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  1. Standards of care for people living with HIV 2013
  2. Improving decision-making in the care and support of older people
  3. The business case for social work with adults: a discussion paper
  4. Employer survey on the benefits of supporting carers at work
  5. Public Health England People Transition Policy: FAQs for module 2
  6. Health visitor case studies
  7. Local Healthwatch regulations: a summary report of engagement - addendum
  8. The social value guide
  9. Developing and updating local formularies
  10. NHS lone worker services framework agreement
  11. Implementation of the cancer outcomes and services dataset information standard
  12. Local authority health scrutiny: a summary of consultation responses
  13. Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals: feedback from a focus group of pilo
  14. An evaluation of the Route to Success resources
  15. A future state of mind: facing up to the dementia challenge
  16. Using safety cases in industry and healthcare
  17. Liberating the NHS: no decision about me without me - Government response
  18. Review of NHS structure critical infrastructure risk
  19. Securing the future workforce supply: clinical radiology stocktake
  20. Progress in making NHS efficiency savings
  21. Learning development and personal effectiveness resources
  22. Consultation on Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators
  23. Work as a health outcome in the devolved nations: how Scotland, Wales and Northern Ir
  24. Interim procedures for the approval of independent sector places for the termination
  25. Accountable officer and director of finance roles for the financial closedown of PCTs
  26. Care in local communities: a new vision and model for district nursing
  27. The code: standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives
  28. Securing excellence in IT services: operating model for community pharmacies, applian
  29. Developing Operational Delivery Networks: the way forward
  30. Code of conduct for Public Health England staff
  31. Action on obesity: comprehensive care for all
  32. Review of the regulations of cosmetic interventions: summary of the responses to the
  33. Improving the use of medicines for better outcomes and reduced waste
  34. Delivering Dilnot: paying for elderly care
  35. Letter on pensions for public health staff transferring to local authorities
  36. Digital strategy: leading the culture change in health and care published
  37. Implementing local diabetes networks
  38. Draft risk assessment framework: consultation document
  39. Mystery shopper report
  40. Public health allocations 2013-14 and 2014-15
  41. Developing supportive design for people with dementia
  42. A case for sustainable funding for adult social care
  43. Commissioning guidance for specialist palliative care: helping to deliver commissioni
  44. 2012 accountability hearing with the Care Quality Commission (CQC): seventh report of
  45. Amendments to Applying for NHS Foundation Trust status - guide for applicants (Januar
  46. 2011 census data and the profile of the NHS workforce
  47. Action on obesity: comprehensive care for all
  48. Securing sustainable NHS services: the Trust Special Administrator’s report on South
  49. Mid-term review
  50. The future of health and social care timeline
  51. How to establish a quality surveillance group: guidance to the new health system
  52. Quality in the new health system: maintaining and improving quality from April 2013
  53. Package of innovation for managing kidney disease in primary care
  54. Diabetes Outcomes Versus Expenditure tool (DOVE)
  55. Personal health budgets: a guide for GPs
  56. HR and social media in the NHS
  57. Engaging your staff: the NHS staff engagement resource
  58. Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust: assessment of sustainability
