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  1. Pilotlight: self-directed support resources
  2. Consultation on standards for non-specialist emergency care of children
  3. International recruitment: quick guides for employers
  4. Right cot, right place, right time: improving the design and organisation of neonatal
  5. Commissioning guidance: foot care service for people with diabetes
  6. Peer support: what is it and does it work?
  7. Do patients choose hospitals that improve their health?
  8. Strengthening health system accountability: a WHO European region multi-country study
  9. Care improvement works
  10. Alcohol consumption and harmful drinking: trends and social disparities across OECD c
  11. Assessing the impacts of alcohol policies: a*microsimulation approach
  12. The NHS: how does it compare?
  13. Value based assessment of drugs
  14. Palliative and end of life care
  15. Parity of esteem for mental health
  16. Planning successful international recruitment: a guide for employers
  17. Improving GP services: commissioners and patient choice
  18. Next-generation social care: The role of e-marketplaces in empowering care users and
  19. Hospital competition improves performance
  20. Sector insights: skills and performance challenges in health and social care
  21. Sugar and health
  22. Screening quality assurance service: operating model
  23. A guide for CCGs: engaging the public in difficult decisions about health service cha
  24. Information sharing for social care employers
  25. Go gentle into that good night: the past, present, and future of end-of-life care
  26. NHS pension scheme: Shadow Scheme Advisory Board annual report 2014/15
  27. Medicines optimisation dashboard
  28. Health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace: a*Britain's healthiest company s
  29. Consultation on revised standards of conduct, performance and ethics
  30. Performance of the foundation trust sector: year ended 31 March 2015
  31. Review of operational productivity in NHS providers: interim report
  32. Local government new burdens
  33. English devolution: local solutions for a healthy nation
  34. Staff engagement outside the NHS
  35. Options for integrated commissioning: beyond Barker
  36. Guidance for all doctors who offer cosmetic interventions: a public consultation on o
  37. Sexual health commissioning in local government
  38. Five year forward view: time to deliver
  39. Health group internal audit report: review of two Care Quality Commission procurement
  40. Women and dementia: a global research overview
  41. Improved circulation: unleashing innovation across the NHS
  42. National survey of NHS leaders
  43. ADASS budget survey 2015
  44. Collaboration in clinical leadership: the role of secondary care doctors on CCG gover
  45. Socioeconomic inequality of access to healthcare: does patients’ choice explain the g
  46. Improving patient safety culture through teamwork and communication: TeamSTEPPS
  47. How can and should the UK adjust to dementia?
  48. Seven day care in England - update for RCN Congress 2015
  49. NHS estates strategies: a framework for commissioners
  50. Outcome-based payment schemes: government’s use of payment by results
  51. Survey for health and wellbeing board reps on public health commissioning
  52. Evaluating the evidence on employee engagement and its potential benefits to NHS staf
  53. Report on selected summaries of investigations by the Parliamentary and Health Servic
  54. Public service markets: putting things right when they go wrong
  55. Transforming general practice: what are the levers for change?
  56. A blueprint for building the new deal for general practice in England
  57. Mental health crisis review – experiences of black and minority ethnic communities
  58. Mobility of public and private sector workers
  59. The NHS Standard Contract and the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) s
  60. Deferred payment agreements maximum chargeable interest rate for period 1 July to 31
  61. Micro-enterprises: small enough to care?
  62. Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health
  63. Triggers for palliative care: improving access to care for people with diseases other
  64. Suspected cancer: recognition and referral
  65. Transforming our health care system: ten priorities for commissioners
  66. Good practice in ambulance commissioning
  67. Sustainability, innovation and empowerment: a five year vision for the independent so
  68. Shaping the future: a strategic framework for a successful NHS
  69. Policy alert: Psychological support for people living with cancer: commissioning guid
  70. Improving the fiscal and political sustainability of health systems through integrate
  71. Housing for Health
  72. Consultation on changes to the NHS foundation trust annual reporting manual 2015/16
  73. Review of the contingency planning team/trust special administration procedure at Mid
  74. Accessible information standard
  75. The budget: health and social care funding
  76. Focus on: international comparisons of healthcare quality - what can the UK learn?
  77. Market shaping toolkit: supporting local authority and SME care provider innovation a
  78. The organisation and delivery of health improvement in general practice and primary c
  79. General Practice Extraction Service - investigation
  80. Economic assumptions 2015/16 to 2019/20
  81. A qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the Advancing Quality pay-for-performanc
  82. NHS financial temperature check
  83. Patient safety in ambulance services: a scoping review
  84. Public perceptions of the NHS and social care: winter 2014
  85. Major Projects Authority annual report 2014 to 2015
  86. Creating a better care system: setting out key considerations for a reformed, sustain
  87. Productivity and competition: a summary of the evidence
