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  1. SITREP reporting and operational problems
  2. Beyond practice-based commissioning: the local clinical partnership
  3. Preventing suicide: a toolkit for mental health services
  4. Swine flu H1N1: updated guidance for mental health services in England
  5. Emergency planning: development of an integrated plan for the management of blood sho
  6. Statistics
  7. National fraud initiative 2010/11: proposed work programme and scale of fees
  8. Cancer reform strategy: achieving local implementation - second annual report
  9. Summary of responses to the consultation on the additional uses of patient data
  10. Response to the consultation, and final guidance, to deal with nuisance and disturban
  11. GMC affiliates pilots: final report of the KPMG evaluation
  12. A (H1N1) swine influenza: SocCon deadline reminder and further information on vaccina
  13. The Dr Foster hospital guide 2009: how safe is your hospital?
  14. Quality framework for community services: directory of indicators - draft version
  15. No voice, no choice: a sustainable future for Alternative and Augmentative Communicat
  16. A consultation on proposals for the Innovation Pass pilot
  17. Primary care: current innovations
  18. Your health, your way - a guide to long term conditions (LTCs) and self care
  19. Personalisation briefing: implications for community mental health services
  20. SHA process for PCTs to be listed in the Electronic Prescription Service Authorisatio
  21. NHS response to the financial storm
  22. Advice from the H1N1 Critical Care Clinical Group
  23. The Family Nurse Partnership Programme
  24. Flowchart for triage: swine flu patients - for GP practice managers and receptionists
  25. Transforming community services: improving information for stakeholders, a report of
  26. Healthy Communities Direction of Travel Survey results 2009
  27. How to use NICE guidance to commission high quality services
  28. The commissioning friend for mental health services: a guide for health and social ca
  29. The NHS Constitution - The State of Readiness Group (SoRG) report
  30. Building a safe, confident future: the final report of the Social Work Task Force
  31. Safeguarding children and primary medical care
  32. Care Quality Commission's statement on the quality of adult social care
  33. Equality and human rights scheme consultation
  34. How we manage dormant services: guidance for inspectors
  35. New Horizons: a shared vision for mental health
  36. Equal access? A practical guide for the NHS: creating a Single Equality Scheme that i
  37. Autism strategy: improving services for people with autistic spectrum conditions
  38. Mental health clinical costing standards 2009/10
  39. Mental health clinical costing standards 2009/10
  40. NHS stop smoking services: service and monitoring guidance 2010/11
  41. Putting the frontline first: smarter government
  42. The changing regulatory and governance environment for health research across the UK:
  43. An in depth investigation into causes of prescribing errors by foundation trainees in
  44. Healthy children, safer communities: a strategy to promote the health and well-being
  45. Responsibilities and operational requirements for the correct use of Choose and Book
  46. Practice based commissioning group and independent leads survey - wave 1
  47. Parental experiences of services provided to disabled children: 2009-10
  48. Simplification plan: year four 2009
  49. Achieving excellence in kidney care: delivering the National Service Framework for Re
  50. Delivering same-sex accommodation progress report: the story so far
  51. PCT Spend and Outcome Factsheets and Tool (SPOT)
  52. Pre-Budget Report 2009
  53. NHS 2010-2015: from good to great - preventative, people-centred, productive
  54. Department of Health: autumn performance report 2009
  55. National innovation procurement plan
  56. A (H1N1) swine flu influenza: phase two of the vaccination programme; children over 6
  57. Strengthening national commissioning: a consultation document
  58. PCT grant making powers to commission long term conditions self care support from thi
  59. MRSA objective for 2010-11
  60. The quarter: quarter 2, 2009/10
  61. Birth and beyond
  62. Parental experiences of services provided to disabled children: 2009-10
  63. Simplification plan: year four 2009
  64. Achieving excellence in kidney care: delivering the National Service Framework for Re
  65. Delivering same-sex accommodation progress report: the story so far
  66. PCT Spend and Outcome Factsheets and Tool (SPOT)
  67. The NHS operating framework for England 2010/11
  68. Informatics planning 2010/11
  69. The Health and Social Care Act 2008: code of practice for health and adult social car
  70. Cancer commissioning guidance - second edition
  71. H1N1 virus (swine flu): advice for PCTs and primary ophthalmic services contractors
  72. Developing psychosocial resilience: how to cope in a crisis
  73. Markets in health care: the theory behind the policy
  74. Carbon reduction in the NHS: a role for finance
