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  1. Charter to strengthen relations between the Helpforce programme and staff in the Nati
  2. Please procure responsibly: the state of public service commissioning
  3. Urgent dental care: evidence review
  4. Safeguarding in general dental practice: a toolkit for dental teams
  5. Quality Matters summary action plan: second edition
  6. Comprehensive Investment Appraisal (CIA) Model and guidance
  7. Quality and safety of human blood and blood products if the UK leaves the EU without
  8. Health and wellbeing at work
  9. Can we really compare and aggregate pro data between people and settings? Implication
  10. 2019-20 Better Care Fund: policy framework
  11. Independent evaluation of the Think Ahead programme
  12. Extending legal rights to personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets: co
  13. NHS pressures: winter 2018/19 - a hidden crisis
  14. Future of pharmacy: an animation
  15. Older men at the margins: guidance for practitioners and services providing groups fo
  16. Putting patients at the heart of artificial intelligence
  17. State of the nation 2018-19: social mobility in Great Britain
  18. Department of Health and Social Care: group accounting manual 2019-20
  19. All systems go
  20. Opt-out organ donation: organs and tissues excluded from the new system
  21. Did government spending cuts to social care for older people lead to an increase in e
  22. Transitions to adulthood: the case for a cross-departmental taskforce
  23. Using audit in commissioning sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services: gui
  24. Social and emotional wellbeing in primary and secondary education
  25. End of life care for adults: service delivery
  26. The NHS workforce in numbers: facts on staffing and staff shortages in England
  27. Raising the equality flag: health inequalities among older LGBT people in the UK
  28. Patient safety essentials toolkit
  29. Untapped potential: investing in health and care data analytics
  30. CAF UK giving 2019
  31. English council funding: what’s happened and what’s next?
  32. The impact of primary care incentive schemes on care home placements for people with
  33. The community pharmacy: a guide for general practitioners and practice staff
  34. Waiting for Care: is Scotland meeting its commitment to older people
  35. Evaluation of Babylon GP at hand: final evaluation report
  36. Independent review of national cancer screening programmes in England: interim report
  37. NHS property: guidance for NHS trusts and foundation trusts on requesting transfers o
  38. A pathway for post-transplant care
  39. The impact of primary care incentive schemes on care home placements for people with
  40. The changing face of clinical commissioning
  41. Independent review of local government spending need and funding
  42. Health matters: prevention – a life course approach
  43. Celebrate me: capturing the voices of learning disability nurses and people who use s
  44. The best job in the world? - the views of first-time NHS chief executives
  45. NHS waiting times for elective and cancer treatment
  46. Environmental health inequalities in Europe: second assessment report
  47. Rare jewels: specialised parent-infant relationship teams in the UK
  48. We need to talk: access to speech and language therapy
  49. A data-driven approach to cancer care
  50. Medicines in health and adult social care: learning from risks and sharing good pract
  51. In plain sight: workplace bullying in charities and the implications for leadership
  52. Government response to the Health and Social Care Select Committee report on 'First 1
  53. Chairs and non-executives in the NHS: the need for diverse leadership
  54. Independent review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide
  55. Public value: how can it be measured, managed and grown?
  56. Crisis in care: what do MPs think?
  57. Integrated care research and practice
  58. NHS Long Term Plan implementation framework
  59. Openness by design 2019-2022
  60. Reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention
  61. ADASS budget survey 2019
  62. RCPCH prevention vision for child health
  63. The real story of winter
  64. A citizen-led approach to health and care: lessons from the Wigan Deal
  65. Consultation on the data and analytics statement of intent
  66. Investigation into NHS Property Services Limited
  67. Fair to refer?: reducing disproportionality in fitness to practise concerns reported
  68. Personal social services Survey of Adult Carers in England (SACE): England 2018-19
  69. Depression in children and young people: identification and management
  70. Enhancing Junior Doctors’ Working Lives: annual progress report 2019
  71. Fair to refer? Reducing disproportionality in fitness to practise concerns reported t
  72. Hidden no more: dementia and disability
  73. Making the right choices: using data-driven technology to transform mental healthcare
  74. Drugs policy: medicinal cannabis
  75. There is an alternative: ending austerity in the UK
  76. The NHS patient safety strategy: safer culture, safer systems, safer patients
  77. The role of the GP in caring for gender-questioning and transgender patients
  78. Digital-first primary care: policy consultation on patient registration, funding and
  79. Consultation on the data and analytics statement of intent
  80. Dementia
  81. Why it’s important to review the care of people with dementia
  82. Pounds for patients? How private hospitals use financial incentives to win the busine
  83. Change or collapse: lessons from the drive to reform health and social care in Northe
  84. The Department of Health and Social Care mandate to Health Education England: April 2
  85. Improving cyber security in the NHS
  86. Is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? Estimates of the impact of English p
  87. Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation: government response to the consultat
