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  1. Reducing agency spend: Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust case study
  2. Brexit and the NHS: election 2017
  3. Investing in success: NHS priorities for the new government
  4. Election briefing: NHS and social care funding - three unavoidable challenges
  5. State of child health: Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships
  6. Revalidation quarterly report: year 1, quarter 4 - January to March 2017
  7. Protecting your organisation from ransomware
  8. Cyber attack security guidance
  9. NHS Confederation election asks
  10. Safe and effective staffing: the real picture
  11. Healthcare apprenticeship standards online
  12. Enabling professionalism in nursing and midwifery practice
  13. Urban green space interventions and health: a review of impacts and effectiveness
  14. Election briefing: quality of care in the NHS
  15. Perinatal pathway for babies with palliative care needs
  16. Turning up the volume: unheard voices of people with dementia
  17. Adolescent obesity and related behaviours: trends and inequalities in the WHO Europea
  18. Provision of community care: who, what, how much?
  19. Election briefing : a sustainable workforce - the lifeblood of the NHS and social car
  20. NHS efficiency map
  21. Mental health and new models of care: lessons from the vanguards
  22. Social care: a step forwards or a step backwards?
  23. Excellence by design: standards for postgraduate curricula
  24. A Teaching Care Home pilot
  25. Healthy commissioning: how the Social Value Act is being used by clinical commissioni
  26. Social care, the NHS and other services
  27. General election 2017: manifesto analysis
  28. Supporting strategic commissioning: collaborative working between CCGs and AHSNs
  29. Health and social care integration: roundtable write-up
  30. The NHS and social care: prospects for funding, staffing and performance in the 2020s
  31. The hospital as a multi-product firm: the effect of hospital competition on value-add
  32. 2016 adult inpatient survey: statistical release
  33. Getting a Brexit deal that works for the NHS
  34. NHS funding choices and the 2017 general election
  35. Public sector pay in the next parliament
  36. NHS pressures
  37. Severe sepsis and septic shock: clinical audit 2016/17
  38. Caring by design
  39. International profiles of health care systems
  40. How is the NHS performing? June 2017
  41. From healthcare to homecare: the critical role of 5G in healthcare transformation
  42. Towards affordable healthcare: why effective innovation is key
  43. Preventing violence, promoting peace: a toolkit for preventing interpersonal, collect
  44. Social care funding: understanding the reality behind the manifesto commitments
  45. European drug report: trends and development 2017
  46. The state of Shared Lives in England: report 2017
  47. An overview of home-based primary care: learning from the field
  48. NHS commissioning of specialised services
  49. CCG lay members, non-executive directors and STP governance and engagement
  50. Education consultation
  51. The shrinking value of the commissioning pound
  52. Combined performance summary: April 2017
  53. Cities, the social economy and inclusive growth
  54. Driving improvement: case studies from eight NHS trusts
  55. NHS expenditure
  56. Acting without delay - how the independent sector is working with the NHS to reduce d
  57. Care homes market study: update paper
  58. Returning to practice
  59. Health matters: child dental health
  60. How health and care infrastructure needs are considered in planning
  61. Linking and sharing routine health data for research in England
  62. Guide to healthy living: mosques
  63. Where next for commissioning?
  64. Bite-sized guides
  65. Carer's Allowance and the Retirement Pension
  66. Social care: government reviews and policy proposals for paying for care since 1997 (
  67. Department of Health guidance for laying annual reports and accounts before Parliamen
