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12-05-2008, 06:03 PM
Can anyone please advise me on a redundancy issue.

We have a member of staff who was originally employed as Fundholding Manager and when this ceased in May 1996, the practice kept him on to do the Practice Accounts. They did call him Business Manager, but he has never performed this function, he has merely done the accounts. The Practice Manager has always processed the payroll.

He has just turned 70 in March this year and is quite happy to continue, but it is an unnecessary expense as I as Practice Manager have the experience to carry out this role.

We want to look at making him redundant. He has never had a Contract of Employment (like all other staff) and does 12hrs per week. He was employed by the previous retired partners on this basis.

I know under Employment Law you are supposed to go through Dismissal Procedures and am fully aware of Age Discrimination etc.

Has anyone been in this position with a long standing member of staff, and if so what did you do?

Is it 1 week's salary for every year of service?

I look forward to some replies.