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16-10-2007, 03:28 PM

Could anyone please tell me how much would be the right price to charge for Yellow Fever vaccinations. we are going to sign up for yellow fever centre for which there is an annual fee of 150, the yellow fever itself cost us 25 + VAT= 29.37, and if we add the 150 over on a monthly period of 12.50 to build it in the vaccine it costs 41.87. Then there is the administering charge and so on. Could someone give me a figure they charge incorporating all the charges.. much appreciated.

17-10-2007, 09:05 AM
you have to include also the costs of acquiring the certification, which include attending courses and updating regularly. when we looked at it the costs and time involved just for the certification we found it was prohibitive, as we only did the occassional vaccine. another example of some government quango that interferes with a perfectly good system for the benefit of patients ( providing yellow fever vaccines) but which is withdrawn ( effectively)as smaller practices cannot cope with the time and expense needed to comply with legislation. its not as if we dont all provide loads of other vaccinations in the course of our working day!
as a rule we charge (basic cost+ 50%)+VAT for all private vaccinations. VAT should be added to your administration costs- so better to do it this way rather than (basic cost + VAT) + admin cost, as you should really add vat to the admin cost as well!

17-10-2007, 11:55 AM
Thank you for your reply Janeking, it has been a great help in assessing but at the moment we charge 50 per vaccine and I know we are not making any profit, but losing , also I do not know whether the patients will pay a higher cost - they are quite fussed about this one. I would be grateful if you could tell me what would be the norm price per vaccine for local practices. Thanks again.

17-10-2007, 01:04 PM
we don't stock it anymore, and just having a word with our dispenser I find out that yellow fever cant be bought thru the usual wholesalers. it has to be bought in from the manufacturer, - which means you will have to set up a separate account. the last time we bought any they came in batches of 5, so this meant an outlay of say 5 x 25 plus VAT just to stock, and it might take a small practice a year or so to administer them all! If we were doing the vaccines , and they cost 25 to buy in, i would charge 25 x 50% , = 37.5, plus VAT, ie 44.

Bob Shearer
23-10-2007, 01:51 PM
We do quite a lot of YF vacinations and charge 60 a time. No VAT as we're not registered. This assumes that the nurses do it as the cost would be greater if it was a Dr appointment. Nobody has refused because if you need it - you need it.