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  1. Individual budgets pilot projects: impact and outcome for carers
  2. Clinical commissioning: our vision for practice based commissioning
  3. Topic selection process for technology appraisals: a consultation document
  4. The Quarter: quarter 3, 2008/9
  5. Influenza season 2008/9 - use of antivirals
  6. Report published on use of real time methodologies for gathering patient feedback
  7. Launch of Never Events policy for the NHS in England
  8. Future of leadership
  9. Comprehensive performance assessments: the harder test - scores and analysis of perfo
  10. Final score - the impact of the comprehensive performance assessment of local governm
  11. PCTs exceed expectations in year one
  12. NHS costing manual 2008/09
  13. NHS reference costs 2008/09: collection guidance
  14. Making decisions: The Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) service
  15. Health Care and Associated Professions (Miscellaneous Amendments and Practitioner Psy
  16. General Optical Council (Constitution) Order: consultation report
  17. Improving the patient experience: sharing success in mental health and learning disab
  18. Reducing emergency admissions: invitation to take part in a national survey
  19. Better partnership between care homes and the NHS: findings from the 'My Home Life' p
  20. Working together: public services on your side
  21. Safe in the knowledge: how do NHS boards ensure safe care for their patients?
  22. Safely does it: implementing safer care for patients
  23. Improving services for children in hospital: report of the follow-up to the 2005/06 r
  24. Research on assuring the Board that care provided to patients is safe
  25. Guidance on internal separation for SHAs to support business readiness in PCT provisi
  26. Helping PCTs respond to the needs of cancer patients: clinical leadership for cancer
  27. The Government's response to the Health Select Committee report: NHS Next Stage Revie
  28. Reviewing the Mental Capacity Act 2005: forms, supervision and fees - Government resp
  29. Valuing people now: 'making it happen for everyone' - impact assessment report
  30. NHS constitution: local decision-making about funding of medicines and other treatmen
  31. Quality of healthcare in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland: an intra-UK char
  32. Safety guidelines on pre-hospital anaesthesia and interhospital transfer
  33. Critical issues for electronic health records: considerations from an expert workshop
  34. World class commissioning programme: March update
  35. Health inequalities: third report of session 2008-09. Volume 1: report, together with
  36. 150 years of the annual report of the Chief Medical Officer
  37. A systematic review of the evidence base for developing a physical activity and healt
  38. Commissioning services and support for people with learning disabilities and complex
  39. The National Health Service (dental charges) amendment regulations 2009
  40. Accounting for LIFT schemes under International Financial Reporting Standards
  41. Pacesetters Programme equality impact assessment: draft for consultation
  42. Code of conduct for Payment by Results: from 1 April 2009
  43. Further directions to primary care trusts and NHS trusts in England, concerning arran
  44. Health action planning and health facilitation for people with learning disabilities:
  45. Response to the consultation on the extension and revision of Direct Payments Regulat
  46. National guidelines for the appointment of dentists with a special interest (DwSI) in
  47. Developing the quality and outcomes framework: proposals for a new, independent proce
  48. The coronary heart disease national service framework: building on excellence, mainta
  49. The Office of the Health Professions Adjudicator Regulations 2009: a paper for consul
  50. Tackling concerns nationally: establishing the Office of the Health Professions Adjud
  51. Tackling concerns locally: report of the working group
  52. Commissioning healthcare for people with learning disabilities
  53. Funding adult social care in England
  54. The Healthcare Commission 2004-2009: regulating healthcare - experience and lessons
  55. New roles early implementer site project: a report for the NIMHE National Workforce a
  56. Developing the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF): proposals for a new independent
  57. Guidance on NHS patients who wish to pay for additional private care
  58. Putting people first: working together with user-led organisations
  59. The Mental Capacity Act 2005: resources available for the year 2009-2010
  60. NHS stop smoking services: service and monitoring guidance 2009/10
  61. Carbon reduction metrics for healthcare regulation
  62. Quality care: service standards for the healthcare of people who have inflammatory bo
  63. Annual plan 2009/10: advice for NHS foundation trusts
  64. A children's environment and health strategy for the United Kingdom
  65. National survey of NHS staff 2008: summary of key findings
  66. NHS Next Stage Review - creation of Health Innovation and Education Clusters (HIECs)
  67. National Decontamination Programme: theatre support pack
  68. A missed opportunity?
  69. Listening, learning, working together?
  70. Guidance on managing variations to Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes
  71. Competencies for recognising and responding to acutely ill patients in hospital
  72. Framework of competencies for recognising and responding to acutely ill patients in h
  73. Fixing healthcare: the professionals' perspective
  74. The Allied Health Professional Leadership Challenge
  75. Practice based commissioning (PBC): GP practice survey, Wave 1 - 6 results
  76. Innovation across central government
  77. Healthcare delivery models for prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  78. Guidance notes: prison health performance and quality indicators
  79. Diabetes guide for London
  80. Pandemic flu guidance for businesses: risk assessment in the occupational setting
