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  1. Guide to commissioning migrant and refugee community organisations (MRCOs)
  2. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies implementation plan: national guidelines
  3. In the know: using information to make better decisions - a discussion paper
  4. Code of conduct for Payment by Results
  5. Measures to recruit an extra 4,000 midwives
  6. Safe births - everybody’s business: independent inquiry into the safety of maternity
  7. Maternity services website
  8. Evaluation of one-stop shop models of sexual health provision
  9. NHS pay modernisation: new contracts for general practice services in England
  10. Response to the independent inquiry into Modernising Medical Careers
  11. Department of Health press releases
  12. NHS statistics
  13. Reporting financial management information to the Board
  14. Handbook for vascular risk assessment, risk reduction and risk management
  15. The Quarter: quarter 3, 2007-8
  16. National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction (MBR) audit
  17. GP contract 2008/9: poll outcome
  18. Consultation on the Medical Profession (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2008
  19. The new dental contract: full of holes and causing pain?
  20. National Dementia Strategy website
  21. Disease Management Information Toolkit (DMIT)
  22. Financial incentives, healthcare providers and quality improvements
  23. The government's response to the Health Select Committee's First Report of Session 20
  24. Moving beyond sponsorship: interactive toolkit for joint working between the NHS and
  25. Labouring to better effect: services for women in early labour
  26. The Electronic Prescription Service: an introduction to Release 2 for healthcare prof
  27. Assessing design quality in LIFT primary care buildings
  28. Volunteering in the public services: health and social care
  29. National variations in prostate cancer services
  30. Review of NHS health library services and National Service Framework for quality impr
  31. Public and patient involvement in the NHS
  32. An independent NHS: what’s in it for patients and citizens?
  33. Survey of diabetes specialist services 2006 - consultant survey
  34. Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000: a report on regulation activi
  35. Independent investigation of serious patient safety incidents in mental health servic
  36. National Programme for IT in the NHS: benefits statement 2006/07
  37. Community engagement to improve health
  38. High Impact Changes for health and social care
  39. Tackling health inequalities: 2007 status report on the programme for action
  40. NHS statistics
  41. Dame Carol Black's review of the health of Britain's working age population
  42. Updated Child Health Promotion Programme [CHPP]
  43. Policy paper on refocusing mental health services on patient's recovery
  44. Regulating complementary medical practitioners
  45. Review of statistical first releases from UK government departments
  46. Free Choice from April 1st 2008
  47. Code of practice for the promotion of NHS-funded services
  48. Report on patient outcomes in the NHS
  49. Changes in family doctors' pay
  50. Consultation regarding the proposed changes to the way that the independent healthcar
  51. Updated policy guidance: Care Programme Approach [CPA]
  52. Transition planning from children's to adult health services
  53. Audit Commission briefing on medium-term financial planning for PCTs
  54. Speech, language and communication services for children
  55. Review of the implementation of Safeguarding Children
  56. Statistics
  57. A consultation on the framework for the registration of health and adult social care
  58. Competencies for recognising and responding to acutely ill patients in hospital
  59. £42 million for research into children's health and underfunded areas
  60. Free choice at the point of referral
  61. Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme: instructions and guidance for the NHS
  62. Focus on Quality and Outcomes Framework 2008
  63. Framework for the identification and validation of claims arising from phase 2 ISTC s
  64. NHS statistics
  65. Directions made in respect of local involvement networks
  66. NHS foundation trusts: review of nine months to 31 December 2007
  67. Directions made in respect of local involvement networks
  68. NHS foundation trusts: review of nine months to 31 December 2007
  69. Putting prevention first - vascular checks: risk assessment and management
  70. Monitor authorises first trusts for 2008-9
  71. New specialist inspectors to monitor future cleaning
  72. Pharmacy in England: building on strengths - delivering the future
  73. Government grants for health and social care
  74. Proposed changes to the Quality and Outcomes Framework for the financial year 2008/09
  75. National improvement programme
  76. Statistics
  77. Nutrition screening survey in the UK in 2007
  78. Proposed three-year pay award
  79. The health impact of climate change: promoting sustainable communities
  80. New NHS projects to improve occupational health for local businesses
  81. Driving service improvement through patient focus: report of the Phase II Renal Actio
  82. Spotlight on complaints
