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13-02-2008, 12:17 PM
The BMA's GP Committee will be polling all Drs from next week about their views on the Contract Changes being imposed by the government. The options on the table are given below.
Any core hours that a practice does not open for will have to be added to the time you open late ( this includes lunchbreaks and half days, and anytime closing early before 6.30 of opening later than 8 am- the time that the OOH handover occurs). This poll is looking at how prevalent these " core hour closures" are in practice, and a brief look at how practices are thinking of voting, and whether or not the extended opening hours will be implemented ( or the money forfeited)

Option A:
The government's proposals:

158 million of funding recycled from the 2007/08 Access and Choice and Booking DESs (in England) would be reinvested in extended opening as a DES including 2.80 per patient per annum for providing extended access
58.5 QOF points (38.5 from the holistic and organisation domains, plus 20 points from the patient experience domain) would be reallocated to support access arrangements
Extended opening would be for 30 minutes per week per 1000 registered patients - this would need to be in blocks of 1.5 hours after 6.30pm or for one hour prior to 8.00am or on Saturday morning and would depend on agreement between the practice and the PCO reflecting local patients’ wishes. This would be provided through a nationally agreed Directed Enhanced Service (DES), and practice participation would be voluntary
Part of the funding available for access (35p per patient) would be dependent on the results of access questions contained in the QOF patient survey. This would include targets for 24/48 hours access and booking
There would be 1.5% uplift in the contract value, although it is unclear how this would be allocated and what additional work on top of the DES further practices would have to do to achieve this.If the profession did not agree with Option A, the government has said that Option B would be imposed, details are as follows:

Extended opening funded via 158m from the 2007/08 Access and Choice and Booking DESs but locally agreed arrangements
There would be 135 points permanently removed from QOF including clinical areas such as influenza vaccination and management areas such as computer security. The overall impact would be a QOF with only 865 points instead of the current 1000.
All lower QOF thresholds would be uniformly raised to 50%. The upper threshold would be raised to the national achieved average. In general, practices will lose money as the range gets narrower unless they are scoring above the higher threshold for that indicator
There will be no QOF achievement payment until the end of the first quarter
The funding, as described above, would be allocated to PCTs for them to agree local contracts for extended opening with any practices – including those newly set up private APMS practices. Experience has shown that it is likely that only a proportion of the funding would end up with any general practices if allocated to PCTs.camera13

13-02-2008, 10:32 PM
I work at a practice that has recently become a community interest company.For new staff employed there is no option as hours of work are between the hours of 7am and 9pm,we do not close for dinner and have started this week one early morning from 7am and one late night until 8.30pm with Sat morning one in 3 to commence April,as you may well guess causes problems between old and new staff.