  88. Right-touch assurance for sonographers based on risk of harm arising from practice
  89. Neuro patience: still waiting for improvements in treatment and care
  90. How is the NHS performing? July 2019 quarterly monitoring report
  91. Understanding primary care networks: context, benefits and risks
  92. NHS long term plan implementation framework
  93. Community commissioning shaping public services through people power
  94. Being fair: supporting a just and learning culture for staff and patients following i
  95. Children's Funeral Fund for England
  96. Active travel: trends, policy and funding
  97. Healthcare for people leaving an immigration removal centre: guidance for NHS provide
  98. Service user experience in adult mental health services
  99. Patient experience in adult NHS services
  100. Physical activity and lifestyle toolkit
  101. Why a "risk pool" must underpin a social care system
  102. Social prescribing link workers: reference guide for primary care networks
  103. Pharmaceutical buying groups in the NHS
  104. Primary care networks: a quiet revolution
  105. Why a “risk pool” must underpin a social care system
  106. Patient insights on cancer care: opportunities for improving efficiency
  107. Place-based approaches for reducing health inequalities: main report
  108. Involving patients and the public in research
  109. Tobacco control: how do you know that your council is doing all it can to reduce smok
  110. Return to Practice Programme: evaluation of the Allied Health Professionals and Healt
  111. Health on the shelf
  112. Towards mental health equality: a manifesto for the next Prime Minister
  113. The impact of a no deal Brexit on health and care: an open letter to MPs
  114. What should be done to fix the crisis in social care?
  115. Drivers of health care expenditure: final report
  116. Healthy Living Pharmacy: holding a health promotion event/campaign
  117. How to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1
  118. How does UK healthcare spending compare with other countries?
  119. Primary medical care commissioning internal audit ratings for delegated clinical comm
  120. Healthcare after Brexit: updated guidance
  121. Generation genome and the opportunities for screening programmes
  122. CCG 360 stakeholder survey 2018/19
  123. NHS oversight framework 2019/20
  124. Navigating the uncharted waters: population ageing in the UK
  125. Ageist Britain?
  126. Guidance on the seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service 2019/20
  127. What is population health?
  128. Less than full time training: the trainee perspective
  129. Exiting the EU: supplying the health and social care sectors
  130. Using online consultations in primary care: implementation toolkit
  131. NICEimpact: maternity and neonatal care
  132. A new approach to complex needs: Primary Care Psychological Medicine - first year eva
  133. The Early Notification scheme progress report: collaboration and improved experience
  134. Delivering same-sex accommodation
  135. Creating healthy places: perspectives from NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme
  136. Individual and local area factors associated with self-reported wellbeing, perceived
  137. HTA and payment mechanisms for new drugs to tackle AMR
  138. Psychological perspectives on obesity: addressing policy, practice and research prior
  139. Contained or contagious? The future of infectious disease in ageing societies
  140. Sugar reduction: report on progress between 2015 and 2018
  141. Inclusive by default
  142. Occupational therapy: unlocking the potential of children and young people
  143. The NHS’s recommendations to government and parliament for an NHS bill
  144. Health matters: rough sleeping
  145. Government response to ACMD report 'Ageing cohort of drug users'
  146. Life after loss: an economic evaluation of specialist counselling after baby loss
  147. Stoptober 2018: campaign evaluation
  148. Pharmacy Quality Scheme guidance 2019/20
  149. The community mental health framework for adults and older adults
  150. Health infrastructure plan: a new, strategic approach to improving our hospitals and
  151. Supporting medical productivity data collection: guide to the 2018/19 data collection
  152. Exploring mental health inpatient capacity
  153. A manifesto for the future
  154. HIV: women in the United Kingdom
  155. Transforming imaging services in England: a national strategy for imaging networks
  156. Establishing the evidence base for ‘multiple site single service’ (MSSS) models of ca
  157. Ear, nose and throat surgery: GIRFT programme national specialty report
  158. No age limit: the hidden face of domestic abuse
  159. The detention of young people with learning disabilities and/or autism
  160. ‘Right to be heard’: the government’s response to the consultation on learning disabi
  161. NHS Property Services
  162. The role of the NHS provider chair: a framework for development
  163. Framework for conducting annual appraisals of NHS provider chairs
  164. Securing cyber resilience in health and care: progress update 2019
  165. Clinically-led review of NHS access standards
  166. Primary care networks: a pre-mortem to identify potential risks
  167. Performance tracker 2019: a data-driven analysis of the performance of public service
  168. What is the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being? A sc
  169. The outlook for councils’ funding: is austerity over?
  170. Plugging the leaks in the UK care home industry: strategies for solving the financial
  171. Addressing your gender pay gap: a guide for employers
  172. Help with home adaptations: improving local services
  173. English local government funding: trends and challenges in 2019 and beyond
  174. Mortality and life expectancy trends in the UK: stalling progress
  175. The surgeon as an expert witness: a guide to good practice
  176. Caring for doctors, caring for patients
  177. The political division index: pathfinding for British democracy
  178. The nation's health: priorities for the next government
  179. Fit for the future: how should the incoming Government help the NHS in England?
  180. Will I care? : the likelihood of being a carer in adult life
  181. District nursing today: the view of district nurse team leaders in the UK
  182. A manifesto for a 21st century health service
  183. Manifesto 2019
  184. Manifesto 2019
  185. Type 2 diabetes peer mentor programme: midterm evaluation
  186. NHS performance and waiting times: priorities for the next government
  187. Achieving integrated care: 15 best practice actions
  188. UK healthcare property market overview: autumn/winter 2019
  189. Immunisations: applying All Our Health
  190. Striving to deliver
  191. Implementing the recommendations of the Neonatal Critical Care Transformation Review
  192. A competency framework for designated prescribing practitioners
  193. NHS public health functions agreement 2019-20: public health functions to be exercise
  194. The state of medical education and practice in the UK: 2019
  195. General Dental Council patient and public research: report 2018–19
  196. National Diabetes Audit 2017-18: report 2a – complications and mortality
  197. National Vascular Registry: 2019 annual report
  198. Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network annual report 2019: summary report
  199. National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP): 2019 annual report on 2018 data
  200. Saving lives, improving mothers’ care: lessons learned to inform maternity care from
  201. The 2019 voluntary scheme for branded medicines pricing and access: payment percentag
  202. Adult social care and wellbeing policy in the four nations of the UK
  203. A place to work: system approaches to workforce challenges in the NHS