  83. Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration: thirty-seventh report 2008
  84. Should primary care trusts be made more accountable? A King's Fund discussion paper
  85. Practice based commissioning: GP practice survey: Wave 3 (April 2008)
  86. Project initiation document: Mental Health Payment by Results Development Project
  87. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) commissioning toolkit
  88. A Department of Health response to the consultation paper A code of practice for the
  89. Winter report 2007/08
  90. National survey of NHS staff 2007
  91. Enhancing quality: promoting consultant expansion across the NHS
  92. Report of the National Patient Choice Survey, England - November 2007
  93. The national education and competence framework for advanced critical care practition
  94. Individual Budgets and the interface with health: a discussion paper for the Care Ser
  95. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services review: call for evidence
  96. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards implementation tool
  97. Changes to the portfolio of nationally commissioned services from April 2008 and the
  98. Deep cleaning NHS hospitals: request for case studies
  99. Guidance on working conditions for consultants and survey results on space for hospit
  100. Using information to promote healthy behaviours
  101. Genetics white paper review 2008
  102. Ideas from Darzi: polyclinics
  103. Legislative scrutiny of the Health and Social Care Bill : eighth and twelfth reports
  104. Implementation of the Organ Donation Taskforce recommendations
  105. Statements on internal control
  106. New nurses' toolkits for education and training
  107. NHS Statistics
  108. Patient experience scores for the PSA target – April 2008
  109. Interim guidance on Directed Enhanced Service - extended opening hours
  110. Take part in our Commissioning Specialist Library survey
  111. The National Service Framework (NSF) for diabetes: five years on...are we half way th
  112. Improving choice at end of life
  113. Healthcare Commission launches inspection programme
  114. From strength to strength
  115. MRSA and C. difficile quarterly report figures
  116. Guidance for R&D annual reports 2008
  117. Mental Capacity Act 2005
  118. Nutritional care in hospitals
  119. The use of antipsychotics for people with dementia in care homes
  120. RCN Congress 2008
  121. Integrated Drug Treatment System for Prisons (IDTS)
  122. Revised guidance: primary care dental contracts advice on managing end of year issues
  123. Teams without walls: the value of medical innovation and leadership
  124. NHS Statistics
  125. Making connections: using healthcare professionals to deliver organisational improvem
  126. Common core principles to support self care: a guide to support implementation
  127. Failed asylum seekers and ordinary residence
  128. Overseas doctors
  129. Diabetes and Payment by Results
  130. Capital development programme for inpatient and residential rehabilitation substance
  131. Women in academic medicine
  132. National Cancer Intelligence Network
  133. NHS Foundation trusts
  134. NHS statistics
  135. National Library for Public Health
  136. Summary Care Record early adopter programme: an independent evaluation by University
  137. The National Service Framework for Long-term Neurological Conditions: national suppor
  138. Integrating NHS Care: lessons from the frontline
  139. Compliance Framework
  140. Our NHS our future: NHS next stage review - leading local change
  141. Modernising Medical Careers
  142. Understanding doctors: harnessing professionalism
  143. Scoping exercise on fallers' clinics
  144. World class commissioning programme: April update
  145. Bridging the quality gap: stroke
  146. Identifying risk, taking action: Monitor's approach to service performance in NHS fou
  147. Revised Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice and new secondary legislation
  148. Improving services for substance misuse: commissioning drug treatment and harm reduct
  149. Evaluation of Early Medical Abortion (EMA) pilot sites: final report
  150. Heatwave plan for England 2008
  151. Removing or suspending chairs and non-executives of primary care trusts and NHS trust
  152. Project London: report and recommendations 2007
  153. Innovation for Life Challenge Fund
  154. When to share information: best practice guidance for everyone working in the youth j
  155. The year. 2007/08: NHS Chief Executive's annual report
  156. The National Programme for IT in the NHS: progress since 2006
  157. Primary care trust procurement guide for health services
  158. National survey of adult inpatients 2007
  159. Framework for managing choice, cooperation and competition
  160. Consultation on business case approval guidance for primary care trusts with existing
  161. NHS statistics
  162. Department of Health: departmental report 2008
  163. The quest for quality in the NHS: refining the NHS reforms
  164. Consent: patients and doctors making decisions together
  165. Comprehensive Area Assessment: consultation feedback and next steps
  166. Report and analysis of the experience of patients in black and minority ethnic groups
  167. Statistics on alcohol: England 2008
