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16-09-2006, 12:19 PM
I have added a podcast forum, the content of which is taken from the Journal of Medical Practice Management,from the USA. These podcasts are all devoted to Practice Management, but the emphasis is somewhat different to that which we experience here in the UK. Notwithstanding that, there are some tips that can be helpfully employed. The other aspect of listening to podcasts is that they are relaxing, you really can take a breather, put your feet up with a cup of coffee, and still tell everyone that you are working!

I have only listened to a few, and some are pretty hilarious. For instance, one of them talks about improving staff morale:
"Innovative Ways to Boost Morale In Your Practice by Laura Sachs Hills"
In this podcast there are given 12 examples that a PM could use to improve staff morale. One of these suggestions is that the PM should call a staff meeting and tell everyone that he/she is going to bury all his/her mistakes. These are all written onto individual pieces of paper that are dropped one by one into a makeshift coffin, say a shoebox. This is then taken outside and buried, with a gravesign erected over it.

That's americans I guess, perhaps we just haven't got that cranky yet, despite what happens in the NHS!:D