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  1. Report on the National Patient Choice Survey, England - May 2007
  2. The 2006/07 national survey of investment in mental health services
  3. 18 weeks in orthopaedics: a practical guide to support delivery and transformation
  4. Drug treatment activity in England
  5. Review of the NHS Financial Year 2006/07
  6. Report of the High Level Group on Clinical Effectiveness
  7. Health Profile of England 2007
  8. Shifting Care Closer to Home demonstration sites - report of the speciality subgroups
  9. The future regulation of health and adult social care in England - response to consul
  10. The responsible pharmacist: consultation on the content of the responsible pharmacist
  11. Behaviour change - NICE guidance
  12. National Diabetes Audit 2005/6
  13. Mental health: draft revised Code of Practice and secondary legislation
  14. Care provided by generalists at the end of life: scoping exercise on research priorit
  15. Prison health performance indicators
  16. National Specialist Commissioning Advisory Group Annual Report 2006/07
  17. NHS Statistics
  18. Practice based commissioning GP practice survey : wave 1 (June 2007)
  19. Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS)
  20. Report of Hospital Prescribing 2006
  21. NHS Contraceptive Services, England 2006-07
  22. 2008 GP Patient Survey
  23. Pathway to care for older offenders : toolkit for practice
  24. Strategic Health Authorities and GP Registrar (Amendment) (No. 3) Directions 2007
  25. Commissioning guide to community eye care services
  26. Good practice guidance published on the commissioning of specialist adult learning di
  27. Commissioning tools for shifting care closer to home
  28. Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections Report 2007
  29. Post-registration nursing careers - DH consultation
  30. Organisation of Food and Nutrition Support in Hospitals
  31. Government response to Facing the future: a review of the role of health visitors
  32. Benchmarks for the care environment
  33. Letter on genito-urinary medicine targets and the 48 hour access target
  34. Improving cleanliness and infection control
  35. New health strategy adopted by the European Commission
  36. NHS Pay Review Body and the Review Body on Doctors and Dentists Remuneration: reviews
  37. Services for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour or mental he
  38. GP earnings and expenses enquiry 2005/06 - initial report
  39. NHS Choices website
  40. Urgent care pathways for older people with complex needs: best practice guidance
  41. Prescribing for diabetes in England: an analysis of volume, expenditure and trends
  42. National confidential study of deaths following Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus a
  43. Improving social and healthcare services
  44. NHS Statistics
  45. New Health Management SL Hot Topic
  46. Consultation on proposed amendments to the NHS Foundation Trust Financial Reporting M
  47. Modernising financial allocation arrangements for NHS pharmaceutical services 2007: s
  48. The Government response to the Health Committee report on the Electronic Patient Reco
  49. Implementation of European Directive 2005/36/EC for Health and Social Care Profession
  50. Health and Social Care Bill
  51. Tool to help prevent patients being re-admitted to hospital and reduce emergency bed
  52. Urgent and emergency care - key areas highlighted by the consultation and related wor
  53. Modernising medical careers: Vol. 2 written evidence
  54. Guide to implementing service-line management
  55. New information governance board
  56. End of Life Care
  57. Standards of Medical Care for Older People - Expectations and Recommendations
  58. Welcoming social enterprise into health and social care. A resource pack for social e
  59. Children's health, our future: a review of progress against the National Service Fram
  60. NLH Patient and Public Involvement Specialist Library (PPI SL) National Knowledge Wee
  61. Recognising and responding appropriately to early signs of deterioration in hospitali
  62. Research evidence on the effectiveness of self care support
  63. Developing a workforce to support 18 week patient pathways
  64. NHS Statistics
  65. Maintaining the momentum towards excellent services for children and young people's m
  66. General Pharmaceutical Services in England and Wales 1997/8 - 2006/7
  67. Putting commissioning into practice: implementing practice based commissioning throug
  68. Pay modernisation: a new contract for NHS consultants in England
  69. Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) data for 2007
  70. Testing times: HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in the United Kingdom: 2
  71. Integration for social enterprise
  72. Pandemic flu: a national framework for responding to an influenza pandemic
  73. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Mental Capacity Act 2005 local implementation n
  74. Delivering the 18 week pathway: update Winter 2007/8
  75. Government response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report on
  76. Support for employers and GPs
  77. The Health Care and Associated Professions Order: consultation
  78. Malnutrition in hospitals and care homes
  79. NHS maternity services survey
  80. HSC 2007/001: Better blood transfusion - safe and appropriate use of blood
