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Mike S
02-03-2007, 04:33 PM
Can anyone help me out with a partners annual leave policy please. Partners are about to go to war as there is no democratic or equity in partners holiday booking other than first come first serve - and some partners are booking the same holidays each year, despite the fact their colleagues need the same dates off etc .......

Can you share your policies.

Thank you

Mike s

02-03-2007, 04:58 PM
you have to create a sense of responsibility amongst them. the most proven method is to hit them where it hurts- in their pockets. Have a policy of all holidays being covered with a locum, and deduct locum costs from their drawings. it then wouldn't matter when they took a holiday.
Of course nobody likes this approach as it is cheaper to have other partners cover amongst themselves.
if you can't get them to resolve it then create the locum payment option for the dr on holiday ( make them pay) and distribute amongst the other partners if they opt to cover the period themselves internally instead of employing a locum.
Hence, 4 partner practice. 2 partners decide to go on hols at once for 2 weeks. Cost of locum set at 500/day, ie cost of 5000 per holidayee ( 10K for the 2 of them). This is paid to the remaining 2 partners who cover the workload, who can opt to hire a locum if they wish to defray the workload. That should sort em out!:D