-2006 by garyrogers)
o 719 Views, 12 Replies, Last Post: 03:08 PM, 21-06-2007 by Strato

Title: "Eye Test"
yes please can i have a copy of the questionnaire.
(Date Posted 11-08-2006 by Monica Adjei)
o 440 Views, 10 Replies, Last Post: 03:54 PM, 05-08-2007 by bubby

Title: "Chaperone policy"
This was a very good policy. Thanks very much for this and this is such a hot topic at the moment
(Date Posted 03-08-2006 by JulieHammond)
o 411 Views, 8 Replies, Last Post: 02:25 PM, 24-08-2007 by suegooding

Title: "neg Surgery Line"
We run call logging software so when we spoke to NEG about Surgery Line we were able to compare our ...
(Date Posted 09-11-2006 by Arthur)
o 337 Views, 9 Replies, Last Post: 11:16 AM, 15-05-2007 by Bob Shearer

Title: "Current Receptionists Hourly Rate"
We pay 7.33 for our receptionists and we are in the East Midlands.
(Date Posted 29-03-2007 by AJM)
o 317 Views, 4 Replies, Last Post: 10:25 AM, 21-06-2007 by B Wolski

Title: "Digerati"
Further update on using the system: / / So far vey stable and continues to be intuitive and easy to ...
(Date Posted 08-08-2006 by adrianMP)
o 266 Views, 9 Replies, Last Post: 09:49 AM, 28-06-2007 by avezard

Title: "Serious Staff Problem, Please Help"
It's a terrible thing to have to admit that your practice is "not the most welcoming of staff" and ...
(Date Posted 30-07-2007 by AJM)
o 204 Views, 3 Replies, Last Post: 01:21 PM, 01-08-2007 by docarhamilton

-- Threads with the most replies --

Title: "Private Fees"
We charge 25 for one Lloyd George, and 50 for anything larger.
(Date Posted 23-04-2007 by lorraine knapp)
o 6 Replies, 183 Views, Last Post: 11:37 AM, 22-06-2007 by Jerry Cooke

Title: "Blood Test Results"
We have a person dedicated to Actions on lab results on a daily basis with a Buddy for hols etc, ...
(Date Posted 17-07-2007 by Harmander)
o 5 Replies, 121 Views, Last Post: 03:38 PM, 31-07-2007 by Carabine

Title: "Chaperone Policy"
Hi Gary, / / Thanks for that it does seem to be clarified now! / / Regards Joan
(Date Posted 27-06-2007 by joan Combs)
o 5 Replies, 67 Views, Last Post: 08:00 AM, 05-07-2007 by joan Combs

Title: "Updating staff contract"
Thank you for the information. It always helps to see what other practices produce as it can show ...
(Date Posted 17-07-2007 by amoss)
o 4 Replies, 91 Views, Last Post: 10:37 AM, 26-07-2007 by amoss

Title: "Practice Disaster Plan"
Many thanks - very helpful / / Dave
(Date Posted 07-06-2007 by DaveD)
o 4 Replies, 165 Views, Last Post: 02:20 PM, 26-06-2007 by DaveD

Title: "SmartCard Procedure"
Many thanks for this it is really useful and saved me lots of time.
(Date Posted 29-06-2007 by kirstyfroud)
o 3 Replies, 103 Views, Last Post: 02:58 PM, 30-08-2007 by sue curtis

Title: "Fire Risk Assessment"
Wow Racheal, the forms and guidance really did the trick, brilliant fantastic. / / Ihave a few ...
(Date Posted 22-05-2007 by 1Stopdocshop)
o 3 Replies, 133 Views, Last Post: 03:33 PM, 19-06-2007 by 1Stopdocshop

Title: "Web Pages"
there are plenty of easy ways to write your own website, MS frontpage, dreamweaver etc. / I would ...
(Date Posted 16-11-2006 by karia)
o 3 Replies, 154 Views, Last Post: 10:33 AM, 31-07-2007 by WinHC
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