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27-03-2007, 01:32 PM
Don't know if you've seen this BBC news story (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/nottinghamshire/6498067.stm) today...

You may not be aware that if you have any "Off Site" computers containing sensitive information, you can secure the data by using something like TrueCrypt (http://www.truecrypt.org/). This is Open source software (i.e. free!) and provides excellent data security.

29-03-2007, 12:53 PM
I totally agree with the need for strong security on any equipment (laptop, pda, mobile organiser) used in the community, but looking at the story, where was the security in and around the offices where the 3 laptops were stolen from?

29-03-2007, 04:02 PM
Absolutely - encrypting data should really be the last line of defence. It's like not having your PIN written down and kept along with your credit card; you're not careless with your wallet but you want to minimize the impact if it *is* stolen or lost...

01-05-2007, 03:18 PM
A patient database on a piece of removable hardware? Someone is in for a disciplinary.
I wonder what the removable media policy was for that particular trust, and who got fired as a result.

Why not host the data centrally, allowing secure remote access to it. It would surely comply with data security standards and leave the laptop as virtually a thin client. But then again why change the habit of a lifetime!? lets all carry round patient identifiable data and password protect it. In fact, i'll do it now...."export to csv...."

02-05-2007, 08:29 AM
Absoulutely - make sure you use the password of "password", though :)

02-05-2007, 11:44 AM
Or blank!

try the username 'NHS' or 'health'

Comical, although it shouldn't be!

02-05-2007, 01:56 PM
Indeed - anyone here want to put their hand up to using their DoB as their SmartCard PIN :rolleyes:

08-05-2007, 12:43 PM

Oh dear.