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  1. Invest to save: improving outcomes in cardiovascular disease - a guide for practice-b
  2. Mental Capacity Act 2005: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - standard forms
  3. General Chiropractic Council (Constitution) Order 2008: consultation report, October
  4. Manual for Cancer Services 2008: draft children's measures: consultation version
  5. Personalisation: a rough guide
  6. Trans: a practical guide for the NHS
  7. World class commissioning and Audit Commission Auditors' Local Evaluation (use of res
  8. NHS guidance on planning for disruption to road fuel supply: strategic national guida
  9. Improving access to medicines for NHS patients: a report for the Secretary of State f
  10. Paying for (expensive) drugs in the statutory system: an overview of experiences in 1
  11. Draft guidance on NHS patients who wish to pay for additional private care
  12. Emergency readmission rates: further analysis
  13. Pay framework for very senior managers in strategic and special health authorities, p
  14. Senior salaries review body: review for 2009
  15. End of Life Care Strategy: quality markers consultation
  16. Commissioning IAPT for the whole community: Improving Access to Psychological Therapi
  17. Supporting carers: an action guide for general practitioners and their teams
  18. Acting for change: transforming pathology services through action learning
  19. Manual for cancer services 2008
  20. Healthy weight, healthy lives: commissioning weight management services for children
  21. Healthy weight, healthy lives: consumer insight summary
  22. The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) draft Regulations 2008: consu
  23. Chemotherapy services in England: ensuring quality and safety
  24. Nutrition Action Plan Delivery Board mid-year progress report
  25. Additional funding for pandemic influenza preparedness
  26. The Medical Profession (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2008: consultation summary
  27. GP referral for clinical genetics services
  28. Choice and competition in primary care - much ado about nothing?
  29. A new act is born: royal assent for Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act
  30. The potential impact of an opt out system for organ donation in the UK: an independen
  31. Equality impact assessment: summary tool and guidance for policy makers
  32. Children and young people in mind: the final report of the National CAMHS review
  33. The role of the Primary Care Trust board in world class commissioning
  34. Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research: Chairman's first progress repor
