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  1. Expected health benefits of additional evidence: principles, methods and application
  2. NHS in numbers
  3. Making the case for continuous learning from routinely collected data
  4. Quality accounts resource 2010-14
  5. Something to teach, something to learn: global perspectives on healthcare
  6. Patient experience overall measure: supporting tools
  7. Health statistics notes and guidance: patient experience
  8. Health Research Authority (HRA) directions 2013
  9. Directions to Health Education England (GP registrars) 2013 and directions to the Nat
  10. Health expenditure
  11. Circulation and communication spaces
  12. Leadership starts with me
  13. Personal budgets and health: a review of the evidence
  14. Consultation on publication of abortion statistics: proposals for changes to the annu
  15. Experiences of inpatient services in NHS hospitals
  16. Using vouchers to improve access to short breaks: case study from Falkirk Council (IR
  17. Advocacy: models and effectiveness (IRISS)
  18. The Colorado Beacon Consortium: strengthening the capacity for health care delivery t
  19. Commissioning a good child health service - RCGP
  20. Design for public good
  21. Tracking staff moves during transition: people tracker
  22. Adult social care outcomes framework 2013 to 2014
  23. Grumbles, gripes and grievances: the role of complaints in transforming public servic
  24. 2012 accountability hearing with the General Medical Council: General Medical Council
