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  1. Speak up: annual report 2016/17
  2. Mental health units (use of force) bill 2017-19
  3. Staff 'be the change' for quality improvement
  4. Measuring up: your community and your workforce
  5. Using mobile technology to reduce agency spend
  6. Viva la devolution: devolved public-services commissioning
  7. Quarterly monitoring report 24: November 2017
  8. Care and support of older people with learning disabilities: consultation
  9. Vaping solutions: an easy Brexit win
  10. Healthy people, healthy planet
  11. Health and wellbeing as part of the reward offer
  12. Improving mental health support for our children and young people
  13. Census 2017: workforce figures for consultants and specialty doctor psychiatrists
  14. How will our future relationship with the EU shape the NHS?
  15. There for us: a better future for the NHS workforce
  16. STPs: destined to fail or the road to better care? - the hospital doctors’ view
  17. Consultation: reporting and rating NHS trusts’ use of resources
  18. Clinical report 2017: based on births in NHS maternity services between 1st April 201
  19. Embedding a culture of quality improvement
  20. Cuts, closures and contraception
  21. The autumn budget: joint statement on health and social care
  22. NHS pension scheme: proposed changes to regulations 2018
  23. Good growth for cities 2017
  24. A realist informed mixed methods evaluation of Schwartz Center Rounds in England
  25. Commissioning children's palliative care in England: 2017 edition
  26. Health matters: preventing infections and reducing antimicrobial resistance
  27. Movement into employment: return on investment tool
  28. LGA budget submission: autumn 2017
  29. The efficacy of public health spending
  30. Saving social care: a fair funding settlement for the future
  31. Behavioural design teams: the next frontier in clinical delivery innovation?
  32. Health at a glance 2017
  33. Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England
  34. Performance of the NHS provider sector for the month ended 30 September 2017
  35. Does hospital competition improve efficiency? The effect of the patient choice reform
  36. Keeping us well: how non-health charities address the social determinants of health
  37. Transportation and the role of hospitals
  38. Review of adult social care complaints 2016/17
  39. Calling time: addressing ageism and age discrimination in alcohol policy, practice an
  40. Primary medical care policy and guidance manual
  41. Addressing ambulance handover delays
  42. Patient and public voice (PPV) partners and chairs survey report
  43. Review of Public Health England's data collection and data management functions
  44. Nutritional care tool report 2017
  45. Autumn budget 2017: NHS spending
  46. Heartbeats on the high street: how community pharmacy can transform Britain’s health,
  47. Public Health England (PHE): evaluations and recommendations
  48. A tale of two cities
  49. The future of public service identity: blockchain
  50. Call to action on antimicrobial resistance: co-host's summary of ministerial and CEO
  51. UK five year antimicrobial resistance strategy 2013-2018: annual progress report, 201
  52. Training environments 2017: key findings from the national training surveys
  53. When I'm 64: the ILC-UK factpack on retirement transitions
  54. Destination GP: medical students’ experiences and perceptions of general practice
  55. Knowledge and skills statement for social work supervisors in adult social care: a co
  56. A rapid resolution and redress scheme for severe avoidable birth injury: government s
  57. Safer maternity care: progress and next steps
  58. Clinical correspondence handling at NHS Shared Business Services
  59. Public health in Europe during the austerity years
  60. Some assembly required: implementing new models of care
  61. Room to improve: the role of home adaptations in improving later life
  62. Scoping review on social care economic evaluation methods
  63. MBRRACE-UK Perinatal Confidential Enquiry: term, singleton, intrapartum stillbirth an
  64. Online mental health support for young people
  65. Voluntary sector action on the social determinants of health
  66. Care homes market study: final report
  67. Health and social care needs assessments of the older prison population: a guidance d
  68. Checklist for professional development of CCG lay members
  69. Supporting change in your NHS: the non-executive community in transformational change
  70. Reaching out: influencing the wider determinants of health
  71. Rising to the challenge: stroke care received between April 2016 to March 2017
  72. Sharing data in line with patients' reasonable expectations
  73. 15 Steps Challenge toolkit
  74. Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: guidance for CCGs
  75. Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: equality and health i
  76. Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: findings of consultat
  77. The investigation of stillbirth
  78. Meeting the quality challenge: sharing examples of best practice from clinical leader
  79. Improving lives: the future of work, health and disability
  80. Briefing: substance misuse services