  81. Transgender experiences: information and support
  82. Private and voluntary healthcare: Care Standards Act 2000: Regulations and National M
  83. Response to consultation on the framework for the registration of health and adult so
  84. A new complaints procedure for health and social care
  85. Equality in later life (national study of older people's mental health services)
  86. Follow-up review (adult specialist community mental health report)
  87. Fit for recovery
  88. Response to the consultation on the extension and revision of Direct Payments Regulat
  89. Pre-existing PROMS data collections
  90. Arrangements under paragraph 183(4) of Schedule A1 to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 be
  91. General Dental Services Statement of Financial Entitlements and Personal Dental Servi
  92. Services for adults with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC): good practice advice for
  93. Failed asylum seekers and ordinary/lawful residence; and when to provide treatment fo
  94. Only-connect: policy options for integrating health and social care
  95. Developing NHS leadership – the role of the trust medical director
  96. Guide to the revalidation of General Practitioners
  97. Guidance for the care of older people
  98. Fair for all, not free-for-all: principles for sustainable hospital car parking
  99. Primary care and community services: improving pharmaceutical services
  100. One voice: shaping our ageing society
  101. NHS health check: vascular risk assessment and management best practice guidance
  102. Incorporation of future prices in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  103. Standard Evaluation Framework for weight management interventions
  104. Healthy weight, healthy lives: one year on
  105. Charging for residential care: 2009 uprating of certain disregards and allowances, an
  106. Charges for residential accommodation
  107. Partners in care: stories about NHS patients and their doctors
  108. NHS Employers annual review 2008/09
  109. Fairer funding of GP services
  110. Promoting and embedding innovation: learning from experience
  111. Splendid isolation? The pros and cons of single occupancy rooms for the NHS
  112. Express LIFT: memorandum of information for PCTs
  113. Pay framework for very senior managers in strategic and special health authorities, p
  114. Statement of Financial Entitlements (Amendment) (No.2) Directions 2009
  115. Guidance on funding excess treatment costs related to non-commercial research studies
  116. Minding the gap: the provision of psychological support and care
  117. Understanding health care markets: a PCT guide to market analysis and market manageme
  118. A guide for the management of dual diagnosis for prisons
  119. Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: decontamination in primary care dental practices
  120. Basic guidelines for people who commission Easy Read information
  121. Financial accounts: a guide for non-executives, 2008/09 updates
  122. Figures you can trust: briefing on data quality in the NHS
  123. End of life treatment and care: good practice in decision-making - a consultation
  124. Communications to keep people well in the economic downturn
  125. PL CMO (2009)1, PL CNO (2009)1, PL CPHO (2009)1: the influenza immunisation programme
  126. Care Quality Commission enforcement policy
  127. Working better together: managing local strategic partnerships
  128. The European Commission's proposals for a Directive on the application of patients' r
  129. Consultation on 'Guide for NHS foundation trust governors: meeting your statutory res
  130. The Government's response to the House of Lords European Committee report 'Healthcare
  131. Stroke specific education framework
  132. Medical profiling and online medicine: the ethics of 'personalised' health care in a
  133. Budget 2009: selected press coverage
  134. NHS foundation trust financial reporting manual 2009/09 (FT FReM)
  135. The point of care: enabling compassionate care in acute hospital settings
  136. Shaping PCT provider services: the future for community health
  137. Operational efficiency programme: final report
  138. Maintaining the quality of training in the craft specialties: managing EWTD implement
  139. National Sentinel Stroke Audit phase II (clinical audit) 2008: report for England, Wa
  140. Public sector equality duties
  141. Planning for the evacuation and sheltering of people in health sector settings: inter
  142. Working to put people first: the strategy for the adult social care workforce in Engl
  143. Creating an innovative culture
  144. NHS Performance Framework: implementation guidance
  145. The impact of the implementation of Agenda for Change in England on equality
  146. Taking it on trust: A review of how boards of NHS trusts and foundation trusts get th
  147. Demonstrating how to deliver stroke care for adults in the community
  148. Vascular Programme briefing packs
  149. A better future: a consultation on a future strategy for adults with autistic spectru
  150. Department of Health formal response to the Cooperation and Competition Panel consult
  151. Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
  152. Lord Bradley's review of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities
  153. Pandemic flu: managing demand and capacity in health care organisations (surge)
  154. Leading innovation
  155. Making sense of the innovation landscape
  156. National Child Measurement Programme: Detailed Analysis of the 2007/08 Dataset
  157. Independent mental health advocates: supplementary guidance on access to patient reco
  158. Preparation for pandemic influenza
  159. General Medical Council (GMC) affiliates pilots: mid-term report of the independent e
  160. New Royal College of Physicians (RCP) guidance for hospitals on preparing for pandemi
  161. NHS reference costs 2007-08
  162. Sustainable food: a guide for hospitals
  163. Report of the National Patient Choice Survey, England - December 2008