  25. A lottery of treatment and care: MS services across the UK
  26. The hospital complaints system: a case for urgent treatment?
  27. A lottery of treatment and care: MS services across the UK
  28. Are we there yet? Models of medical leadership and their effectiveness: an explorator
  29. The guide to tailoring immunization programmes (TIP): increasing coverage of infant a
  30. Public Health England: our priorities for 2013/14
  31. My care, I care: a study of what people with HIV value about NHS HIV services across
  32. Countering the biggest risk of all: attempting to govern uncertainty in healthcare ma
  33. Analysis of research and education indicators to support designation of Academic Heal
  34. Healthcare groups: an alternative to merger-mania?
  35. Cohort study: 2006 medical graduates
  36. Planning the social care workforce: skilled, capable, confident and fit for the futur
  37. Primary concerns: a survey of healthcare professionals
  38. Supporting structures: a soft intelligence report on commissioning support units (CSU
  39. Medicines optimisation: helping patients make the most of medicines
  40. The state of caring 2013
  41. Patterns of maternity care in English NHS hospitals
  42. The pharmaceutical and local pharmaceutical services (prescriptions, payments and lis
  43. The pharmaceutical services (fees for applications) directions 2013 (Department of He
  44. NHS Litigation Authority (functions relating to pharmaceutical and local pharmaceutic
  45. The local pharmaceutical services (essential small pharmacies) directions 2013 (Depar
  46. CCG assurance framework 2013/14 (outline proposal and interim arrangements)
  47. Self-directed support: a voyage of discovery: evidence explorers project report
  48. National programmes of care and clinical reference groups (CRGs)
  49. Healthy lives, healthy people: towards a workforce strategy for the public health sys
  50. Oversight in adult social care: the consultation response
  51. Guide to the new healthcare system in England: including the statement of the NHS acc
  52. Performance of Payment by Results (PbR) pilot areas: April 2012 to February 2013
  53. Transition programme plan: the "transition roadmap"
  54. Key changes needed in the Care and Support Bill for carers
  55. Acute trust quality dashboard
  56. The difference a day makes: interim report from NHS Change Day
  57. Keogh mortality review data
  58. Online medical records and the doctor-patient relationship
  59. Protecting healthcare workers from sharps injuries
  60. Improving A&E performance
  61. The medical patient at risk: recognition and care of the seriously ill or deteriorati
  62. The NHS mandate and its implications for mental health
  63. UK Parliament Care bill 2013-14 The first reading of this bill took place in the Hou
  64. Structural reform plan monthly implementation update: April 2013
  65. The Queen's speech: what it means for carers
  66. This publication supports local authority health and wellbeing boards to develop and
  67. Learning from the LINks: resources for Healthwatch
  68. The drive for quality: how to achieve safe, sustainable care in our emergency departm
  69. Health equity
  70. How can the NHS payment system do more for patients?
  71. Quality imaging services for primary care: a good practice guide
  72. Evidence submission: Health Select Committee's inquiry into the Health and Social Car
  73. Future needs and preferences for hospice care: challenges and opportunities for hospi
  74. Asthma data tool
  75. Homeless hospital discharge fund 2013 to 2014
  76. The Prime Ministerís Challenge on Dementia: delivering major improvements in dementia
  77. Letter inviting expressions of interest for health and social care integration 'pione
  78. A narrative for person-centred coordinated care
  79. Integrated care: our shared commitment
  80. Automatic enrolment survey
  81. NMC corporate plan 2013-2016
  82. Providing value: the economic value generated by the foundation trust model
  83. NHS foundation trust model core constitution
  84. Care Bill: second reading, House of Lords
  85. Dying well at home: the case for integrated working
  86. The National Health Service (conditions relating to payments by NHS bodies to local a
  87. Paying for social care: beyond Dilnot
  88. The National Health Service Commissioning Board (payments to local authorities) direc
  89. Substantive guidance on the procurement, patient choice and competition regulations:
  90. Enforcement guidance on the procurement, patient choice and competition regulations:
  91. Post-legislative assessment of the Health and Social Care Act 2008: memorandum to the
  92. Enabling people to live well: fresh thinking about collaborative approaches to care f
  93. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGB&T) public health outcomes framework compani
  94. Report of the Children and Young People's Health Outcomes Forum
  95. Health protection in local government
  96. Care Bill, second reading: parliamentary briefing
  97. A minimum price for alcohol?
  98. 2012 accountability hearing with Monitor: government and Monitor responses to the Com