  88. The new health and social care economy
  89. Leading change in supervision: lessons from practice
  90. Better value in the NHS: the role of changes in clinical practice
  91. WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2015
  92. Measuring and improving patients’ experience of care: report of a summit for pharmacy
  93. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
  94. The hidden cost of dementia in Wales
  95. Local Healthwatch governance: a self-assessment toolkit for local Healthwatch and loc
  96. What are community health services?
  97. Transforming care for people with learning disabilities: next steps
  98. Latent tuberculosis (TB) testing and treatment for migrants: a practical guide for co
  99. Health and care professional regulator fees
  100. Health policy priorities for a new parliament
  101. A survey of staffing levels of medical clinical academics in UK medical schools as at
  102. Why 5%? An explanation of SACN’s recommendations about sugars and health
  103. Carbohydrates and health
  104. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee report on the 'Im
  105. Contract reform for consultants and doctors & dentists in training - supporting healt
  106. How the NHS in England compares to other countries in publishing selected transparenc
  107. Local payment examples - multilateral gain/loss sharing: a financial mechanism to sup
  108. Better leadership for tomorrow: NHS leadership review
  109. Learning not blaming: the government response to the Freedom to Speak Up consultation
  110. Quarterly monitoring report: issue 16
  111. Examples of outstanding practice
  112. Enabling the delivery of healthcare services every day of the week - the implications
  113. Viewpoint: reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care
  114. Improving acute inpatient psychiatric care for adults in England: interim report
  115. Older people’s experiences of dignity and nutrition during hospital stays: secondary
  116. Reimagining place-based health: survey
  117. International comparisons of screening policy-making: a systematic review
  118. Mental health atlas 2014
  119. Accident and emergency statistics
  120. Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England 2015-2020
  121. Workforce information signposting tool
  122. Consultation on NICE guidance and quality standards on new social care topics
  123. Triennial review of the pay review bodies
  124. Healthcare UK overview and annual review 2014 to 2015
  125. Delay in the implementation of the cap on care costs: correspondence
  126. The local health service?
  127. Fire works: a collaborative way forward for the fire and rescue service
  128. Powerful people: reinforcing the power of citizens and communities in health and care
  129. Leadership as a health research policy intervention: an evaluation of the NIHR Leader
  130. Using incentives to improve experience in maternity, children and young people's serv
  131. Department of Health annual report and accounts 2014 to 2015
  132. Enhancing the NHS through international engagement
  133. Legacy records management: services provided by the Department of Health Records Offi
  134. New organisational models of primary care to meet the future needs of the NHS: a brie
  135. Making change possible: a Transformation Fund for the NHS
  136. Department of Health: annual assessment of the NHS Commissioning Board (known as NHS
  137. Finding a path for the cure for dementia: an independent report into an integrated ap
  138. National confidential inquiry into suicide and homicide by people with mental illness
  139. Capacity and capability to regulate the quality and safety of health and adult social
  140. Annual report and accounts 2014/15
  141. Reasons why people with dementia are admitted to a general hospital in an emergency
  142. Rethinking the public health workforce
  143. The health of health finances
  144. Dementia friendly communities: guidance for councils
  145. Evaluation of a continuous monitoring and feedback initiative to improve quality of a
  146. Incorporating life-cycle price modelling into pharmaceutical cost-effectiveness evalu
  147. Study on the use of contractual mechanisms in commissioning: final report
  148. Who we are and what we do: annual plan for 2015 to 2016
  149. Care and communication between health professionals and patients affected by severe o
  150. The Forward View into action: new care models: update and initial support
  151. Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training
  152. General Osteopathic Council (Constitution) (Amendment) Order: a paper for consultatio
  153. Local authority public health allocations 2015/16: in-year savings
  154. The Health and Social Care Act 2008: code of practice on the prevention and control o
  155. Route map review of system progress
  156. Care of the dying adult: draft guideline for consultation
  157. Supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism who have a mental health c
  158. NHS Bradford City CCG: improving the detection and prevention of Type 2 diabetes - Br
  159. Global Health Security Agenda pilot assessment of the United Kingdom
  160. Medical revalidation - guidance on the role of the responsible officer: consultation
  161. Horizon 2035 - future demand for skills: initial results
  162. Communications in health care improvement - a toolkit
  163. Assessment of termination of pregnancy on grounds of the sex of the foetus
  164. The Birthplace in England national prospective cohort study: further analyses to enha
  165. Social worker supply and demand model
  166. Neurology outpatient analysis
  167. NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) non-diabetic hyperglycaemia
  168. A systematic review and meta-analysis assessing the effectiveness of pragmatic lifest
  169. A systematic review and metaethnography to identify how effective, cost-effective, ac