  81. Supporting research in the NHS: consultation
  82. Building a Britain for the future: understanding the Industrial Strategy white paper
  83. The role of walking and cycling in solving the UK's air quality crisis
  84. Incentives and disincentives for reducing sugar in manufactured foods: an exploratory
  85. Public involvement in alcohol research
  86. State of support: local Healthwatch funding 2017/18
  87. Older people living with frailty in hospitals
  88. Response to the consultation on the draft Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regul
  89. The government's response to an incompatibility in the Human Fertilisation and Embryo
  90. Government response to the House of Commons Health Committee report "Brexit and healt
  91. Cancer workforce plan: phase 1: delivering the cancer strategy to 2021
  92. Transforming children and young people's mental health provision: a green paper
  93. Unlocking a different future: an independent evaluation of Project Future
  94. Inequalities in later life
  95. Productive healthy ageing and musculoskeletal (MSK) health
  96. Full team ahead: understanding the UK non-surgical cancer treatments workforce
  97. The final injustice: variation in end of life care in England
  98. Keeping Europe healthy
  99. Locked up, locked out: health and human rights in immigration detention
  100. Challenging health inequalities: support for CCGs
  101. Ready and resilient? How NHS trusts have prepared for winter
  102. Mental health services for post-16 students in England
  103. A framework for mental health research
  104. Inequalities in later life: the issue and the implications for policy and practice
  105. Ignoring the alarms: how NHS eating disorder services are failing patients
  106. National Data Guardian for Health and Care 2017 report: impact and influence for pati
  107. Introducing 'opt-out' consent for organ and tissue donation in England
  108. Horizon scanning future health and care demand for workforce skills in England
  109. Ophthalmic public health research project: final report
  110. Tax design in the alcohol market
  111. Out in the cold: lung disease, the hidden driver of NHS winter pressure
  112. Breast screening: interval cancers and duty of candour toolkit
  113. A good retirement: public attitudes to the role of the state and the individual in ac
  114. Introducing ‘opt-out’ consent for organ and tissue donation in England
  115. Mental health in prisons
  116. Public Health England: approach to surveillance
  117. Combatting loneliness one conversation at a time: a call to action
  118. Doing care differently
  119. Reward to support staff retention
  120. Effectiveness of local authority overview and scrutiny committees
  121. Innovation in housing, care and support
  122. Making strategic commissioning work: lessons from home and away
  123. Enabling BME nurse and midwife progression into senior leadership positions
  124. NHS workforce race equality standard: 2017 data analysis report for NHS trusts
  125. Proposed minimum unit price for alcohol would lead to large price rises
  126. Sport participation in England
  127. Facing the facts, shaping the future: a draft health and care workforce strategy for
  128. Department of Health single departmental plan
  129. Draft local government finance report 2018 to 2019
  130. Breast screening: women wanting to attend service out of area
  131. The state of medical education adn practice in the UK 2017
  132. Good work, wellbeing and changes in performance outcomes: illustrating the effects of
  133. Innovation in housing, care and support
  134. Retaining your clinical staff: a practical improvement resource
  135. Framework for maximising the use of care homes and use of therapy-led units for patie
  136. The state of medical education and practice in the UK 2017
  137. Changes to data protection requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation
  138. Evaluating reward: a step by step guide to evaluating your reward activities to under
  139. Pharmaceutical price regulation scheme (PPRS) 2014: payment percentage for 2018
  140. Making obesity everybody's business: a whole systems approach to obesity
  141. Implementing better births: continuity of carer
  142. Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in pri
  143. Decision making and mental capacity
  144. Sectoral analyses
  145. Public health grants to local authorities: 2018 to 2019
  146. Accountable care organisations
  147. NHS efficiency map
  148. Using rotational posts
  149. Using community partnerships to integrate health and social services for high-need, h
  150. Guidance on National Variations to existing 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017-19 (November 20
  151. Admissions of inequality: emergency hospital use for children and young*people
  152. Fatigue and sleep deprivation – the impact of different working patterns on doctors
  153. Thinking on its own: AI in the NHS
  154. Sources of resilience and their moderating relationships with harms from adverse chil
  155. The Department of Health and Social Care mandate to Health Education England: April 2
  156. PFI and PF2
  157. 'What would life be - without a sing or dance, what are we?': a report from the Commi