  68. Regulatorsí business impact target
  69. Ordinary residence: anonymised determinations 2016
  70. Long-stay rehabilitation services
  71. Each baby counts: 2015 summary report
  72. Sustainability and transformation plans: how series are the proposals? A critical rev
  73. Improving the management of digital government
  74. Adult weight management: guidance for commissioners and providers
  75. A healthy state of mind: improving young people's mental fitness
  76. MND costs: exploring the financial impact of motor neurone disease
  77. Enhancing the use of scientific evidence to judge the potential benefits and harms of
  78. Findings from the pilot of the analytical support package for alcohol licensing
  79. A lung health service: Doncaster pharmacy direct referral for chest x-ray
  80. Food insecurity and the role of hospitals
  81. Autism self-assessment framework exercise
  82. Community pharmacy services case studies hub
  83. The rising cost of clinical negligence: who pays the price?
  84. Enabling change through communities of practice
  85. Department of Health group accounting manual 2017 to 2018
  86. Future drivers of the health of Londoners
  87. ADASS budget survey 2017
  88. Tackling variations in clinical care: assessing the Getting It Right First Time (GIRF
  89. Flu vaccination: increasing uptake
  90. BMA ARM polling 2017
  91. Social care: a prefunded solution
  92. House of Commons debate on the address: health, social care and security
  93. Winter warning: managing risk in health and care this winter
  94. Delivery costs extra: can STPs survive without the funding they need?
  95. Investigation: clinical correspondence handling at NHS Shared Business Services
  96. Checklist for recruiting CCG lay members
  97. BMA quarterly survey
  98. Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs): what, why and where next?
  99. A trade in people: the inpatient healthcare economy for people with learning disabili
  100. Cardiovascular disease: primary care intelligence packs - NHS Norwich CCG
  101. A Mental Health Act fit for tomorrow: an agenda for reform
  102. Health building note 03-02: facilities for child and adolescent mental health service
  103. Investigation into NHS continuing healthcare funding
  104. On measuring the number of vulnerable children in England
  105. Wage growth in Pay Review Body occupations
  106. Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2016: generation genome
  107. Rebooting health and social care integration: an agenda for more person centred care
  108. ADASS budget survey 2017
  109. NHS financial temperature check: finance directorsí views on financial challenges fac
  110. The state of adult social care services 2014 to 2017: findings from CQCís initial pro
  111. Spatial planning for health: an evidence resource for planning and designing healthie
  112. Survey of medical clinical academic staffing levels 2017
  113. The state of the NHS provider sector
  114. Councillors' perceptions of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships
  115. Analysis of minor ailment services and data
  116. Learning disabilities (review of services) bill
  117. Right to die at home bill
  118. Child sexual exploitation: prevention and intervention
  119. The C word: how we react to cancer today
  120. Public sector pay
  121. Public Health Outcomes Framework: health equity report: focus on ethnicity
  122. MH:2K Oldham: a youth-led approach to exploring mental health
  123. Tobacco control playbook
  124. Regulations on medical exposure to ionising radiation
  125. Your data: better security, better choice, better care
  126. Health profile for England
  127. Adult social care: quality matters
  128. Local public services 2040
  129. NHS bursary scheme rules 2017
  130. 2017 drug strategy
  131. State of caring 2017
  132. Quit success rates in England 2007-2017
  133. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco: commissioning support pack
