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  1. Safer maternity care: next steps towards the national maternity ambition
  2. Agency, bank and overtime spending in maternity units in England in 2015
  3. Consultation on commissioning policies
  4. Supporting our nurses and midwives to revalidate through electronic staff records (ES
  5. Midwives' voices, midwives realities: findings from a global consulation on providing
  6. The path to sustainability: funding projections for the NHS in Wales to 2019/20 and 2
  7. The state of health care and adult social care in England 2015/16
  8. Delivering high quality, effective, compassionate care: developing the right people w
  9. Is mental health crisis care in*crisis?
  10. Understanding patient flow in hospitals
  11. Freeing up health analysis: using government data to improve health services
  12. Commissioning for Value: where to look packs
  13. Accelerated access review: final report
  14. The Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill (Bill 72 of 2016-17)
  15. The Public Contracts Regulation 2015 and NHS commissioners
  16. RCGP mythbusters: addressing common misunderstandings about appraisal and revalidatio
  17. Recruiting for values and behaviours in social care toolkit
  18. In the red: student nurse debt
  19. Hospital productivity growth in the English NHS 2008/09 to 2013/14
  20. Departments' oversight of arm's-length bodies: twenty-first report of session 2016-17
  21. Unheeded warnings: health care in crisis: the UK nursing labour market review 2016
  22. Funding imposition for 2016/17 and 2017/18: frequently asked questions
  23. Towards environmentally sustainable health systems in Europe: a review of the evidenc
  24. Community pharmacy in 2016/17 and beyond: final package
  25. A breath of fresh air: addressing climate change and air pollution together for healt
  26. Medicines use review (MUR) service (England)
  27. Police and public health: innovation in practice: an overview of collaboration across
  28. Leading my life my way: young disabled people's experiences of using services to live
  29. CCGs 2015/16 assessment for maternity and mental health
  30. Mental health five year forward view dashboard
  31. Recovering the cost of NHS treatment for overseas patients
  32. Towards improved decision support in the assessment and management of pain for people
  33. Patient-level information and costing systems (PLICSs): a mixed-methods study of curr
  34. Evaluation of an intervention to prevent falls
  35. Mapping UK mental health research funding and its contribution to global funding: a r
  36. NHS in Scotland 2016
  37. Alliance contracting, prime contracting and outcome based contracting: what can the N
  38. UNISON evidence to NHS Pay Review Body 2017-18
  39. Consent: supported decision-making: a guide to good practice
  40. The state of medical education and practice in the UK 2016
  41. VODG social value toolkit: mainstreaming social value in social care
  42. General Practitioners Council (GPC) monitoring of Primary Care Support England (PCSE)
  43. Adult social care market shaping
  44. Sustainability and transformation plans in the NHS: how are they being developed in p
  45. Total transformation of care and support: creating the five year forward view for soc
  46. Using data to identify good-quality care for older people
  47. The damage: care in crisis
  48. Delivering adult social care in challenging times
  49. Local government finance in England: social indicators page
  50. Improving staff engagement through the workforce development strategy
  51. The adult social care sector and workforce
  52. Further guidance on managing complaints and incidents within homecare services
  53. Improving health through the home: a checklist for local plans and policies
  54. PHE cancer data sets, linkage and availability
  55. NHS pension scheme: consultation on introducing a scheme administration levy
  56. How high-need patients experience health care in the United States
  57. Health and wellbeing communications guide
  58. Attitudes to obesity: findings from the 2015 British Social Attitudes survey
  59. How nurses support families of intensive care patients towards the end of life
  60. Nursing degree apprenticeship: factsheet
  61. A survey of patients and carers views of pharmacists based in GP practices
  62. Sustainable development in the health and care sector - annual performance maps
  63. Quality at a cost: QualityWatch annual statement 2016
  64. Euro heart index 2016
  65. Smoking cessation audit report: smoking cessation policy and practice in NHS hospital
  66. Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2015: on the State of the public’s health:
  67. Saving lives, improving mothers’ care
  68. Uncertainty and risk in HTA decision making
  69. Targeting better health
  70. The mental health of children and young people in England
  71. Extended hours in primary care linked to reductions in minor A&E attendances
  72. Asthma management
  73. NHS machines: the utilisation of high-value capital equipment at NHS trusts
  74. Changes in the behaviour and health of 40 to 60 year olds
  75. Priorities for the NHS and social care in 2017
  76. Social media guide for community pharmacy teams and LPCs
  77. Our next phase of regulation: a more targeted, responsive and collaborative approach
  78. Consultation on use of resources and well-led assessments
  79. Paediatric intensive care surge standard operating procedure
  80. Pharmacy quality payments: gateway criteria guidance
  81. Combating loneliness: a guide for local authorities
  82. Development of learning from radiotherapy errors: supplementary guidance series
  83. 2016-17 guidance for financial monitoring and accounts and management information for
