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  1. Dental services
  2. Postgraduate medical education and training surveys
  3. Support, time and recovery (STR) workers: a competence framework: best practice guida
  4. Guidance on 'Delivering care closer to home' published
  5. NHS Institute publishes paper reviewing the Darzi regional reports
  6. New local area agreements [LAAs] for 2008
  7. CRAG 2008 [Draft] published
  8. Three King's Fund Briefings published
  9. Guide published to raise awareness of service improvements for equality and diversity
  10. The Cabinet Office publishes the results of a project looking at food policy across G
  11. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists publishes standards in maternity an
  12. Primary Care Contracting (PCC) publishes Pharmacy Board level briefings for PCTs
  13. Report collating research and development work relating to assistive technology
  14. The British Medical Association publishes report on smoking
  15. NHS Choices publishes surgery survival rates for four common operations as part of it
  16. Healthcare Commission publishes report on maternity services
  17. Department of Health publishes new framework for action on social marketing and publi
  18. Health informatics review report
  19. A review of the consequences of additional private drugs for NHS care
  20. Next stage review engagement analysis published
  21. Study shows NHS hospitals are cleaner
  22. LINks publication
  23. Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) - Role of the Healthcare manager project
  24. On the state of public health: annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2007
  25. National audit of services for people with multiple sclerosis 2008
  26. Health and intergovernmental relations in the devolved United Kingdom
  27. Teenage parents: who cares? A guide to commissioning and delivering maternity servi
  28. End of Life Care Strategy: promoting high quality care for all adults at the end of l
  29. Informed gender practice: mental health acute care that works for women
  30. High quality care for all: briefing on NHS Next Stage Review final report
  31. Providing care for patients with urological conditions: guidance and resources for co
  32. Are we choosing health? The impact of policy on the delivery of health improvement pr
  33. Citizens Council report: QALYS and severity of illness
  34. Surveillance of healthcare associated infections report: 2008
  35. Safe, sensible, social: consultation on further action
  36. Membership governance in NHS foundation trusts: a review for the Department of Health
  37. Report to Ministers from the Department of Health steering group on the statutory reg
  38. National Patient Safety Agency annual report published
  39. Providing care for patients with skin conditions: guidance and resources for commissi
  40. Monitor published annual reports and accounts 2007-2008
  41. Social value judgements: principles for the development of NICE guidance
  42. Extension of the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination programme to young women aged
  43. Volunteering England publishes a report assessing the impact of volunteering within N
  44. The pathway to recovery: a review of the NHS acute inpatient mental health services
  45. Extension of the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination programme to young women aged
  46. Volunteering England publishes a report assessing the impact of volunteering within N
  47. The pathway to recovery: a review of the NHS acute inpatient mental health services
  48. The first annual report of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service
  49. Older people and well being
  50. Healthy weight, healthy lives: six months on
  51. The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) Draft Regulations 2008: a pap
  52. Medical revalidation: principles and next steps
  53. Framing the nursing and midwifery contribution: driving up the quality of care
  54. Consultation on responsible officers and their duties relating to the medical profess
  55. Towards a framework for post-registration nursing careers: consultation response repo
  56. Health and Social Care Act given royal assent
  57. Engagement analysis: NHS Next Stage Review. What we heard from the Our NHS, our futur
  58. Progress and priorities - working together for high quality sexual health
  59. Cost-effectiveness analysis and ageism: A review of the theoretical literature
  60. Commissioning housing support for health and wellbeing
  61. How can nursing services increase day case rates for elective surgery?
  62. A Code of Conduct for LINks' visits
  63. Healthcare for all: report of the independent inquiry into access to healthcare for p
  64. The impact of organisation and management factors on infection control in hospitals:
  65. Profiling community hospitals in England
  66. Ambitions for health: a strategic framework for maximising the potential of social ma
  67. Impact assessment of moving ahead with electronic prescription service (release 2) an
  68. Implementation of the Mental Health Act 2007: transitional arrangements
  69. Continence care survey
  70. Royal College of Nursing (RCN) e-Health policy documents launched
  71. The safer management of controlled drugs: annual report 2007
  72. Suicide Prevention Strategy annual report
  73. Quality in and equality of access to healthcare services in England
  74. The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) core dataset
  75. Express LIFT procurement framework
  76. Extra investment to help more mothers breastfeed
  77. World Class Commissioning analytical fair
  78. Renal supportive and end of life care
  79. New academic health science partnership
  80. Extra revenue funding for people with learning disabilities