  81. New practices for under-doctored areas
  82. Veterans healthcare
  83. NLH Patient and Public Involvement Specialist Library (PPI SL) National Knowledge Wee
  84. NHS quarterly financial performance report
  85. The No Delays Achiever: commissioner module and guide
  86. Consultation on guidance on 'Finding a shared vision of how people's mental health pr
  87. Improving corporate functions using shared services
  88. Delegated limits for capital investment
  89. Senior salaries review body: review for 2008
  90. Service improvement for radiologists: a signposting document summarising service impr
  91. Design for patient safety
  92. NHS Statistics
  93. State of Healthcare 2007: improvements and challenges in services in England and Wale
  94. World class commissioning
  95. Cancer Reform Strategy
  96. A prescription for partnership: engaging clinicians in financial management
  97. Valuing people now: from progress to transformation
  98. A life like no other: a national audit of specialist inpatient healthcare services fo
  99. National Stroke Strategy
  100. How to change practice: understand, identify and overcome barriers to change
  101. Helping people through mental health crisis: the role of Crisis Resolution and Home T
  102. GP patient survey: Your doctor, your experience, your say - guidance 2007/08 for stra
  103. Count me in 2007: results of the 2007 national census of inpatients in mental health
  104. Mental Health Act 2007 Implementation Self Assessment Tool (ISAT)
  105. Evaluation of Information Prescriptions: interim report to the Department of Health
  106. Duty to involve patients strengthened: briefing on section 242 of NHS Act 2006
  107. Simplification plan : year two
  108. Putting people first : a shared vision and commitment to the transformation of adult
  109. Partnerships for Older People Projects : an outline of innovation and service element
  110. Report on the NHS summarised accounts 2006-07
  111. Medicines distribution : an OFT market study
  112. The NHS in England: the operating framework for 2008/9
  113. Department of Health resource accounts 2006-07 (for the year ended 31 March 2007)
  114. Tackling health inequalities: 2004-06 data and policy update for the 2010 national ta
  115. The role and management of community first responders: findings from a national surve
  116. Diamonds are forever
  117. Safety First : One Year On
  118. Mental health at work : developing the business case
  119. Procedure for the transfer of prisoners to and from hospital under Sections 47 and 48
  120. Strategic review of Department of Health funding of third sector organisations: consu
  121. Report on the National Patient Choice Survey: July 2007 England
  122. Towards world class commissioning competency
  123. Autumn Performance Report 2007
  124. A personal approach to public services: shaping services around individuals' needs
  125. NHS foundation trusts: review of six months to 30 September 2007
  126. Payment by Results: guidance and tariff for 2008/9
  127. Implementation plan for reducing health inequalities in infant mortality: a good prac
  128. Workforce planning resource
  129. Hospital organisation, specialty mix and MRSA
  130. How can PCTs shape, reflect and increase public value?
  131. Collaborative commissioning of national screening programmes
  132. Caring for vulnerable babies: the reorganisation of neonatal services in England
  133. Practice based commissioning - budget setting refinements and clarification of health
  134. Clinically integrated systems: the next step in English health reform
  135. Efficiency appendix to NHS Operating Framework
  136. Generic choice model for long term conditions
  137. Delivering health and well-being in partnership: the crucial role of the new local pe
  138. NHS Emergency Planning Guidance 2005: planning for the management of blast injured pa
  139. Strategic command arrangements for the NHS during a major incident
  140. Hearing aids waiting times
  141. Breast cancer referrals
  142. Dialysis capacity: follow on from NHS Management Board
  143. Guidance on preparation of local IM&T plans for 2008/09
  144. Value for Money Delivery Agreement 2008 to 2011
  145. Investment to improve services for disabled children
  146. Health Care and Associated Professions (Miscellaneous Amendments) No 2 Order 2008: a
  147. Local planning guides for premises
  148. PM outlines health reforms
  149. Future of funding for long-term care for older people report published
  150. Independent review of modernising medical careers published
  151. Risk Prediction network launched
  152. Launch of online questionnaires for Our NHS, Our Future
  153. Carers Grant 2008-2011
  154. MRSA report
  155. Report into the effects of CT scanning asymptomatic people
  156. Infection strategy for England published
  157. Funding for drug treatment services announced
  158. Department of Health website announces upgrade
  159. Report on NICE published
  160. Hospital at Night assessment 2008
  161. Introduction of 2007 salaried primary dental care contract
  162. Support, Time and Recovery workers [STR] report
  163. EHE Environments for Care at End of Life programme
  164. Violence in the workplace: the experience of doctors in Great Britain
  165. The Health Act 2006: code of practice for the prevention and control of healthcare as
  166. Commissioning framework for health and well-being: response to consultation
