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22-06-2007, 02:01 PM

I have recently moved to a practice where they charge for cosmetic minor surgery and cryotherapy. I was under the impression that they cannot charge for this and have also spoken with the PCT who tell me this is correct.

The doctors are now aware of this and not over keen on carrying on with this unless there is an incentive(understandable). "If the patients make a donnation to the practice we could get round it that way" was the response.

Does anybody know if there is a limit on what a patient can donate? Or even if we can accept donnations.

Is there anybody that actually does do minor surgery and if so how do you get round funding for it?


22-06-2007, 04:10 PM
one thing that they should be aware of is that if they are perfoming cosmetic surgery they will incur a larger ( about 200% more) medical indemnity fee. the last time i looked i think it was about 6000 versus 3000). from MDU etc.
if they haven't then they probably were performing those precodeures without any medical indemnity cover. bad news. especially as they will have to provide " on-going" cover - not just this year but every year. thankfully minor surgery will usually only incur short-limited complaints. but what happens should a patient complain in 10 years time that the lesion they had removed has started to cause them an intractable pain?