  81. Consultation on an International Financial Reporting Standards based NHS Foundation T
  82. Summary of Lord Darzi's review of the NHS
  83. PCT Portal: a resource for commissioners
  84. Excellence and fairness: achieving world class public services
  85. Campus revenue allocation
  86. The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)
  87. Changes to arrangements for regulating NHS bodies in relation to healthcare associate
  88. Consultation on amendments to the financial risk ratings in the Compliance Framework
  89. Ensuring Payment by Results (PbR) supports delivery of effective cancer services
  90. The Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme August 2008
  91. Response to the consultation on regulations for Local Involvement Networks (LINks)
  92. Self reported receipt of care consistent with 32 quality indicators: national populat
  93. Doing time: the experiences and needs of older people in prison
  94. Options assessment for achieving Care Record Service compliance and practical advice
  95. Managing urgent mental health needs in the acute trust: a guide by practitioners, for
  96. Use of resources at primary care trusts
  97. Statistics
  98. Consultation on direct payments regulations
  99. A European health service?
  100. Report on the lessons learned from the summer 2007 flooding experiences from an estat
  101. Five years on: delivering the diabetes national service framework
  102. Interim report of the expert group on commissioning NHS infertility provision
  103. Services for young people and adolescents: supplementary report to the national audit
  104. Review of NHS foundation trusts' annual plans 2008/09
  105. Valuing people now: transfer of the responsibility for the commissioning of social ca
  106. NHS Statistics
  107. Call for expressions of interest in piloting the Common Assessment Framework for Adul
  108. 1million funding for end of life care research institute
  109. Independent evaluation report of Improving health, supporting justice: a consultation
  110. Payment by Results Assurance Framework 2007/08
  111. Mental Capacity Act 2005: deprivation of liberty safeguards - Code of Practice to sup
  112. On the right track? A progress review of the human rights of older people in health a
  113. Going further faster II: applying the learning to reduce HCAI and improve cleanliness
  114. The personalisation of adult social care in rural areas
  115. Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the social determina
  116. The quarter: quarter 1, 2008/9
  117. Pharmacy in England: building on strengths - delivering the future - proposals for le
  118. Ambulance guidelines: reducing infection through effective practice in the pre-hospi
  119. Statistics
  120. Care, support, independence: stakeholder events toolkit
  121. Clean hands save lives
  122. Weighing up the burden of obesity
  123. Does public release of performance results improve quality of care? A systematic revi
  124. Report of the national patient choice survey, England - March 2008, and provisional d
  125. HM Treasury: making changes in operational PFI projects
  126. NHS Design Champions event June 2008
  127. Statistics
  128. Payment by Results for kidney dialysis project group: interim report, June 2008
  129. Listening and responding to communities: a brief guide to Local Involvement Networks
  130. Lifting the burdens task force: review of health and social care burdens
  131. Pandemic influenza: surge capacity and prioritisation in health services
  132. Pandemic influenza and NHS dentistry
  133. Final guidance: Extended Hours Access Scheme Directed Enhanced Service
  134. NHS spending: local variations in priorities: an update
  135. Improving outcomes in children and young people with cancer: guidance on commissionin
  136. Making the NHS the best insurance policy in the world
  137. Evaluation of information prescriptions
  138. NHS Next Stage Review: our vision for primary and community care: newsletter Septembe
  139. World Class Commissioning programme: August update
  140. Local 18 week patient experience surveys
  141. Consultation on a regime for unsustainable NHS providers
  142. Top-up payments for drugs in England
  143. What is fair: should patients be allowed to top up their NHS care?
  144. Survey of users of mental health services 2008
  145. Home Oxygen Service satisfaction survey 2008
  146. NHS Statistics
  147. Launch of the National Library for Health's Commissioning Specialist Library
  148. Guidance issued to improve nutrition and hydration standards in all healthcare settin
  149. Model core constitution
  150. NHS Supply2Health launches 1 October
  151. Our lives, our choices
  152. National Sentinel Audit of Stroke
  153. Child immunisations parent survey
  154. GMS contract settlement 2008/9
  155. More than just staffing numbers
  156. Reference guide to the Mental Health Act 1983
  157. Government response to the House of Lords European Union Committee report on increasi
  158. Consultation on public, patients' and other interested parties' views on additional u
  159. NHS Choices update edition 3
  160. HIV post-exposure prophylaxis: guidance from the UK Chief Medical Officers' Expert Ad
  161. Safer Practice Notice on NHS number
  162. Performance measurement practice: the use of sanctions and rewards in the public sect
  163. Calculating a fair market price for care: a toolkit for residential and nursing homes
  164. Past experience, 'shadow of the future', and patient trust: a cross sectional survey
  165. Patient safety through e-prescribing
  166. NHS foundation trust financial reporting manual 2008/09
  167. NHS foundation trusts: review of three months to 30 June 2008
  168. Funding for NHS scientists
  169. SUS pilots: sharing the learning
  170. Commissioning safe and sustainable specialised paediatric services: a framework of cr