  35. Commissioning wiki
  36. Working Time Directive - implications and practical suggestions to achieve compliance
  37. Moving to an all-degree nursing profession at registration: how might the nursing wor
  38. Targeted mental health in schools project: using the evidence to inform your approach
  39. Help build a better health and social care service: Local Involvement Networks (LINks
  40. Practice-based commissioning: reinvigorate, replace or abandon?
  41. Report of the national chronic obstructive pulmonary disease audit 2008: resources an
  42. Social enterprise - making a difference: a guide to the 'right to request'
  43. Health Committee inquiry into patient safety: The Health Foundation memorandum of evi
  44. Agreement reached on 2009 pharmaceutical price regulation price regulation scheme (PP
  45. Transfer of learning disability SC funding and commissioning from the NHS to local go
  46. Directions to Primary Care Trusts concerning the exercise of Dental Public Health fun
  47. Best practice guidance for 'your guide to local health services'
  48. Becoming European: how France, Germany, Spain and UK engage with European Union Healt
  49. Integrated care: lessons from evidence and experience
  50. NHS Foundation Trust Financial Reporting Manual 2009/10 (FT FReM)
  51. How well are acute trusts following the hygiene code?
  52. Patient experience PSA scores update to include results from the 2007 and early 2008
  53. PBC Development Framework
  54. Cancer Reform Strategy: maintaining momentum, building for the future - first annual
  55. Medical research: what's it worth? Estimating the economic benefits from medical rese
  56. Report on the National Patient Choice Survey: July 2008, England
  57. Secretary of State report on disability equality: health and care services
  58. Treasury's value for money assessment for PFI: guidance for NHS build schemes
  59. Health partnerships: annual report 2007/08, DH International
  60. Seeing the person in the patient: the Point of Care review paper
  61. Reform of health and social care complaints: proposed changes to the legislative fram
  62. Clarifying joint financing arrangements: a briefing paper for health bodies and local
  63. Driven by dogma? Outsourcing in the health service
  64. Going further on cancer waits
  65. Tackling health inequalities 2005-07 policy and data update for the 2010 national tar
  66. NHS Statistics
  67. The operating framework 2009/10 for the NHS in England
  68. Ethical procurement for health: guidance and toolkit
  69. Pandemic influenza: guidance on preparing maternity services
  70. Simplification plan: year three
  71. Putting prevention first: vascular checks, risk assessment and management; impact ass
  72. NHS Statistics
  73. National survey on the use of external support for commissioning
  74. Engaging with patients via NHS Choices
  75. Tackling health inequalities 2005-07 policy and data update for the 2010 national tar
  76. The National Health Service Constitution: report of the Constitutional Advisory Forum
  77. Commissioning and behaviour change: kicking bad habits final report
  78. Reporting and Learning System (RLS) data summary
  79. NHS Next Stage Review: what it means for the third sector
  80. National Child Measurement Programme 2007/8 school year headline results
  81. State of healthcare 2008
  82. Consultation on amendments to the 2009/10 Compliance Framework
  83. Payment by Results 2009/10 road-testing package
  84. Consultation on amendments to the Prudential Borrowing Code
  85. The way ahead 2008-12: strategy and guidance for emergency medicine in the United Kin
  86. Understanding detailed patient experience data: toolkit for analysts
  87. Financial management in the NHS: report on the NHS summarised accounts 2007-08
  88. The use of 084 numbers in the NHS
  89. General Dental Council (Constitution) Order 2009: a paper for consultation
  90. Department of Health autumn performance report 2008
  91. PCT resource allocations 2009-10 and 2010-11: exposition book and updated weighted ca
  92. What are the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards?
  93. Health Survey for England 2007 latest trends
  94. Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme 2009
  95. Mental Health Act 2007
  96. MRSA bloodstream infections continue to fall
  97. NICE technology appraisals
  98. Independent mental health advocates
  99. Pandemic influenza: guidance for primary care trusts and primary care professionals o
  100. Consultation on the Mental Capacity (Deprivation of Liberty: Monitoring and Reporting
  101. Care Quality Commission reviews in 2009/10: consultation
  102. Manual for Cancer Services 2008: rehabilitation measures
  103. Manual for Cancer Services - draft complementary therapy measures: consultation versi
  104. The gender and access to health services study
  105. The report of the second phase of the review of NHS pathology services in England
  106. NHS foundation trusts: review of six months to 30 September 2008
  107. Independent mental health advocacy: guidance for commissioners
  108. Guidance for strategic health authorities, primary care trusts and GP practices: the
  109. Health and social care studies consultation
  110. Work programme and scales of fees 2009/10 and indicative fee proposals for 2010/11 an
  111. Central government's management of service contracts
  112. Benchmarking Network sets out to chart primary care landscape
  113. Summary of responses to the Department of Health's consultation on a statutory scheme
  114. Transforming community services: currency and pricing options for community services
  115. Consultation on regulations to implement the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act 200
  116. Department of Health's public bodies
  117. Freedom of information publication scheme: guide to information
  118. Impact assessment of the introduction of a statutory scheme to control the prices of
  119. Mental health Payment by Results currency development
  120. MRSA screening - operational guidance 2
  121. Patients to have a say in improving GP services
  122. Appraising treatments which may extend life, at the end of life
  123. National survey on the use of external support for commissioning
  124. Records management: NHS code of practice - update to part 2
  125. Using mobile phones in NHS hospitals
  126. Preparing for pandemic influenza: guidance for GP practices
  127. NHS Next Stage Review: First report of session 2008-09
  128. Cancer commissioning guidance
  129. Religion or belief: a practical guide for the NHS
  130. Cord blood banking in the UK: an international comparison of policy and practice
  131. Response to consultation on changes to arrangements for regulating NHS bodies in rela
  132. Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments (PNAs) as part of world class commissioning: guidanc