  170. New joints: private providers and rising demand in the English National Health Servic
  171. Public hospital spending in England: evidence from National Health Service administra
  172. Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service (IPSIS) expert advisory group: call
  173. Creating a sustainable 21st century healthcare system
  174. NHS whistleblowing procedure in England
  175. FGM prevention programme : understanding the FGM enhanced dataset – updated guidance
  176. Consultation on the roles and functions of the National Data Guardian for Health and
  177. The NHS atlas of variation in healthcare: reducing unwarranted variation to increase
  178. Outpatient appointment referrals survey
  179. An evidence base to optimise methods for involving patient and public contributors in
  180. ReseArch with Patient and Public invOlvement: a RealisT evaluation - the RAPPORT stud
  181. Routes to diagnosis 2006-2013, preliminary results
  182. Local action on health inequalities: practice resources
  183. NHS maximum waiting times and patient choice policies
  184. Physical activity strategy for the WHO European Region 2016–2025
  185. A charge on caring? Analysis of the use and impact of charges by councils providing s
  186. A review of the dementia research landscape and workforce capacity in the United King
  187. Diabetic eye screening: use of personal information
  188. The European health report 2015
  189. Inquiry: mental health and wellbeing of looked after children
  190. NHS public health functions arrangement: National Pandemic Flu Service - telephony ma
  191. Analysing the economic impact of the Health Technology Assessment programme
  192. Complaints about acute trusts 2014-15
  193. The generation game: spending priorities for an ageing society
  194. A National Guardian for the NHS: your say
  195. Estimation of future cases of dementia from those born in 2015
  196. Investigating the impact of out-of-hours GP services on A&E attendance rates: multile
  197. Exploring the GP ‘added value’ in commissioning: what works, in what circumstances, a
  198. Learning resource for social work with adults who have dementia
  199. Learning resources: Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) in social work
  200. GMC roundtable on support services for vulnerable doctors
  201. Learning resources for social work with adults who have autism
  202. An equal right to sight: why eye care for children with learning disabilities needs r
  203. Indicators of quality of care in general practices in England
  204. Registered nurses and health care support workers: a summary of RCN policy positions
  205. Overarching financial position of NHS trusts for the first quarter of 2015/16
  206. How to set up a staff support network
  207. Helping NHS providers improve productivity in elective care
  208. Measuring the performance of local health systems: a review for the Department of Hea
  209. Guidance - commissioning excellent nutrition and hydration, 2015-2018
  210. Performance of the foundation trust sector: 3 months ended 30 June 2015
  211. Forecasting the adult social care workforce
  212. FOI request: whether fire safety issues exist at Peterborough and Stamford NHS founda
  213. Freedom of information (FOI) request: foundation trusts' contract and agency spend by
  214. Health and social care fees consultation
  215. Closer to critical? QualityWatch annual statements 2015
  216. NHS trust and foundation trust special administration: a guide for unsecured creditor
  217. Freedom of information (FOI) request: quarterly report on performance of NHS foundati
  218. Consultation: minimum software requirements for the costing of NHS services in Englan
  219. Hospital education: a guide for health services
  220. Research into 'the weekend effect' on patient outcomes and mortality
  221. How much should be paid for prescribed specialist services?
  222. How sharp are we on safety? An assessment of safer sharps adoption in UK hospitals
  223. Models of care for high-need, high-cost patients: an evidence synthesis
  224. Prime Minister's challenge fund: improving access to general practice: first evaluati
  225. Alcohol's impact on emergency services
  226. State of maternity services report 2015
  227. Atlas of variation opportunities locator tool
  228. The forward view into action: paper-free at the point of care - completing the digita
  229. Junior doctors' contract offer: main points
  230. Fat chance? Exploring the evidence on who becomes obese
  231. Health at a glance 2015
  232. Quick guide: better use of care at home
  233. The state pension is changing - what it means for you
  234. FOI request: junior doctor rota non-compliance fines: NHS trusts
  235. Freedom of information request: elective care report: external consultant spend and p
  236. Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the investigation of serious
  237. Private healthcare market investigation: provisional findings and remedies
  238. Annual fitness to practise report 2014-15
  239. Annual report and accounts 2014-15 and strategic plan 2015-2020
  240. Healthy beginnings: giving our children the best start in life
  241. Friends and family test in NHS dental services - summary of the guidance
  242. Quick guide: best use of unscheduled dental care services
  243. How does the health and wellbeing of children and young people in London compare with
  244. FOI request: legal challenges on Monitor's decisions
  245. Managing adult malnutrition in the community: a spotlight on information, help and su
  246. Dead on arrival? Evaluating the Public Health Responsibility Deal for alcohol
  247. Voice, choice and control: how registered nurses, care and support staff in the care
  248. Managing with less: the 2015 spending review
  249. Valuing carers 2015: the rising value of carers' support
  250. Review of adult social care complaints 2014/15