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06-05-2008, 07:53 PM
I know that some members have had some difficulty downloading the DocManager software. This is because of the number of downloads that occurred this morning. There should be no problem downloading the software over the next few days.
The software is self-extracting and will install into a new directory- C:\program files\docmanager. You can change this directory during install if you wish.
The software is stand-alone and the licence allows each practice to install as many copies on practice PCs as you wish.
A networked version will be available later in the year. This will need to be installed onto the practice server and will centralise the documents for each user. I suspect though that many users will prefer to use the simple stand-alone version.
The current version is fully functioning but will prevent any new documents from being added after June 1st. Subscribers who join as "Group Practice Members"will be given a small upgrade patch that will enable the software to fully function.

After you have installed the software, please enter your Practice's details, as the reports will not work unless you have done so.

Also, enter your staff details ( just their names will do) as these populate the drop-down lists that enable you to select who has created or reviewed a document.

Any questions ...