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01-05-2007, 02:41 PM
Hi everyone

I would be grateful if someone can help me out on this I am very distressed with the answers I get from my PCT, my practice got a notification that we had achieved the stage 1 and entitled to 775 for this incentive scheme but with it came a letter saying we have to buy stuff of this amount for patient care and sent the receipts , would be reimbursed. but the receipts have to be after November 2006. which I did in February when we need something for patient care and sent the receipts in beginning of April. PCT sat on this for 4 weeks. I got a reply end of April saying I am not entitled to it as there was a deadline??? I never received a deadline letter, date or email or any note. PCT is arguing with me with a firm NO ,You are not getting it!!!!!I had showed them all the evidences of non receipt of any confirmation of deadline. We would not have bought the items if we knew of deadline> DO I STAND ANY CHANCE IN GETTING THIS INCENTIVE WHICH THE DOCTORS EARNED?

Jerry Cooke
22-06-2007, 11:45 AM
I can't see anything in the revisions to the GMS contract that says the aspirational or achievement payment shave to be spent on anything!!

I think the PCT are trying to pull a fast one here. Ask them where in the GMS contract DES section it says that they can withold payments of this type. I have to say I'd also contact your LMC to get their view as well.