  75. Aiming high for disabled children: improving data
  76. Guidance for providers: how the Standards for Better Health link to the new registrat
  77. Strategic plan 2010-2015: position statement and action planning for learning disabil
  78. The work of the House of Commons Health Committee in 2008/9: second report of session
  79. Fracture prevention services: an economic evaluation
  80. A guide to the implications of the European Working Time Directive for doctors in tra
  81. The communicating organisation: using communication to support the development of hig
  82. Promoting health and well-being: reducing inequalities
  83. Using the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payment framework (with ad
  84. Monitoring implementation of the NHS Health Check programme in 2009/10
  85. Regional trauma systems: interim guidance for commissioners
  86. An overview of the new arrangements under Part IX of the Drug Tariff for the provisio
  87. The use of 084 numbers: directions to NHS bodies
  88. NHS foundation trusts: review of six months to 30 September 2009
  89. PALS in prison: a toolkit and good practice guidance for implementing Patient Advice
  90. The second year of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service: 2008/2009
  91. Guidance on the completion of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards data collation sh
  92. The proposals to implement 'generic substitution' in primary care, further to the Pha
  93. Too much of the hard stuff: what alcohol costs the NHS
  94. The operating framework for the NHS in England 2010/11
  95. NHS European Office: policy priorities 2010
  96. NHS staff survey wave 4
  97. Alcohol: first report of session 2009-10, volume 1: report, together with formal minu
  98. NHS car parking: consultation on improving access for patients
  99. Keeping children and young people in mind: the government’s full response to the inde
  100. Improving the psychological wellbeing and mental health of children and young people:
  101. National Leadership Council (NLC): resources for ambassadors
  102. Education commissioning for quality
  103. Benchmark figures for the likely demand for PETCT scans by indication
  104. Review of European Working Time Directive and impact on training
  105. Immunisation survey
  106. GP extended opening hours
  107. Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza: a summary of guidance for infection control in health
  108. Pandemic (H1N1)2009 influenza: summary infection control guidance for ambulance servi
  109. Controlling public spending: the NHS in a period of tight funding
  110. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 - disclosure of identifying informati
  111. Overarching report of findings from the Adult Autism Strategy consultation activities
  112. End of life care manifesto 2010
  113. General Pharmaceutical Council (Constitution) Order 2009: consultation report
  114. Personal budgets for older people - making it happen
  115. Health protection regulations: consultation report
  116. The revised National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded nursing c
  117. The new EU Remedies Directive: proven procurement is of the essence
  118. Making policy count: developing performance indicators for health and social care par
  119. Management of general ophthalmic services budget from April 2010
  120. Quality accounts
  121. Improving dementia services in England: an interim report
  122. Practice-based commissioning: budget guidance for 2010/11
  123. Improving the health and well-being of people with long term conditions: world class
  124. A healthier nation - policy green paper
  125. The standard NHS contracts for acute hospital, mental health, community and ambulance
  126. Kidney dialysis: developing costs to deliver an equitable and high quality service; f
  127. National Evaluation of Partnerships for Older People Projects
  128. Improving the process of death certification in England and Wales: overview of progra
  129. National Cancer Survivorship Initiative (NSCI) vision
  130. Human rights and human resources in the NHS: implications for the workplace
  131. Connecting diversity with leadership
  132. Interruptions to nurses during medication administration
  133. Getting the measure of quality: opportunities and challenges
  134. Funding and performance of healthcare systems in the four countries of the UK before
  135. 'Count me in' census 2009
  136. Changes to the childhood pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
  137. Adult autism strategy consultation: a summary of the submissions received in response
  138. Pandemic flu training module for mental health trusts, tertiary and associated specia
  139. Engaging and responding to communities: a brief guide to Local Involvement Networks
  140. Checklist for reporting, managing and investigating Information Governance Serious Un
  141. Standards for the management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  142. Delivering same-sex accommodation in mental health and learning disability services
