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08-03-2007, 02:40 PM
as promised I am just putting down some important points I learned at a recent lecture given by the Peninsula group http://www.peninsula-uk.com/ , I have put another thread up as well covering the industrial tribunal/employment aspects of the talk

1. not good enough just having someone in the practice who is responsible for risk analysis- you need someone who is capable of doing the risk analysis. That means they have to have a qualification. such as NEBOSH http://www.nebosh.org.uk/ the diploma will do. anyone suing you will have a field day when they find out the person doing the risk assessment had never had any instruction

2. The reason why companies have a signing -in book at reception is not for "in the event of a fire". The book would be burnt along with everything else should you actually have a fire! No- it is so that any visitor you have on your premises ( the private bits- the public/patient areas are covered by public liability insurance) can agree to abide by your health and safety policies. You atually have to get them to sign to the effect that they agree to observe them, or agree that they have their own policies that they adhere to.
If for instance you allow an electrician on site, and he injures himself on a ladder- you are responsible. Unless following his own or your H&S policy. applies to repair men, delivery drivers, gardeners, PCT officers, district nurses etc etc.

That's enough for now

09-03-2007, 03:01 PM
Gary did they say that we can state that we consider visitors to be covered by their own H&S policy therefore exonorating ourselves or is this not allowed?

09-03-2007, 06:01 PM
i think the point is that if an accident occurs on your premises, you are responsible. if you haven't undertaken a H+S review, and done so properly and taken proper precautions then you could be sued. there is no practical point in doing a H+S review and concluding some important point, and not letting your staff know what it is. similarly if someone visits you and doesnt know what dangers there are, or what policies you have, then if they injure themselves- you are at fault. if they come into your premises to do some specific work - such as working on some scaffolding- there must be some H+S policies in place. the workers either have their own, or you have to have them. so - they can have their own.
i can't believe this myself actually- am I really going to get all visitors sign a ledger saying that they have read my H+S policies- am I really going to send the gardener away because he doesnt have a safe working policy for using his lawnmower?