  134. Steering towards strategic commissioning: transforming the system
  135. Improving staff retention: a guide for employers
  136. Freedom to Speak Up guardian survey 2017: findings and recommendations
  137. A review of new psychoactive substances in secure mental health: summary document
  138. Autumn 2017 budget representation
  139. Social marketing strategy 2017 to 2020
  140. Prevention in action
  141. Smoking cessation interventions and services: guideline consultation
  142. Intermediate care including reablement
  143. Summary outcome report for the Pharmacy Access Scheme National Review Panel
  144. Developing support and services for children and young people with a learning disabil
  145. Action plan on hearing loss: what works guides
  146. Practical guidance on sharing of information and information governance for all NHS o
  147. Deprivation of liberty safeguards
  148. End of life care for infants, children and young people
  149. Transition between inpatient mental health settings and community or care home settin
  150. Cervical screening: supporting women with learning disabilities
  151. Action plan for cardiovascular disease prevention: 2017-2018
  152. Quality checking health checks for people with learning disabilities
  153. Regulating clinical trials
  154. Adult and older adult mental health services 2012-2016
  155. Sustainability and transformation plans and partnerships
  156. Professional regulation in health and social care
  157. Safe and effective staffing: nursing against the odds
  158. Prevention in action
  159. Good enough? : breast cancer in the UK
  160. Partnerships for improvement: ingredients for success
  161. Britainís demographic challenge: the implications of the UKís rapidly increasing popu
  162. A guide to delivering and commissioning Tier 2 weight management services for childre
  163. Child weight management services: collect and record data
  164. A systematic review to identify the programme characteristics, and combinations of ch
  165. The medico-legal crisis and how to solve it
  166. Making the case for quality improvement: lessons for NHS boards and leaders
  167. Mental health in prisons
  168. Making individual placement and support work
  169. Mental health service models for young people
  170. What happens when people leave hospital and other care settings?
  171. Reconfiguration of NHS services (England)
  172. Your future nurses
  173. Struggling to cope: mental health staff and services under pressure
  174. True costs: why we cannot ignore the failure in social care funding
  175. The state of health care and adult social care in England 2016/17
  176. The regulation of medical associate professions in the UK
  177. Indemnity in general practice: developing a more affordable and stable future
  178. Clinical radiology: UK workforce census 2016 report
  179. Sustainability and transformation partnerships: developing robust governance arrangem
  180. Return on investment of interventions for the prevention and treatment of musculoskel
  181. Of primary importance: commissioning mental health services in primary care
  182. The impact of homelessness on health: a guide for local authorities
  183. PHE Cancer Board plan: 2017 to 2021
  184. Reducing agency spend through a collaborative mobile app
  185. Care Quality Commission regulating health and social care
  186. Children's mental healthcare in England
  187. The state of hospice services in England: 2014 to 2017
  188. Commissioning for quality and innovation: enhanced supportive care data tool
  189. Maintaining reciprocal healthcare for patients after Brexit
  190. Regulation of nursing associates in England
  191. Emergency department survey 2016
  192. Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England 2015-2020 - progress re
  193. Place and cause of death for permanent and temporary residents of care homes
  194. Care home bed provision and potential end of life care need in people aged 75 or olde
  195. Literature review: the economic costs of lung disease and the cost effectiveness of p
  196. The role of nurses in alcohol and drug treatment services
  197. Reward as part of an effective recruitment strategy
  198. "Am I meant to be okay now?": stories of life after treatment
  199. Appointment of the Chair of NHS Improvement
  200. Monitoring noncommunicable disease commitments in Europe: progress monitor indicators
  201. Personalised health and care 2020: patient, carers and service user vision
  202. Radiation risk with digital mammography in breast screening
  203. Working with other health and care partners: a suggested checklist for LPCs
  204. Tobacco control policy overview
  205. Implementation guidance fundamental standard for sexual orientation monitoring
  206. Performance tracker: autumn 2017
  207. County care markets update 2017
  208. RightCare pathway: stroke
  209. People like us? Understanding complaints about paramedics and social workers
  210. Children and young people's mental health Ė the role of education: government respons
  211. Use of resources assessment: a brief guide for acute non-specialist trusts
  212. Overseas patient upfront tariff 2017/18
  213. Towards an effective NHS payment system: eight principles
  214. Implementation guidance: fundamental standard for sexual orientation monitoring
  215. The non-executive director's guide to NHS data: part one
  216. Building connected communities
  217. Child vision screening
  218. Public health: everyone's business?
  219. Thriving at work: the Stephenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers
  220. LGBTQI+* disabled people and self-directed social care support
  221. Investigation: WannaCry cyber attack and the NHS
  222. A guide to local government and community pharmacy
  223. Stoptober 2016 campaign evaluation
  224. Improving healthcare access for people with learning disabilities
  225. NHS Pension Board annual report: 2016 to 2017
  226. Review of children and young people's mental health services: phase one report
  227. International GP recruitment programme: application process guidance for commissioner
  228. NHS Englandís national report to ministers on the Responsible Officer regulations and
  229. 2017/18 data security and protection requirements
  230. Current, future and avoidable costs of stroke in the UK
  231. NHS pressures: future trends
  232. Lifting the cap: the fiscal and economic impact of lifting the NHS pay cap
  233. Rising pressure: the NHS workforce challenge
  234. Personal asset protection guarantee: a mechanism for sharing the costs of long term c
  235. Moving more, ageing well
  236. Cataracts in adults: management
  237. The regulation of e-cigarettes
  238. Confidentiality: guidance for registrants
  239. Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation
  240. Agency, bank and overtime spending in UK maternity units in 2016
  241. Guidance for the implementation of changes to police powers and places of safety prov
  242. National minimum wage law: enforcement
  243. The NMC register: 30 September 2017
  244. Root causes: quality and inequality in dental health
  245. The review panel: annual report 2016
  246. Advisory Board on the Registration of Homeopathic Products and Herbal Medicines Advis
  247. Key performance indicators: tier 2 weight management services for adults
  248. Prevent mental health guidance and e-learning package
  249. Making a reality of the Accelerated Access Review: improving patient access to breakt
  250. Will the cap fit? What the government should consider before introducing a cap on soc