  143. Reforming general practice boundaries
  144. Delivering better care at end of life
  145. EEA bodies who will issue a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC)
  146. Pathology programme update 2009
  147. Young people's sexual health: the National Chlamydia Screening Programme
  148. Postnote: diagnosing dementia
  149. NHS reference costs 2008/9
  150. Equality Bill: making it work – ending age discrimination in services and public func
  151. PbR data assurance framework: findings from the accident and emergency pilots
  152. Final report of the Expert Group on Commissioning NHS Infertility Provision
  153. A smokefree future: a comprehensive tobacco control strategy for England
  154. Third Sector Strategic Partner Programme 2010/11
  155. Annual HPV vaccine uptake in England: 2008/09
  156. National survey on the use of external support for commissioning
  157. Personalisation and the social care ‘revolution’: future options for the reform of pu
  158. Monitor and NHS foundation trusts: an introduction for Parliamentarians and their sta
  159. Providing transport in partnership: a guide for health agencies and local authorities
  160. Statements on Internal Control (SICs) 2009/10: year end timetable
  161. Do we need more practice nurses?
  162. A liberal dose? Health and wellbeing - the role of the state
  163. Consultation on assessments of quality 2010/11
  164. Influencing public behaviour to improve health and wellbeing
  165. Enabling effective delivery of health and wellbeing
  166. Mental health employment and accommodation survey
  167. Commissioning health: a comparison of English primary care trusts - preliminary stati
  168. General practice out-of-hours services: project to consider and assess current arrang
  169. Major trauma care in England
  170. Does the experience of staff working in the NHS link to the patient experience of car
  171. Statements on Internal Control (SICs) 2009/10: disclosures guidance
  172. Giving children a healthy start
  173. Department of Health: progress in improving stroke care
  174. Dementia 2010: the economic burden of dementia and associated research funding in the
  175. Doing more with less: a credible strategy for restoring the public finances
  176. Self care reduces costs and improves health: the evidence
  177. Delivering quality in primary care: medical performers list - language knowledge
  178. World class commissioning: January 2010
  179. NHS IFRS briefing paper 7: auditors’ review of restated comparatives for the 2009/10
  180. Children’s community equipment: proposals for funding and Department of Health worksh
  181. Imaging for acute kidney injury (acute renal failure): good practice recommendations
  182. Consultation on an update to the Guide for Applicants – Quality Governance
  183. Transforming Community Services: the assurance and approvals process for PCT-provided
  184. Framework for quality accounts: a response to consultation
  185. Delivering same-sex accommodation: self declaration
  186. Access to health services for military veterans: priority treatment
  187. NHS IFRS briefing paper 7: auditors’ review of restated comparatives for the 2009/10
  188. A problem shared is a problem halved? Dementia: learning opportunities from Europe
  189. Statistics
  190. Survey on the information needs of health managers
  191. The state of health care and adult social care in England: key themes and quality of
  192. Fair Society, Healthy Lives (The Marmot Review)
  193. Steele implementation programme: becoming a Steele pilot
  194. Mental health inequalities: measuring what counts
  195. Response to the consultation on: The Health and Social Care Act 2008 code of practice
  196. Quality Accounts Toolkit: advisory guidance for providers of NHS Services producing Q
  197. Quality accounts: launch of the framework for 2010
  198. Clinical governance and adult safeguarding: an integrated process
  199. Private Patient Income Cap - revised and updated rules
  200. Commissioner survey
  201. Six years on: delivering the Diabetes National Service Framework
  202. Learning from the best: what the NHS needs to do to implement high quality care for a
  203. Commissioning for quality: delivering national priorities
  204. Sustainable development: the key to tackling health inequalities
  205. Adding insult to injury: NHS failure to implement patient safety alerts
  206. The Productive Ward: releasing time to care - learning and impact review, final repor
  207. Change4life one year on: in support of Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives
  208. Chemotherapy services in the community: a guide for PCTs
  209. NHS reference costs 2009/10: collection guidance
  210. NHS costing manual 2009/10
  211. World class commissioning: February 2010 update
  212. An evaluation of the provision of mental health services for looked after young peopl
  213. Pandemic H1N1 (2009) influenza vaccination programme
  214. Under pressure: tackling the financial challenge for councils of an ageing population
  215. At a glance: personalisation briefing
  216. Management practices in the NHS
  217. Reports on patient safety, NHS culture and quality
  218. The cost of cancer
  219. Code of practice for the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA)
  220. Piloting Quality Accounts for primary care and community services providers
  221. Guidance for access to health records requests
  222. Protecting and improving the NHS
  223. Consultation on a strategy for services for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CO
  224. Confirmation of Payment by Results (PbR) arrangements for 2010-11
  225. Code of conduct for Payment by Results: from 1 April 2010
  226. Pay circular (AfC) 2/2010
  227. NHS Job Evaluation Handbook (third edition)
  228. Services for people with rheumatoid arthritis
  229. Robert Francis inquiry report into Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
  230. Protecting the public from unregistered practitioners: tackling misuse of protected t
  231. Productive Ward Evaluation
  232. Oneplace national overview report
  233. NHS waiting times statistics publications produced by the Department of Health. Respo
  234. Easements to quality and outcomes framework (QOF): patient experience indicators 7 an
  235. Assuring the Quality of Senior NHS Managers - research report
  236. Putting health in the policy picture: review of how health impact assessment is carri
  237. Prioritising need in the context of Putting People First: a whole system approach to
  238. Nutrition Action Plan Delivery Board end of year progress report
  239. Realising the benefits: IAPT at full roll-out
  240. Pharmaceutical industry competitiveness and performance indicators
  241. Exporting medicines for profit
  242. Monitoring use of money to implement End of Life Care Strategy
  243. Quality accounts 2: reviewing NHS Foundation Trusts' experiences and plans
  244. Front line care: report by the Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing a
  245. Review of access to the NHS by foreign nationals
  246. Relational security
  247. Exporting of medicines for profit
  248. Revalidation consultation: the way ahead
  249. The impact of the NHS market: an overview of the literature
  250. Mindspace: influencing behaviour through public policy