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25-09-2006, 01:04 PM
Hi everyone

i have have really a very difficult situation about my PMS salaried GP and i do not know how to work round it. it is about her session hours, she agreed to do 4hrs 10 mins per sesssion, the mornings are ok , she has patients 9-12, 21-13.00 she does her paper work, but in the evenings she only sees patients for 2hours and the rest of the time she sits in her room at lunch time when the surgery is really closed? i feel there is no solid evedence of afternoon sessions. How much paperwork can someone do in lunch time.Her presence in the surgery can it be counted as a session? i am not very happy about ti because she keeps nipping in and out of her afternoon sessions to pick her children from school. I am not discriminating her children but has anyone got any suggestions to HELP me. Thanks

25-09-2006, 05:19 PM
If you have a contract saying the session is 4 hours 10 mins, you have the right to arrange patients to occupy that amount of time and allocate a proportion of time for paperwork if that's what you do. One way is to specify either a start or end time for the session and then a number of patients to be seen in the session. eg we specify a last appt time of 5.50 and 18 patients to be seen in the session. This way I know the salaried doctor will be there until 6.00 at least and have had 18 appts before that time (10min appts). We do not specify a "paperwork" amount of time but expect doctors to complete all necessary paperwork for their cohort of patients. For morning sessions we again use the set number of patients to be seen and are flexible with start and end times (to a degree) and to what the service requires.
I wouldn't have thought a 2 hour pm session was really on - and you are the employer.

26-09-2006, 10:22 PM
This seems to be a little difficult, but it really shouldn`t be, forget that they are a Gp for a second, if you had a member of staff maybe a Receptionist doing the same sort of thing would you accept it? a Gp deserves your respect but should be treated the same as any other member of your team, Check your contract and job plan and maybe start some dialogue of what your expectations are. If there is a problem around child care you may decide to be more flexible but her childcare issues are not really your problem do something now or if this continues, the fact that she has done this for some time may become part of an implied contract by the fact this is what she has done. I know it can be a little akward but theres no reason what she does in the morning should not be replicated in the afternoon, her presence in the surgery is part of her session but its up to you direct her time with a work load which may consist of appoinments/on call/insurance reports/visits etc,Has she been employed long?Have you had a review with her if not start now maybe she has problems and these can be sorted.