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25-09-2006, 11:40 AM
Hi all,

I am just about to advertise a trainee post and I am concerned about how I pitch the salary. I expect to receive applications from a range of ages for the job that initially does not add a lot of value to the business and so will not initially command a huge wage. The post is of course open to applicants of all ages but the starting salary would *normally* vary depending on the persons experience.

Am I allowed to do this? Or do I have to specify a wage for the job (which sounds logial and correct) and regardless of the age or experience of the person that is the rate that would be paid?

If I can vary my pay rate as a function of experience (and maybe even age - the minimum wage laws are age oriented - source of my confusion really!) how do I word it in an advert or deal with it at interview? Could I say 50p above minimum wage for example? Can I even specifiy 2 rates of pay???

Appreciate any thoughts. I am trying hard to get this right for both the applicants and the business.

many thanks

25-09-2006, 04:06 PM
hmmm, well minimum rates depending on age already vary like from age 15 i think (i read it online somewhere) was 3 something and then 18+ is the standard minimum wage of 4 something. but if the job isn't as demanding to start with and your hourly rate figure would be somewhere in the same range depending on the applicants age and experience then you can put a figure down and mention something like 5.00+ per hour (depending on experience). that way the applicants would know roughly what your start range could be and how much room they would have for negotiating. (i.e. you won't have an applicant expecting 25.00 per hour if you've put down 5.00+ but maybe someone looking upto 7-8 would apply. at the interview you can negotiate a reasonable rate around the 5.00 figure and tell them that as their work responsibilities increase you would review their salary as well...

something like that :p

26-09-2006, 09:07 AM
Thanks for this - sounds like a good idea - both non-committtal and non-discriminatory!