  84. Working together to investigate health and social care complaints
  85. Professional appraisal and revalidation: ensuring a high-quality professional public
  86. Quality payments: how to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1
  87. Specialist substance misuse services for young people: a rapid mixed methods evidence
  88. Sustainable development management plan guidance for health and social care organisat
  89. Tackling wasteful spending on health
  90. Swimming together or sinking alone: health, care and the art of systems leadership
  91. Improving patient access to*general practice
  92. Care home charter for swallowing and medicines
  93. Oral health in care homes and hospitals: NICE quality standard
  94. Diabetic eye screening: competencies for administrative staff
  95. Support after a suicide: a guide to providing local services
  96. The government's response to the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health
  97. Preventing suicide in England: third progress report of the cross government outcomes
  98. No one should have no one: working to end loneliness amongst older people
  99. Safe, sustainable and productive staffing: an improvement resource for learning disab
  100. Safe, sustainable and productive staffing: an improvement resource for adult inpatien
  101. Evolution of WHO air quality guidelines: past, present and future
  102. Next generation of community health
  103. Retirement on hold: supporting older carers
  104. The London Quality Standards: a case study in changing clinical care
  105. Department of Health named social worker: reflect and refine report
  106. Working together to address obesity in adult mental health secure units
  107. Saving STPs: achieving meaningful health and social care reform
  108. The health and care of older people in England 2017
  109. London major trauma system: management of elderly major trauma patients
  110. Understanding GP attitudes to cancer preventing drugs
  111. Healthcare social media toolkit
  112. Care in a post-Brexit climate: how to raise standards and meet workforce challenges
  113. Financial analysis of STPs
  114. The sustainability and transformation plans: a critical assessment
  115. A summary of Age UK's Index of Wellbeing in Later Life
  116. Health and social care integration (England)
  117. Estimates memorandum: Department of Health 2016-17 supplementary supply estimate
  118. Tackling cyberbulling in the NHS: what you need to know
  119. Productivity, technology and the NHS: a Newchurch paper
  120. SAS doctor development: summary of resources and further work
  121. Better beginnings: improving health for pregnancy
  122. Maternal mental health – women's voices
  123. Winter insight: NHS 111
  124. Social care funding (England)
  125. Delivering sustainability and transformation plans: from ambitious proposals to credi
  126. Brexit and health and social care: Secretary of State for Health's evidence
  127. Quarterly performance of the provider sector as at 31 December 2016
  128. Use of agency workers in the public sector
  129. State of the health system: beds in the NHS
  130. What caused the spike in mortality in England and Wales in January 2015?
  131. Care of dying adults in the last days of life
  132. Cheap as chips: is a healthy diet affordable?
  133. The state of care in NHS acute hospitals: 2014 to 2016
  134. Delivering an outcomes-based NHS: creating the right conditions
  135. Rapid resolution and redress scheme for severe birth injury consultation
  136. Review of mandation for the universal health visiting service
  137. Five year forward view for mental health: one year on
  138. How to be an effective minister: what ministers do and how to do it well
  139. How is the NHS performing? March 2017
  140. End of life care core skills education and training framework
  141. Health matters: preventing drug misuse deaths
  142. Race in the workplace: the MacGregor-Smith review
  143. Shifting the balance of care: great expectations
  144. Evaluation of behaviour change interventions: school nurse toolkit
  145. GP services in Wales: the perspective of older people
  146. NHS reform at scale and pace
  147. Guidance on smoking cessation in secondary care in acute settings: self-assessment to
  148. Combined performance summary, January 2017
  149. Gastrointestinal endoscopy and sonography workforce supply review
  150. Public health transformation four years on: maximising the use of limited resources
  151. Local and national: how the public wants the NHS to be both
  152. The general practice nursing workforce development plan
  153. Hospital winter pressures: how did NHS trusts perform in 2016/17?
  154. Total transformation of care and support: creating the five year forward view for soc
  155. Dying from inequality: socioeconomic disadvantage and suicidal behaviour
  156. Wider determinants of health
  157. NHS staff survey 2016
  158. Medical school places in England from September 2018
  159. Adult social care: a pre-budget report
  160. Clarification of regulatory methodology: PMS digital healthcare providers
  161. A guide to employing reservists in the NHS
  162. Protecting whistleblowers seeking jobs in the NHS
  163. Mission impossible? The task for NHS providers in 2017/18
  164. Information and digital technologies: clinical requirements 2020
  165. NHS efficiency map
  166. Estimating the economic burden of respiratory illness in the UK
