View Full Version : GP retainers

28-08-2007, 03:57 PM
There is new guidance being circulated relating to the redundancy rights of retained GP's in that if they are not offered a contract at the end of their retainership, and are therefore technicaally redundant, then all previous NHS service prior to the current retainer contract must be taken into account for the purposes of calculating the redundancy payment (pause for breath!).

The fact that these are fixed term contracts appears irrelevant as any contract longer than 12 months (and certainly for the period of retained contracts which are longer than this) will be treated as a permanent contract and attract all the consequent employment rights.

Our initial view is that this could be potentially asignificant amount in many circumsatances and may change our current thinking on accepting retainers in to the practice.

Does anyone have, or know of, any views on the subject?