  59. Eighth report: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
  60. PCT re-statement of property costs for properties transferring to NHS property servic
  61. New arrangements for the collection and reporting of Patient Reported Outcome Measure
  62. Sanofi Pasteur MSD Limited and the Department of Health: decision of the PPRS dispute
  63. Primary medical services (electronic prescription service authorisation) (amendment n
  64. Independent review of Drinkaware
  65. Gaining ground: care management programs to reduce hospital admissions and readmissio
  66. Departmental overview: a summary of the NAO's work on the Department of Health 2011-1
  67. Estates and facilities alert
  68. Towards a public health surveillance strategy for England
  69. The medical care of suspected internal drug traffickers: independent report of the ch
  70. Mental health Payment by Results in 2013-14
  71. Clinical commissioning group authorisation outcomes: wave 2
  72. Prescribing in general practice in Scotland
  73. The way forward: clinical senates
  74. Value walks: successful habits for improving workforce motivation and productivity
  75. Target ovarian cancer pathfinder study 2012
  76. Improving the health of the nation infographics
  77. 21st century NHS and social care: delivering integration
  78. A toolkit for supporting engagement with local business
  79. Interactive atlases of health inequalities
  80. Public Health England people transition policy - FAQs for module 2
  81. Urological cancers - why we need change: a case for change for specialist urological
  82. Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme evaluations
  83. Independent review of the arrangements made by SHAs for the approval of registered me
  84. Sustainable development strategy consultation
  85. Introducing Health Education England: our strategic intent
  86. 2013/14 NHS standard contract
  87. Assessing national capacity for the prevention and control of noncommunicable disease
  88. NHS governance review 2013: the formula for clear governance
  89. NHS governance review 2013: the formula for clear governance
  90. Embedding patient decision aids in clinical practice: a survey from NHS Kidney Care
  91. The barriers to choice review: how are people using choice in public services?
  92. Unprotected nation: the financial and economic impacts of restricted contraceptive an
  93. Telehealth and telemedicine case studies
  94. Structural reform plan progress report
  95. Not just a number: home care inspection programme
  96. Local tobacco control profiles for England
  97. Public sector internal audit standards (PSIAS)
  98. Big picture challenges for health and social care: implications for workforce plannin
  99. Consultation on future of audit staff in trusts: summary of respondents’ views
  100. How the care and support funding reforms will work
  101. CPA and recovery report
  102. Working with schizophrenia: pathways to employment, recovery and inclusion
  103. Front of pack nutrition labelling: British Retail Consortium (BRC) consultation on pr
  104. Questions and answers on the EU Regulation 1169/2011on the provision of food informat
  105. Chief Medical Officer advice: vitamin D supplements
  106. Local Authority (public health, health and wellbeing boards and health scrutiny) regu
  107. Statement of collaboration between NICE and PHE
  108. Securing the best value for patients: consultation response document
  109. Making it better? Assuring high-quality care in the NHS
  110. Measuring up: the medical profession's prescription for the national obesity crisis
  111. Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) independent review: public call for evidence
  112. The new NHS provider licence
  113. Government report on the consultation on strengthening the NHS Constitution
  114. Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy service: fifth annual report
  115. Prevention and control of infection in care homes
  116. Public Health England’s organisational structure and National Executive
  117. Understanding public protection: exploring views on the fitness to practise of health
  118. District action on public health
  119. Joint clinical commissioning guidance for glaucoma services
  120. Lessons from Europe: provider governance
  121. Adults' personal social services: specific revenue grant and capital grant allocation
  122. The National Health Service (procurement, patient choice and competition) regulations
  123. Caring for people with liver disease: a competence framework
  124. How is the health and social care system performing? February 2013 quarterly monitori
  125. Workforce planning implications and learning points from Francis 2013
  126. Low expectations: attitudes on choice, care and community for people with dementia in
  127. Controlled drugs (supervision of management and use) regulations 2013: response to th
  128. Red tape challenge: the controlled drugs (safe management and use) regulations 2006
  129. Sexual health commissioning: frequently asked questions
  130. Hints and tips for companies considering a Patient Access Scheme (PAS) proposal in En
  131. Government response to the House of Commons Health Committee report of session 2012-1
  132. Procurement, patient choice and competition regulations
  133. Leadership survey 2013
  134. Evidence-based planning and delivery of local support for carers
  135. Introduction of tariffs for education and training
  136. Approved costing guidance
  137. Using staff survey data to assist with an organisational response to the Francis repo
  138. Language support: challenges and benefits for users and providers of health and socia
  139. Clinical commissioning group authorisation outcomes: wave 3
  140. Emergency preparedness, resilience and response: a guide for ambulance commissioners
  141. Transforming local care: community healthcare rises to the challenge
  142. Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust: recommendations of the contingency planning t