  167. Suicide prevention: sixth report of session 2016-17
  168. Earnings outlook: quarterly briefing Q4 2016
  169. Sickle cell and thalassaemia: checks and audits to improve quality and reduce risks
  170. Social work: essential to integration
  171. Health and wellbeing in rural areas
  172. Public health working with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector: new
  173. All change: why Britain is so prone to policy reinvention, and what can be done about
  174. Child vision screening consultation
  175. Expansion of undergraduate medical education
  176. NHS Pay Review Body - thirtieth report 2017
  177. Review body on doctors’ and dentists’ remuneration - forty-fifth report 2017
  178. Informed choice? Giving women control of their healthcare
  179. Innovation in regulation
  180. Childhood obesity: follow-up
  181. A year of plenty? An analysis of NHS finances and consultant productivity
  182. Workplace wellbeing charter: analysis of take-up and impact
  183. Mental health of adults in contact with the criminal justice system
  184. A day in the life of social work
  185. Capability in the civil service
  186. Communicating the UK Chief Medical Officers' low risk drinking guidelines
  187. NHS public health functions agreement 2017-18
  188. Meeting us where we're at: learning from INTEGRATE's work with excluded young people
  189. Dementia-friendly housing charter
  190. How healthcare is funded
  191. Integration and the development of the workforce
  192. Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View
  193. NHS women on boards: 50:50 by 2020
  194. Public satisfaction with the NHS and social care in 2016: results and trends from the
  195. Nuffield winter insight: the ambulance service
  196. NHS England funding and resource 2017-19: supporting Next Steps for the NHS Five Year
  197. Maternity choice and personalisation pioneers: frequently asked questions
  198. Framework for managing performer concerns
  199. Patient and public participation in commissioning health and care: statutory guidance
  200. Sexually transmitted infections: condom distribution schemes
  201. Physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour report 2017
  202. Life sciences competitiveness indicators 2017
  203. Strength and opportunity 2016: the landscape of the medical technology and biopharmac
  204. Remote health management: reducing bed blocking in the NHS
  205. Testing times: restrictions accessing test strips and meters for people with diabetes
  206. The long-term sustainability of the NHS and adult social care
  207. National standards, local risks: the geography of local authority funded social care,
  208. Ambition London toolkit
  209. Adult social care
  210. End of life care for infants, children and young adults: NICE quality standard - draf
  211. Age and utilities: issues for HTA
  212. NHS workforce race equality standard: 2016 data analysis report for NHS trusts
  213. Co-producing technology: harnessing digital solutions for social care
  214. Productivity of the English NHS: 2014/15 update
  215. How cultural alignment and the use of incentives can promote a culture of health
  216. Outcome performance measure development for persons with multiple chronic conditions
  217. England's new leaders: how mayors can transform their cities
  218. Online support: investigating the role of public online forums in mental health
  219. Public Health England stakeholder review 2016/17
  220. Quality principles for NHS apprenticeships
  221. Referral-to-treatment waiting times and forecasts
  222. Mental health: disabled and deaf people
  223. Workforce planning and development tool
  224. Care home performance across England
  225. Striking the right deal: UK-EU migration and the Brexit negotiations
  226. No regrets: how talking more openly about death could help people die well
  227. Social care and the mental health forward view: ending out of area placements
  228. Brexit and health and social care - people and process
  229. NHS ambulance services
  230. Integrating health and social care
  231. Access to general practice: progress review
  232. State of child health - short report series: the paediatric workforce
  233. Excellence in diabetes care commissioning
  234. Confidentiality: good practice in handling patient information
  235. Brexit: risk register and mitigation plan for social care providers
  236. The impact of housing problems on mental health
  237. The future of HIV services in England: shaping the response to changing needs
  238. General practice forward view - one year on
  239. Focus on: emergency hospital care for children and young people: what has changed in
  240. Organising care at the NHS front line: who is responsible?
  241. UK health spending
  242. Public spending on adult social care in England
  243. Global health inequalities
  244. QualityWatch - focus on: emergency hospital care for children and young people
  245. Reward in the NHS: good practice and innovation taking place across the NHS on reward
  246. Children and young people’s mental health - the role of education
  247. Caring to change: how compassionate leadership can stimulate innovation in health car
  248. Leading across the health and care system: lessons from experience
  249. The benefits of ID scanning: King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  250. Social value in procurement