  164. Uptake of NICE approved cancer drugs 2007/2008
  165. Breakthrough to real change in local healthcare: a guide for applications to create H
  166. Necessity - not nicety: a new commercial operating model for the NHS and Department o
  167. Eliminating mixed sex accommodation
  168. Tackling health inequalities: 10 years on
  169. GP training practices £100m capital programme guidance
  170. Consultation on the draft order to implement the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
  171. Consultation report on the regulations to implement the Human Fertilisation and Embry
  172. Promoting the Health and Wellbeing of Looked After Children - revised statutory guida
  173. Healthy mind, healthy body: how liaison psychiatry services can transform quality and
  174. PCT Performance - quick guides
  175. A Department of Health consultation paper: draft guidance on provisions to deal with
  176. Pandemic influenza: supplementary information for third sector organisations
  177. Health Committee - Fourth Report: Top-up fees
  178. Guidance notes for midwives on swine flu
  179. The engagement cycle: a new way of thinking about patient and public engagement (PPE)
  180. European Working Time Directive Derogation
  181. End of life care - nineteenth report of session 2008/09
  182. Comprehensive Area Assessment
  183. Reducing deaths from blood clots in hospitals
  184. Review of the involvement and action taken by health bodies in relation to the case o
  185. Survey of adult inpatients 2008
  186. Urgent care: a practical guide to transforming same day care in general practice
  187. Reviews on primary care information for the public
  188. Local Pharmaceutical Services model contract
  189. The new registration system for health and adult social care
  190. General Optical Council (GOC) consults on 2010-2015 strategy
  191. Guidance and competences for the provision of services using Pharmacists with Special
  192. Corporate plan 2009-12
  193. Indicators for quality improvement
  194. The year 2008/09: NHS Chief Executive's annual report
  195. Financial management in the NHS: report on the summarised accounts 2007-08: twenty-se
  196. Heatwave plan for England 2009
  197. Common Assessment Framework for Adults Demonstrator Site Programme: overview of Phase
  198. Elderly population across Europe past, present and future
  199. Deed of variation for 2008 NHS standard acute contract
  200. Understanding what matters: a guide to using patient feedback to transform care
  201. National innovation and improvement survey
  202. Government response to the Health Select Committee report on health inequalities
  203. NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance (2006) recommendations for laparoscopic resection
  204. Healthy hospitals, healthy planet, healthy people: addressing climate change in healt
  205. World class commissioning monthly update May 2009
  206. Joint documents promote pharmacy to the NHS
  207. Primary care service framework: Gypsies and Travellers
  208. Primary care service framework: Alcohol
  209. The NHS Constitution: all you need to know about how the NHS Constitution affects you
  210. Variation notices for GDS contracts and PDS agreements to bring contracts in line wit
  211. Shaping Healthy Communities
  212. Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA): 18 weeks referral to treatment standard
  213. Real accountability: guidance on the NHS duty to report on consultation
  214. SocCon reporting guidance for social care: assessing service pressures in a pandemic
  215. Walk a mile in my shoes: scrutiny of dignity and respect for individuals in health an
  216. Promoting the health and wellbeing of looked after children - revised statutory guida
  217. Directions about reports on consultation with regard to commissioning decisions and r
  218. Counting the cost: caring for people with dementia
  219. Nursing workforce and grades of qualified nurses
  220. Improving health, supporting justice: the national delivery plan of the Health and Cr
  221. Manual for cancer services 2008: children’s cancer measures
  222. More for less: are productivity and efficiency improving in the NHS?
  223. The role of healthcare students (England) in pandemic flu - excluding medical student
  224. The contribution of medical students to services in pandemic flu
  225. Swine influenza: guidance on vaccination programme payment, data collection and comm
  226. Dignity in care: input assessment - DH interventions
  227. Audit quality reports published
  228. Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM) National Baseline Report
  229. Improving safety, reducing harm: children, young people and domestic violence: a prac
  230. AHP data collection
  231. Legal issues relevant to non-heartbeating organ donation
  232. A (H1N1) swine influenza - latest news
  233. Future health: sustainable places for health and well-being
  234. Swine flu H1N1: update on guidance for preparing maternity services toolkit
  235. Fees for the registration of pharmacy premises: consultation report, November 2009
  236. NHS health and well-being: final report
  237. Age equality in health and social care: a consultation on preparing the NHS and socia
  238. Delivering more for less: maximising value in the public sector
  239. Exercise peak practice: national summary
  240. Couch kids: the nation's future
  241. Pacesetters equality impact assessment consultation response
  242. Integrated care and support plan (ICSP): high level process
  243. Improving the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities
  244. Medical technology: can we afford to miss out?
  245. Swine flu and rough sleepers: for organisations working with rough sleepers in Englan
  246. Interventional radiology: improving quality and outcomes for patients
  247. Clinical Leadership Development Programme
  248. NHS workforce and planning: limitations and possibilities
  249. Applying the NHS performance framework to mental health trusts
  250. Personal care at home: a consultation on proposals for regulations and guidance