  158. No homes for nurses: how NHS land is being sold off to build unaffordable homes
  159. Healthy high streets: good place-making in an urban setting
  160. NHS continuing healthcare funding: thirteenth report of session 2017–19
  161. Growing innovative models of health, care and support for adults
  162. Teenage pregnancy prevention framework
  163. Funding and staffing of NHS mental health providers
  164. Adoption and spread of innovation in the NHS
  165. No hospital is an island: learning from the Acute Care Collaboration vanguards
  166. High impact change model: managing transfers of care
  167. Joint framework: commissioning and regulating together: a practical guide for staff
  168. Practical guidance to SPOT for improving sexual and reproductive health: 2017 guideli
  169. Public health outcomes framework (PHOF) web tool: 2016 user survey findings and progr
  170. NHS continuing healthcare: effective commissioning approaches
  171. NHS agency staffing and the impact of recent interventions
  172. Provision of mental health care to adults in the emergency department
  173. Transition from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Se
  174. Using the world leading NHS Health Check programme to prevent CVD
  175. Local authority public health prescribed activity: call for evidence
  176. NHS Health Check: stocktake and action plan
  177. A design diagnosis: reinvigorating the primary care estate
  178. Place-based policymaking after Brexit: in search of the missing link?
  179. NHS and social care data: off-shoring and the use of public cloud services
  180. NHS winter pressures in England 2017/18
  181. Safeguarding adults protocol: pressure ulcers and the interface with a safeguarding e
  182. Changes to the DHSC group accounting manual 2018 to 2019
  183. 5 years on: responses to Francis: changes in board leadership and governance in acute
  184. Security of network and information systems: government response to public consultati
  185. Student mental health: the role and experiences of academics
  186. Medicines management for people receiving social care in the community
  187. UK strategy for rare diseases: implementation plan for England
  188. Brexit and the impact on patient access to medicines and medical technologies
  189. Social care: the forthcoming green paper on older people (England)
  190. The nursing workforce
  191. Written evidence for 2018–19 pay round
  192. NHS Counter Fraud Authority and supplemental directions 2017
  193. Regulation of independent health care providers: consultation
  194. Oral health improvement plan
  195. Against the odds: successfully scaling innovation in the NHS
  196. In and out of hospital
  197. The risks to care quality and staff wellbeing of an NHS system under pressure
  198. Discrimination at the heart of the NHS
  199. Stronger foundations: international lessons for the housing-with-care sector in the U
  200. How have public attitudes to the NHS changed over the past three decades?
  201. Securing cyber resilience in health and care: a progress update
  202. Brexit and mental health
  203. Local authority circular: charging for care and support
  204. Learning from the vanguards: spreading and scaling up change
  205. Learning from the vanguards: staff at the heart of new care models
  206. Learning from the vanguards: supporting people and communities to stay well
  207. Social workers and information technology
  208. Supporting mental health for all
  209. Euro health consumer index 2017
  210. 2017 survey of women's experiences of maternity care
  211. Spatial competition and quality: evidence from the English family doctor market
  212. Supporting nurse mentors to reduce the barriers to implementing alcohol Interventions
  213. Evidence review: adults with complex needs (with a particular focus on street begging
  214. Suicide prevention: policy and strategy
  215. Joint working protocol: when a hospital, services or facility closes at short notice
  216. Sharing data for the Innovation Scorecard publication: consultation
  217. HPV vaccination for men who have sex with men: year 1 evaluation report
  218. Evidence review of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products
  219. The Commissioner Sustainability Fund and financial control totals for 2018/19: guidan
  220. Refreshing NHS plans for 2018/19
  221. Investigation into clinical correspondence handling in the NHS
  222. Left to chance: the health and care nursing workforce supply in England
  223. Divided we fall: getting the best out of general practice
  224. Health and social care: delivering a secure funding future
  225. Data sharing between NHS Digital and the Home Office: call for evidence
  226. A Royal Commission on the NHS: the remit
  227. Alcohol and drug prevention, treatment and recovery: why invest?
  228. Promising approaches to living well with dementia
  229. Revised Government spending plans for 2017-18
  230. The ageing process and health
  231. Housing for older people
  232. Health care education funding for postgraduate, dental hygiene and dental therapy stu
  233. Healthy homes: accommodating an ageing population
  234. Supporting older people with hearing loss in care settings: a guide for managers and
  235. Mapping of specialist primary health care services in England for people who are home
  236. Government response to the Lords Select Committee report on long-term sustainability
  237. People's experience in adult social care services: improving the experience of care a
  238. Approaches to social care funding
  239. Equality in Public Health England: how we met the public sector equality duty in 2017
  240. Supplementary supply estimates memorandum and appendix
  241. People's experience using adult social care services: topic engagement
  242. Calorie reduction: the scope and ambition for action
  243. The UK strategy for rare diseases: second progress report from the UK Rare Diseases P
  244. Mental health rehabilitation inpatient services
  245. Tackling multiple unhealthy risk factors: emerging lessons from practice
  246. Placements in the public health system: career mobility in action - consensus stateme
  247. Health matters: community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing
  248. Feasibility study: developing the capability for population surveillance using indica
  249. The impact of Brexit: patient access to medical research
  250. Public satisfaction with the NHS and social care in 2017: results and trends from the