  171. Older people's experiences of falls and bone health services (England)
  172. NHS Statistics
  173. Not just a matter of time: a review of urgent and emergency care services in England
  174. How should services meet the needs of people with Down Syndrome who develop dementia?
  175. The 2007/08 national survey of investment in mental health services
  176. Health is global: a UK government strategy 2008-13
  177. Trends in consultation rates in general practice 1995 to 2007: analysis of the Qresea
  178. Better reporting and learning encouraged in Anaesthesia
  179. NHS Statistics
  180. Auditors' Local Evaluation 2007/08: summary results for NHS trusts and primary care t
  181. Consultation on a National Framework For Assessing Children and Young People's Contin
  182. Health and care services for older people: overview report on research to support the
  183. Guidance launched to improve patient safety in general practice
  184. Human rights in healthcare: reports from learning events
  185. Supporting paediatric reconfiguration: a framework for standards
  186. Top researchers appointed to lead the way in health and social care research
  187. Review of health and social care burdens
  188. The commissioning cycle
  189. Mortality target monitoring: update to include data for 2007
  190. Human rights in healthcare: a framework for local action
  191. Government's response to the Health Select Committee report on dental services
  192. Statistics
  193. Primary concerns: older people's access to primary care
  194. World class commissioning programme - September update
  195. Primary care service framework: management of adolescent health in primary care
  196. Feeding back? Learning from complaints handling in health and social care
  197. NHS pay modernisation: new contracts for general practice services in England
  198. Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme and medicines dispensed to patients at home
  199. Preparations for winter
  200. Ensuring timely handover of patient care - ambulance to hospital
  201. Consultation on the European Commission's proposals for a Directive on the applicatio
  202. Taking the long term view: the Department of Health's strategy for delivering sustain
  203. Healthy weight, healthy lives: a toolkit for developing local strategies
  204. How to achieve world class commissioning competencies: practical tips for NHS commiss
  205. Government action to fund gaps in health research
  206. Over half of GP surgeries now offer extended opening hours
  207. NHS Employers and the GPC announce agreement on changes to the GMS contract for 2009/
  208. Report on the National Patient Choice Survey, May 2008, England
  209. The annual health check 2007/08: a national overview of the performance of NHS trusts
  210. GP earnings and expenses enquiry 2006/07: initial report
  211. Investment in general practice 2003/04 - 2006/07: England, Wales, Northern Ireland an
  212. Paying the patient: does it work? A review of patient-targeted incentives
  213. Foundation trusts and Monitor, sixth report of session 2007-08, volume 1 - report tog
  214. Healthcare acquired infections: policy position
  215. Integrated Care Pilot Programme: a prospectus for potential pilots
  216. Personal Health Budgets Update: October 2008
  217. General Medical Council (Constitution) Order 2008 constitution report: October 2008:
  218. Seal of approval to improve health and social care information
  219. Self-referral pilots to musculoskeletal physiotherapy and the implications for improv
  220. Financial implications of changes to GMS contracts
  221. Individual patient budgets : background and frequently asked questions - a new policy
  222. Treatment of heart attack national guidance : final report of the National Infarct An
  223. Mental Health Act 2007 : guidance on the extension of victims' rights under the Domes
  224. Department of Health resource accounts 2007/8
  225. Guidance for use of the NHS identity in dental practices
  226. The role of the consultant paediatrician with subspeciality training in paediatric em
  227. Human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV) immunisation research
  228. High quality nursing care - what is it and how can we best ensure its delivery?
  229. Can you measure nursing?
  230. National Specialised Commissioning Group annual report 2007/8
  231. Clinical governance system acceptable to the Secretary of State : pharmacy practice l
  232. Evaluation of the individual budgets pilot programme : final report
  233. Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPPs)
  234. Nursing and Midwifery Council (Constitution) Order 2008 : consultation report
  235. Government response to the House of Lords Select Committee on Intergovernmental Organ
  236. Pandemic flu : UK international preparedness strategy
  237. Hospital prescribing, 2007 : England
  238. Primary and community care strategy presentation
  239. Technology in the NHS : transforming the patient's experience of care
  240. Engaging patients in their health : how the NHS needs to change
  241. A guide to patient and public involvement in urgent care
  242. Mental wellbeing and older people: guidance
  243. From deep clean to keep clean: learning from the deep clean programme
  244. NHS foundation trusts: review and consolidated accounts 2007-08
  245. Developing the Quality and Outcomes Framework: proposals for a new, independent proce
  246. Real involvement: working with people to improve health services
  247. NHS Pay Review Body, review for 2009: information from the Health Departments relevan
  248. Mental Health Act 2007: briefing regarding children and young people
  249. First report and experimental statistics from the Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHM
  250. Health-led parenting interventions in pregnancy and early years