  133. Commissioning End of Life Care
  134. Safe and appropriate care for young people on adult mental health wards
  135. Transforming Community Services: enabling new patterns of provision
  136. Response to Consultation on a regime for unsustainable NHS providers
  137. Pharmacy in England: building on strengths, delivering the future: proposals for legi
  138. Removing or suspending chairs and non-executives of Health Bodies: feedback on the co
  139. Clostridium difficile infection: how to deal with the problem
  140. Emergency department survey 2008
  141. Personal health budgets: the shape of things to come?
  142. Commissioning to improve oral health
  143. Prescribing by Dentists, 2007: England
  144. Health Bill 2009
  145. Inspiring leaders: leadership for quality
  146. Supporting people with long term conditions: commissioning personalised care planning
  147. General Ophthalmic Services: increases to NHS sight test fee, pre-registration superv
  148. National Leadership Council
  149. The Health Professions Council (Constitution) Order 2009 - a paper for consultation
  150. Removing or suspending chairs and non-executives of Health Bodies: feedback on the co
  151. NHS Constitution for England
  152. The primary care trusts (choice of secondary care provider) directions 2009
  153. Perceptions of patients and professionals on rheumatoid arthritis care
  154. Common Assessment Framework for Adults: A consultation on proposals to improve inform
  155. Directions to primary care trusts and NHS trusts concerning decisions about drugs and
  156. What you need to know about prescribing, the 'drugs bill' and medicines management: a
  157. Patient involvement in patient safety: Annual Evidence Update (AEU) January 2009
  158. Who wants to be a nurse?
  159. Health profile of England 2008
  160. The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice for the NHS on the prevention a
  161. 60 healthcare scientists for NHS 60
  162. The National Programme for IT in the NHS: progress since 2006
  163. Choose and Book: learning lessons from local experience
  164. World class commissioning of primary care and communities services: guides for primar
  165. Pandemic influenza: guidance for commissioners and providers of social care
  166. Elimination of mixed sex accommodation - new measures unveiled
  167. Dental national decontamination survey
  168. Provision of services for adults with tinnitus: a good practice guide
  169. Provision of adult balance services: a good practice guide
  170. Personal health budgets: first steps
  171. NHS Pay Modernisation in England: Agenda for Change
  172. Improving services for substance abuse; diversity, and inpatient and outpatient and r
  173. Young people and alcohol guidance: consultation
  174. Antisocial personality disorder: treatment, management and prevention
  175. Work of the committee 2007-08
  176. National Dementia Strategy
  177. Delivering high quality impact assessments
  178. New providers: new solutions: the independent sector partnering with the NHS
  179. Across the pond: lessons from the US on integrated healthcare
  180. Proposals for a Centre of Excellence for workforce strategy and planning
  181. Efficiency in back office services
  182. Guidance for R&D annual reports 2009: guidance for completion of annual reports on th
  183. Confirmation of Payment by Results (PbR) arrangements for 2009-10
  184. The statement of financial entitlements (amendment) directions 2009
  185. Guidance on the routine collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS)
  186. Transfers from Personal Dental Services (PDS) to General Dental Services (GDS)
  187. Practitioners with special interests (PwSI): 18 new and updated documents available
  188. Innovating for health: patients, physicians, the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS
  189. Saving carbon, improving health: NHS carbon reduction strategy for England
  190. Building the capacity of the third sector
  191. Guidance for the implementation of repeat dispensing
  192. Clinicians and finance: improving patient care
  193. Real help for communities: volunteers, charities and social enterprises
  194. Too little, too late: an independent review of unmet mental health need in prison
  195. From ward to board: identifying good practice in the business of caring
  196. Dental contracts and commissioning
  197. Advanced care planning: national guideline
  198. Healthy lives, brighter futures - the strategy for children and young people's health
  199. Securing better health for children and young people through world class commissionin
  200. Commissioning healthcare in prisons
  201. Actions speak louder: a second review of healthcare in the community for young people
  202. Comprehensive area assessment: framework document
  203. Deprivation of liberty safeguards
  204. Be active, be healthy: a plan for getting the nation moving
  205. Prospectus document for carers demonstrator sites
  206. Health checks for people with learning disabilities
  207. Directions concerning the disposal of surplus public sector land for housing 2009
  208. Commissioning guidance
  209. Never Events framework 2009/10
  210. Health Management Specialist Library (HMSL) call for user champions
  211. Spotlight on complaints 2009: A report on second-stage complaints about the NHS in En
  212. The legal aspects of the care and treatment of children and young people with mental
  213. Government's response to the Health Committee Report into Foundation trusts and Monit
  214. Pharmacy Practice Framework
  215. Patient safety alert
  216. Review of NHS ISA (UK&I) 260 reports
  217. New NICE commissioning guides published
  218. Transactions manual
  219. The contribution of pharmacy to making Britain a safer place to take medicines
  220. Local healthcare commissioning: grassroots involvement?
  221. General Osteopathic Council (Constitution) Order 2008 consultation report
  222. Mental Capacity Act (Deprivation of Liberty: Monitoring and Reporting; and Assessment
  223. World Health Organization: UK institutional strategy 2008-13
  224. Healthcare in Europe briefing
  225. Healthcare across EU borders: a safe framework
  226. NHS London annual report 2007/2008
  227. A better return: setting the foundations for intelligent commissioning to achieve val
  228. Reform of the complaints system
  229. Medical Training Initiative
  230. Practice based commissioning budget guidance for 2009/10
  231. Secondary Uses Service (SUS) pilots: sharing the learning
  232. Acute health clinical costing standards 2009/10
  233. Listening, responding, improving: a guide to better customer care
  234. Statement on internal control 2008/2009: disclosures
  235. Impact assessment of NHS LIFT guidance for PCTs
  236. The Medicines (Pharmacies) (Responsible Pharmacist) Regulations 2008: guidance
  237. Diversion: a better way for criminal justice and mental health
  238. Managing resources in later life: older people's experience of change and continuity
  239. Care Quality Commission reviews in 2009/10: consultation
  240. Improving opportunity, strengthening society: a third progress report
  241. Inside out: the case for improving mental healthcare across the criminal justice syst
  242. Sexual orientation: a practical guide for the NHS
  243. Mental Capacity Act 2005: deprivation of liberty safeguards - standard forms
  244. Quality reporting in 2008-09 annual reports and accounts
  245. Impact assessment for implementing personalised care planning for people with long te
  246. The local authority social services and National Health Service Complaints (England)
  247. Providing preceptorship for newly qualified nurses
  248. A review of the clinical governance of the Defence Medical Services in the UK and ove
  249. Promoting choice and public engagement via NHS Choices
  250. Saving babies' lives report 2009