  143. Securing excellence in commissioning for offender health
  144. Annual accountability hearing with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC): ninth rep
  145. Falling drug use: the impact of treatment
  146. Memorandum on the provision of out-of-hours GP service in Cornwall
  147. Mental health minimum dataset 4.1 data quality consultation
  148. A problem shared: making the best use of resources in adult social care
  149. NHS trust and NHS foundation trust special administrator - guide for unsecured credit
  150. The patient online: the road map
  151. Service redesign case studies
  152. The anatomy of health spending 2011/12: a review of NHS expenditure and labour produc
  153. Cardiovascular disease outcomes strategy: improving outcomes for people with or at ri
  154. Living well for longer: a call to action to reduce avoidable premature mortality
  155. The Francis public inquiry report: a response
  156. Ready for ageing?
  157. Volunteering in health and care: securing a sustainable future
  158. The right care: creating dementia-friendly hospitals
  159. Fit enough for patients?: an audit of workplace health and wellbeing services for NHS
  160. After Francis: doing justice
  161. The European health report 2012: charting the way to well-being
  162. Making the most of allied health professionals
  163. Restarting Britain 2: design and public services
  164. Integration across government
  165. Quality at a glance: using aggregate measures to assess the quality of NHS hospitals
  166. Water systems health technical memorandum 04-01: addendum
  167. The National Health Service (procurement, patient choice and competition) (no. 2) reg
  168. Lessons from Europe: provider governance
  169. Care update (issue 2): impact of dementia care
  170. The Government’s response to the Health Select Committee’s eighth report of session 2
  171. Budget 2013: what it means for carers
  172. Budget 2013
  173. The new NHS
  174. Safeguarding vulnerable people in the reformed NHS: accountability and assurance fram
  175. Accelerating the release of public sector land funding support for NHS trusts
  176. Safety culture: what is it and how do we monitor and measure it?
  177. The independent sector and the NHS - quality and outcome data briefing
  178. Be clear on cancer - looking ahead to 2013/14
  179. People transition policy for Public Health England: additional FAQs
  180. Confidential inquiry into the premature deaths of people with learning difficulties
  181. Hypertension quality standard
  182. Choice and competition in commissioning clinical services in the NHS in England
  183. Health improvement in local government: challenges and opportunities
  184. Public Health England (PHE) organisational structure and national executive charts
  185. Securing excellence in child health information services: IT operating model
  186. Francis Report: statutory duty of candour
  187. Consultation on the NHS pension scheme, additional voluntary contributions and injury
  188. Alcohol and cancer
  189. Rating providers for quality: a policy worth pursuing?
  190. Department of Health: progress in making NHS efficiency savings
  191. Does dying matter to England’s new Health and Wellbeing Boards?: mapping England’s He
  192. 26.03.13 Understanding and measuring outcomes: the role of qualitative dataManagement
  193. Good medical practice
  194. What about the children?: joint working between adult and children's services when pa
  195. Mergers involving NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts
  196. Detailed guidance for external assurance on quality reports 2012/13
  197. Dementia: scoping the role of the dementia nurse specialist in acute care
  198. Statutory guidance on joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs) and joint health and
  199. Enforcement guidance
  200. Cross border healthcare and patient mobility: consultation on the UK implementation o
  201. Updated NHS standard contract
  202. 2011-12 programme budgeting data benchmarking tool
  203. Data flows transition manual
  204. Top tips to overcome the challenge of commissioning diagnostic services
  205. Directory of diagnostic services for commissioning organisations
  206. Quality standards for teledermetology: using 'store and forward' images
  207. Cost effectiveness of telehealth for patients with long term conditions (Whole System
  208. Clinical commissioning group (CCG) authorisation: review of waves 1, 2 and 3
  209. NHS Trust Development Authority directions 2013
  210. Changing of the guard: lessons for the new NHS from departing health leaders
  211. The role of local authorities in health issues: eighth report of session 2012–13
  212. Partners in delivery: working in partnership with industry to support the implementat
  213. Best practice for commissioning diabetes services: an integrated care framework
  214. Transforming our health care system: ten priorities for commissioners
  215. Memorandum of understanding between Public Health England and the Care Quality Commis
  216. The new structure of the NHS in England
  217. NICE support for commissioners of dementia care
  218. British Social Attitudes survey data
  219. Working with communities, developing communities
  220. Healthcare science workforce planning tools survey
  221. Compliance framework 2013/14
  222. Consultations on safeguarding choice and preventing anti-competitive behaviour
  223. Guidance for commissioners on ensuring the continuity of health care services: design
  224. NHS (procurement, patient choice and competition) regulations 2013: Department of Hea
  225. Education outcomes framework
  226. Living with and beyond cancer: taking action to improve outcomes
  227. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2011/12
  228. Sexual health and public engagement (SHAPE): a training tool for commissioners
  229. Putting patients first: the NHS England business plan for 2013/14–2015/16
  230. Clinical policies and statements for specialised services commissioning
  231. Interim generic policies for direct commissioning
  232. Health building note 00-09: infection control in the built environment
  233. Health visitor implementation plan quarterly progress report: October to December 201
  234. Health visitor implementation plan 2011 to 2015
  235. National cancer drugs fund
  236. Local healthwatch organisations directions 2013
  237. Health Education England (HEE) directions 2013
  238. National framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care
  239. Breaking boundaries: a manifesto for primary care by the NHS Alliance
  240. Modernising healthcare science and quality patient care: making the connection
  241. Bring it on: 40 ways to support patient leadership
  242. The female FTSE board report 2012: milestone or millstone?
  243. NCVO and Serco code of practice
  244. Public sector leaders: views on public services and economy
  245. Paying the price: prescription charges and people with long-term conditions
  246. Clinical audit: statutory and mandatory requirements
  247. Hospices funding breakdown
  248. Improving the allocation of health resources in England: how to decide who gets what
  249. Citizens Council meeting report: what aspects of benefit, cost and need should NICE t
  250. Care transitions project: resource pack