  168. Report of the National Improvement Team for Primary Care Access and Responsiveness
  169. No patient left behind: how can we ensure world class primary care for black and ethn
  170. The responsible pharmacist regulations: a summary of the responses to public consulta
  171. Guidance for GPs, other clinicians and health professionals on the care of gender var
  172. Paying the price: the cost of mental health care in England
  173. Short-changed - Spending on prison mental health care
  174. Survey of BMA members' views on mental health funding and patient care
  175. NICE publishes several sets of guidance
  176. New research programmes at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR ) annou
  177. NHS progress against 18 week target
  178. NHS launches consultation on its draft Carbon Reduction Strategy
  179. Smokefree mental health units
  180. New standard contracts for NHS mental health, community and ambulance services
  181. Three new foundation trusts announced
  182. Foresight Training Resource Pack
  183. NHS Digital mapping agreement
  184. An accreditation scheme for Health and Social care information - testing phase
  185. NHS statistics
  186. Background to the Next Stage Review
  187. Implementing the white paper Trust, assurance and safety: enhancing confidence in hea
  188. AIDS support grant for social care for people with HIV/AIDS: financial year 2008/2009
  189. Government launches volunteer strategy consultation
  190. Consultation on the future of tobacco control
  191. Implementing the National Stroke Strategy: imaging guide
  192. Commission for Social Care and Inspection publishes report on dementia care
  193. Local authority circular on mental capacity
  194. BMA survey of consultant opinion
  195. NHS statistics
  196. Demand management plan and security of supply of immunoglobulin products
  197. World class commissioning update published
  198. Developing the NHS performance regime
  199. Pre registration education and funding for paramedics: guidance for SHAs, PCTs and am
  200. Specification for PCT board development
  201. Fourth quarterly report published on NHS finance and service performance
  202. Two reports on local accountability in health and the role of NHS foundation trust go
  203. Report on the NHS summarised accounts, 2006-07: achieving financial balance
  204. Under one roof: will polyclinics deliver integrated care?
  205. Health inequalities: progress and next steps
  206. Mental Capacity Act 2005 deprivation of liberty safeguards code of practice and regul
  207. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence: NICE response to the Committee
  208. Is the treatment working? Progress with the NHS system reform programme
  209. Report of the national patient choice survey, England - January 2008
  210. Department of Health business plan 2008-09
  211. Strategic Health Authorities' visions for better healthcare
  212. Self care: a national view in 2007 compared to 2004-5
  213. NHS Confederation Conference and Exhibition
  214. Healthcare Commission to cross-check NHS performance
  215. Caring for vulnerable babies: the reorganisation of neonatal services in England
  216. The NHS resilience and business continuity management guidance 2008 : interim strateg
  217. Transforming the quality of dementia care: consultation on a national dementia st
  218. A vision for emergency and urgent care: the role of ambulance services
  219. What matters to staff in the NHS?
  220. Two reports from the King’s Fund
  221. Altogether now?: policy options for integrating care
  222. The annual health check 2008/09: assessing and rating the NHS
  223. Who's accountable for health?
  224. The National Education and Competence Framework for assistant critical care practitio
  225. Consultation on a statutory scheme to control the prices of branded NHS medicines
  226. 18-week patient experience survey and National patient choice survey
  227. 60 years of research in the NHS benefiting patients
  228. Health profiles for England and Health inequalities intervention tool
  229. PCT survey: provision of IVF in England 2007
  230. Putting people first: working to make it happen: adult social care workforce strategy
  231. Supporting world class commissioning
  232. NHS review: a rural response
  233. NHS foundation trusts: review of twelve months to 31 March 2008
  234. Statistics
  235. Research on eliminating age discrimination in social services and mental health servi
  236. Improving health: changing behaviour: NHS health trainer handbook
  237. The dementia tax: charging people with dementia for inadequate care: the evidence for
  238. Progress with FESC
  239. Career planning in a changing landscape: do nurses need support?
  240. NHS Statistics
  241. High quality care for all: NHS Next Stage Review final report
  242. A high quality workforce: NHS Next Stage Review
  243. Draft NHS Constitution
  244. Sixty years of the National Health Service
  245. Private spending on healthcare
  246. Economic modelling for vascular checks
  247. NHS Next Stage Review: Our vision for primary and community care
  248. Rejuvenate or retire? Views of the NHS at 60
  249. Pandemic influenza: guidance on preparing mental health services in England
  250. Training video on hand hygiene