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13-09-2006, 04:28 PM
some advice about what is claimable please. Zoladex/prostap is we now learn claimable as a minor op injection, but can we claim for :
a) vitB12 injection
b) depo-provera
c) lancing prodecures- such as lancing a paronychia or a boil


04-10-2006, 06:28 PM
More claims the better. However
1) B12 probably part and parcel of our grind.
2) Depotprovera likewise if you have not contracted out of contraceptive services. however suggest routing patients to implanon instead. Dead easy to put in ( LA so a PPA script can be generated and also buy it in cheap so profits there) and once they are there they stay for 3 years without follow up. removel of them means removal of a foreign body LA ( PPA script again) and ( if your PCT is stupid enough to insist) a small stitch can be placed as you claim your major minor op. Less follow up = more convenient for patient and less Nyrses time with 3 monthly injections and when they come to be removed then claim away.
3) lance away Lots of LA (PPA) and put a 15 scalpel balde in. Clean it out well and a swab for MC&S. A nice mag sulp dressing as well. Excellent service to patient done on the spot and just imagine how much it would cost if you sent them to your local Hospital for the same. Cheap at the price and no reason not to claim. If you have one of those PCT's that seems incapable of appreciating such a quality service, then time to send them up to A&E.
Hope this helps Good luck and carry on the good work.

05-10-2006, 11:20 AM
I am just tidying my practice . Is there any place where I could find how much the PCT would pay for each minor surgery or It that a standard pay. Also how would I find out the upper limit cap .

Jerry Cooke
17-11-2006, 04:41 PM
Think that these can vary according to the procedure. Don't forget that minor injuries are 53.27 per episode and include such things as effectively acting as a triage before referring to A&E!