  99. Clinical engagement in high-value commissioning: elective surgical procedures
  100. Hypothetical case scenarios Ė procurement, patient choice and competition regulations
  101. An introduction to: using social media during your career
  102. Preventing obesity and helping people to manage their weight
  103. Moving care to the community: an international perspective
  104. Older people with high support needs in housing with care
  105. Memorandum of understanding between Monitor and Care Quality Commission
  106. Guidance on human rights for commissioners of home care
  107. Towards a healthy democracy: an NLGN essay collection
  108. Transforming care: a national response to Winterbourne View hospital
  109. Patient-centred leadership: rediscovering our purpose
  110. Personal health budgets in England - making them work in mental health
  111. Leading for outcomes: integrated working
  112. Workforce planning training for your employees: a survey
  113. The quality of life of female informal caregivers: from Scandinavia to the Mediterran
  114. Care.data guide for GP practices
  115. Physical activity: brief advice for adults in primary care
  116. NHS Health Check: frequently asked questions
  117. Clinical reference groups for specialised services: a guide for clinicians
  118. Insights into Developing Caring Cultures: a review of the experience of The Foundatio
  119. Guidance on human rights for commissioners of home care
  120. Mental health advocacy and human rights: your guide
  121. Survey of staffing levels of medical clinical academics in UK medical schools
  122. GP educator pay scales 2013/14
  123. NHS Premises Assurance Model (NHS PAM): April 2013 update
  124. Delivering high quality, effective, compassionate care: developing the right people w
  125. Choice of contracts for quality in health care: evidence from the British NHS
  126. Social media for chief executives: the essential guide
  127. Climate change and health: a tool to estimate health and adaptation costs
  128. Flu immunisation programme 2013-2014
  129. Department of Health 2013-14 corporate plan
  130. A match made in heaven? How NEDs and governors can form effective working relationshi
  131. The non-executive directors' guide to hospital data
  132. High quality healthcare commissioning: obstacles and opportunities for progress on ra
  133. Your health - your decision: evaluation & output report of the AQuA workstream within
  134. Arms length bodies
  135. Review of the final benefits statement for programmes previously managed under the Na
  136. Opening the door to better healthcare: ensuring general practice is working for child
  137. Engaging with BME communities: insights for impact
  138. Help, I need somebody...putting patients at the centre of care
  139. What role for Extra Care housing in a socially isolated landscape?
  140. Delivering accident prevention at a local level in the new public health system
  141. Proposals for the 2014/15 National Tariff
  142. Status report on alcohol and health in 35 European countries 2013
  143. Alcohol related liver disease: measuring the units
  144. Healthwatch and Health and Wellbeing Boards
  145. Nursing and midwifery reports
  146. Securing excellence in commissioning sexual assault services for people who experienc
  147. Towards commissioning excellence: a strategy for commissioning support services
  148. Financial management in government
  149. Dental contract pilot scheme
  150. Healthcare fraud in the new NHS market: a threat to patient care
  151. Access to primary care and visits to emergency departments in England: a cross-sectio
  152. National training survey
  153. Recovery: a carerís perspective
  154. Time to invest in care
  155. NHS Supply Chain - an SME champion
  156. Draft heads of terms for negotiations to achieve a new contract for doctors and denti
  157. Revisions to statutory scheme for pricing branded NHS medicines
  158. Whole-person care: from rhetoric to reality (achieving parity between mental and phys
  159. Ignoring the health risks? A review of health and wellbeing boards
  160. A criminal use of police cells? The use of police custody as a place of safety or peo
  161. The view from Westminster: parliamentarians on the future of health and social care
  162. Submission by the Health Service Ombudsman for England to the review of the NHS hospi
  163. The 2022 GP: a vision for general practice in the future NHS
  164. National survey of patient activity data for specialist palliative care services: MDS
  165. Ways and means
  166. The Care Quality Commission re: Project Ambrose
  167. The quality assurance framework: for nursing and midwifery and local supervising auth
  168. NHS standards of procurement
  169. Improving specialist and associate specialist (SAS) appraisal: a guide for employers
  170. Workforce planning guide
  171. Your choices: consultant choice
  172. Revised fit note guidance
  173. Health literacy: the solid facts
  174. Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) local briefings
  175. Developing the public health contribution of nurses and midwives: tools and models
  176. NICE guidance summary for public health outcome domain
  177. SAFER communications guidelines
  178. National health visitor plan: progress to date and implementation 2013 onwards
  179. Spending Review 2013: what it means for carers
  180. Consultation: a new start
  181. Evaluating integrated and community-based care: how do we know what works?
  182. Leading health care in London: time for a radical response
  183. Recommendations for safe trainee changeover
  184. Palliative and end of life care for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups in the UK
  185. NHS productivity from 2004/5 to 2010/11
  186. The wisdom of the crowd: 65 views of the NHS at 65
  187. Sustaining services, ensuring fairness: a consultation on migrant access and their fi
  188. How is the new NHS structured?
  189. Read Code 'cross-maps' consultation
  190. Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Fellowships in Clinica
  191. Rewiring public services: adult social care and health
  192. Working together to deliver the Mandate: strengthening partnerships between the NHS a
  193. Mapping pathways: developing evidence-based, people-centred strategies for the use of
  194. GSK IMPACT Awards 2014
  195. Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC): 2013 summer update
  196. Performance review 2012-2013
  197. Support for commissioning for self-harm
  198. Commissioning treatment for dependence on prescription and over-the-counter medicines
  199. Draft national eligibility criteria for adult care and support: discussion document
  200. More care, less pathway: a review of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP)
  201. National audit of dementia care in general hospitals 2012-13
  202. Introduction of shingles vaccine for people aged 70 and 79 years
  203. Government response to the Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths of people with
  204. Approved costing guidance
  205. Six lives: progress report on healthcare for people with learning disabilities
  206. Positioning nursing in a digital world: RCN eHealth survey 2012 report
  207. The case for change slidepack
  208. National audit of dementia care in general hospitals 2012-13: second round audit repo
  209. Ways of working that support CCGs and NHS England to secure high quality care for all
  210. Standard general dental services contract
  211. Pay framework for very senior managers in strategic and special health authorities, p
  212. Payment by Results Q&A for 2013-14
  213. Research and development work relating to assistive technology
  214. The NHS structure and mental health
  215. NHS Health Check implementation review and action plan
  216. Government response to the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committe
  217. Making public service markets work: professionalising governmentís approach to commis
  218. Reducing the number of council members for the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  219. Business case for the health and care modernisation transition programme
  220. Cured - but at what cost? Long term consequences of cancer and its treatment
  221. Immunisation and screening: local government's new public role
  222. Adult social care efficiency programme: interim report 2013
  223. Citizens Council meeting report: what aspects of benefit, cost and need should NICE t
  224. 2012-13 update on indicators of financial sustainability in the NHS
  225. Survey on female leaders in healthcare
  226. Report on the usage of Section 70 of the Charities Act 2006 by the Department of Heal
  227. Response to the review of the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) and H
  228. Commissioning care and support for older people with high support needs
  229. NHS clinical commissioning groups draft code of governance
  230. Statement on the health and social care Integration Transformation Fund
  231. New review of congenital heart disease (CHD) services
  232. Co-ordinated care for people with complex chronic conditions: case studies
  233. Psoriasis: support for commissioning
  234. The NHS as a driver for growth
  235. Consultation on HCPC registration fees
  236. European cross-border healthcare: information for commissioners
  237. Hospital locums quality assurance survey
  238. Preparing for your F1 post
  239. Building resilient communities
  240. The evaluation report of the Champions for Health campaign
  241. A promise to learn - a commitment to act: improving the safety of patients in England
  242. Climate change and health: a tool to estimate health and adaptation costs
  243. 10 principles for better government
  244. Oral health and access to dental services for people from black and minority ethnic g
  245. Fundamental review of allocations policy
  246. Extension of the seasonal flu vaccination programme to include children (2 to under 1
  247. Letter from Dr Dan Poulter to NHS Payment Review Body
  248. Survey: changes to foundation programme numbers
  249. Reply to FOI request: correspondence between the Department of Health and Philip Morr
  250. Dental contract reform programme: early findings and opportunity to give feedback