View Full Version : Obesity Management Protocol

15-03-2007, 10:49 AM
Can anyone help me with this, I'm really struggling to get this one finished. If anyone needs any other protocols for this years QOF, I'll gladly share them. This is the last one I need to do.

19-03-2007, 04:32 PM
Yes, this one is a bit of a stinker, but when starting this sort of exercise I always remind myself that the protocol doesn't have to be long, or exhaustive and that what you really need is logical and simple!
Firstly, Aims: To identify patients within the practice who are obese. This is easy, based on BMI of 30 or more from your basic health values, which you must already have for most patients.
Next, Inform: Lots of people think they're a bit overweight, but to be told you're "OBESE" at the doctor's is a bit of a revalation for some, so you want to tell patients with a BMI >30 that they fall into this category, and that this has certain negative implications for their health. This is especially important for Diabetics.
Lastly Treat: This can be as simple as dishing out leaflets about weight loss or healthy eating. Is there an obesity clinic locally that you can offer referral to? Can you offer Dieticians appointments with the reasonable expectation that they'll be seen this side of Christmas? Is there a local "Weight Watchers" you can get a poster for or refer people to? For the occasional, really massive patient with associated morbidity is there one of the GPs who has an interest in offering advice and drug treatment? Our P/N ran a weight loss group for a while. It was low key and moderately successful and worth considering if you have a nurse who's motivated in this direction.
You really need to tailor the protocol to local facilities, and not offer what you can't deliver. Seeing a load of fat people who can't be bothered isn't going to interest most GPs, and most of us have an idea that this is a "hiding to nothing" situation in most cases.