  167. Raising the profile of long term conditions care: a compendium of information
  168. Department of Health: prescribing costs in primary care
  169. Practice based commissioning: GP practice survey Wave 2 (September 2007)
  170. Commissioning NHS primary care dental services: meeting the NHS operating framework o
  171. Governing the NHS: alternatives to an independent board
  172. Transforming health research: the first two years - National Institute for Health Res
  173. Wasting lives: a statistical analysis of NHS performance in a European context since
  174. Organs for transplants: a report from the Organ Donation Taskforce
  175. NLH Health Management Specialist Library Hot Topics
  176. Healthy weight, healthy lives: a cross-government strategy for England
  177. Operating framework 2008/9
  178. A dialogue of equals: the Pacesetters programme community engagement guide
  179. NHS Foundation Trust Financial Reporting Manual 2007/08
  180. Can pay regulation kill? Panel data evidence on the effect of labor markets on hospit
  181. A pharmacist’s brief guide to General Medical Practices
  182. Medicines management: everybody's business
  183. Healthcare Commission maternity services review
  184. Releasing resources to the frontline: the Department of Health’s review of its arm’s
  185. Options for the future of payment by results: 2008/09 – 2010/11 - response to consult
  186. Improving services and support for people with dementia
  187. Removing or suspending chairs and non-executives from PCTs and NHS trusts: consultati
  188. Devolution and the NHS
  189. Public service productivity - healthcare: summary
  190. 2008 Patient Safety Solutions: consultation
  191. Safer management of controlled drugs: changes to record keeping requirements (for Eng
  192. PCT SPDCS contract implementation toolkit
  193. NHS statistics
  194. Best practice guidance on joint working between the NHS and pharmaceutical industry a
  195. NHS reference costs 2006-07
  196. Principles for accountability
  197. New arrangements for clinical audit
  198. Consultation on amendments to the Compliance Framework
  199. Operational plans 2008/09 - 2010/11: national planning guidance and "vital signs"
  200. Integrated Research Application System (IRAS)
  201. Patient choice
  202. Right time, right place: learning from the Children's NSF development initiatives for
  203. NHS statistics
  204. Guidance on fluoridation of drinking water
  205. Learning from investigations
  206. Report on the National Patient Choice Survey - September 2007 England
  207. Ministers target GPs over hours
  208. Good practice guide on paternity testing services
  209. Survey of expenditure by primary care trusts on hospice/specialist palliative care se
  210. Direct access audiology waiting times
  211. NHS costing manual 2007/08
  212. NHS accounts guides
  213. Patient Insight: harnessing the power of public opinion
  214. Local procurements of new GP practices and health centres: performance reporting arra
  215. Making experiences count: the proposed new arrangements for handling health and socia
  216. £26.8 Million to improve access to contraception
  217. Healthcare products for patients with debilitating diseases
  218. Commercial strategy, framework and provisions guidance for primary care trusts: annex
  219. Statistical Press Notices
  220. NLH user survey 2008: play an important role in helping to shape National Library for
  221. Delivering quality and value: consultant clinical activity 2006-07
  222. Health effects of climate change in the UK 2008: an update of the Department of Healt
  223. ISTCs and the NHS: sticking plaster or real reform?
  224. NHS reform: national mantra, not local reality
  225. Organizing for quality: the improvement journeys of leading hospitals in Europe and t
  226. The right result? Payment by Results 2003-07
  227. National audit of violence in mental health units
  228. The development and implementation of NHS Treatment Centres as an organisational inno
  229. Organisational factors that influence waiting times in emergency departments
  230. Support for mothers breastfeeding
  231. National evaluation of Payment by Results
  232. Aiming high for disabled children: draft core offer standards paper
  233. NHS Statistics
  234. Genitourinary medicine 48-hour access: getting to target and staying there
  235. NHS stop smoking services service and monitoring guidance
  236. Coronary Heart Disease National Service Framework and National Infarct Angioplasty Pr
  237. Revisions of the British Geriatric Society compendium documents on intermediate care
  238. Making Partnerships work in Health and Local Government
  239. Dental commissioning and contract monitoring: tendering, procurement & contracting
  240. Effective governance in NHS foundation trusts
  241. Guidance on nominating a consultee for research involving adults who lack capacity to
  242. An NHS constitution for England
  243. Palliative care strategy for children
  244. Managing financial resources to deliver better public services
  245. Practical guide to integrated working
  246. Beacon Scheme for strategic commissioning
  247. How to set and monitor goals for prevalence of child obesity
  248. Introduction of the standard NHS contract for acute services
  249. Mental health and ill health in doctors
  250. National child measurement programme results