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27-03-2007, 04:12 PM
Hi, Does anyone have a list of the amount their GP charges for things like private referral letters, To Whom It May Concern Letters, signing passport photos etc?

Thanks very mcuh

03-04-2007, 12:12 PM

I have just recently updated our fee charges :

Private sick note 8.00
Passport 15.00
Private prescription 8.00
Freedom from infection Cert 30.00
Holiday cancellation 15.00
Fitness to travel 15.00

BUPA / PPP claim forms 15.00
Schol fees insurance claim forms 30.00
Sickness accident claim form (without examination ) 15.00
Employers report without examination 65.00
Employers report with exam 75.00

Copies of reports for patients under access to health records act 10.00 + 31p per side

Access to records act under Data Protection act 15.00

Fee for medical consultation private pt per hr 140.00
pre employment medicals with/ without report 120.00
LCV, PCV taxi drivers examination with / without full medical 70 - 120
Elderly driver fitness cert with / without medical 70 - 100
Sports medicals with report 70

Hope this helps.


julie walsh
03-04-2007, 12:39 PM
I am waiting to update ours once all becomes clear with the new changes in VAT, will be happy to post after training day..... what fun, more VAT changes:rolleyes:

04-04-2007, 10:41 AM
Thank you very much for you help. That is fantastic. Very much appreciated.