View Full Version : C&B DES and Urgent referrals

05-10-2007, 04:55 PM
Does anyone have a way around dealing with Urgent Referrals and the Choose & Book system. We are monitored on the number of referrals we send through C&B and at present, for the very good reasons of Patient Care, we fax off Urgent Referrals direct to the local Referral Hub who then deal with it as per the Urgency requires. As a result, we have not been C&Bing them and if the service is available on C&B, we get "penalised" by it reducing the %age referrals made via C&B that are attributed to us. (Yes, this does mean that even though we do what is best for the patient, we still get "tut-tutted" for not having 100% C&B referrals - all that matters is the percentage figure on a spreadsheet, not that we've done the best for the patient!)
Does anyone have a way around this issue that they've implemented please?
Please note I am NOT INCLUDING 2 WEEK RULE referrals in this as they are outside C&B and neither can we use the "Urgent" button on C&B as this also does not get the urgency issue addressed, eventhough it should (???)
It seems that the only way around this that I can think of, is for us is to do both the faxing of the referral as at present (solves the immediacy and patient care issue) and then to do the C&B as well, with an explanation to the patient that we are forced into doing the C&B as well as the fax referral because of a nationally imposed system. Or am I just getting cynical??
Appreciate any comments.:rolleyes: