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  1. Government commitment on health visiting: 2012/13 delivery and assurance
  2. End of life diabetes care
  3. General Medical Council (GMC) and General Dental Council (GDC) (constitution) (amendm
  4. Commissioning outcomes framework (COF) indicators
  5. Costs of eating disorders in England: economic impact of anorexia nervosa, bulimia ne
  6. Intelligent outcomes: applying the health and social care reforms to improve outcomes
  7. Professional standards for hospital pharmacy services: optimising patient outcomes fr
  8. Public Health England people transition policy
  9. Employee outlook
  10. Out of sight: stopping the neglect and abuse of people with a learning disability
  11. Draft care and support bill 2012-13
  12. Chronic kidney disease in England: the human and financial cost
  13. Smartphone application for antibiotic prescribing
  14. Consultation on proposed regulations to implement Council Directive 2010/32/EU on pre
  15. Putting energy efficiency through intensive care
  16. Costing the Walking for Health programme
  17. Psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people: guideline consultation
  18. Citizen council reports
  19. Commissioning guide for eye care and sight loss services: building on the QIPP agenda
  20. Digital technology essentials guide
  21. FallSafe falls prevention resources
  22. Current use, future trends and opportunities in public sector social media
  23. United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust: reducing agency locum costs
  24. Maternal mental health pathway: guidance
  25. Innovation health and wealth: publication of NHS formularies
  26. Review of Carers Direct information and advice
  27. Explaining variation in use of emergency hospital beds by patients over 65
  28. Local authority profiles 2012
  29. HIV outpatient pathway factsheets
  30. Equality analysis: health visiting programme
  31. What about end of life care?
  32. Equality analysis: Payment by Results pilot programme for drug and alcohol recovery
  33. A study investigating the extent to which there are economies of scale and scope in h
  34. Cancer patient experience survey 2011/12
  35. Care for the elderly: the limitations of the Dilnot proposals
  36. Changes to Local Involvement Network (LINks) annual reports 2012-13
  37. 2012 national NHS staff survey
  38. Quality in the new health system: maintaining and improving quality from April 2013
  39. Making every contact count: a joint approach to preventing homelessness
  40. The human medicines regulations 2012
  41. The austerity Britain report: the impact of the recession on the UK's health, accordi
  42. Organisational readiness self-assessment (ORSA) report: a report on implementation in
  43. Single operating model (SOM): part two
  44. Survey of the career progression of holders of a medical certificate of completion of
  45. Review of the regulation of cosmetic interventions: call for evidence
  46. Public Health England people transition policy (module 1): frequently asked questions
  47. Making revalidation recommendations: the GMC responsible officer protocol
  48. 'Better Services Better Value' passes National Clinical Advisory Team (NCAT) gateway
  49. Doctors and Dentists Review Body (DDRB): recruitment, retention and morale survey
  50. Implementing NICE public health guidance for the workplace: staff health improvement
  51. Good support for people with complex needs: what does it look like and where is the e
  52. Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC): updated training pathways
  53. Peer support in mental health and learning disability
  54. Health care quality for an active later life
  55. Nursing staff using personal mobile phones for work purposes
  56. A guide to commissioning for equality
  57. Reducing the cost of assessments and reviews: an adult social care briefing for counc
  58. Reforming payment for health care in Europe to achieve better value
  59. Department of Health capital grant programme 2012
  60. Clustering of unhealthy behaviours over time: implications for policy and practice
  61. National screening and immunisation programmes
  62. Antibiotics for early-onset neonatal infection
  63. Review of NHS foundation trust plans (2012/13)
  64. Overview of the programme budgeting methodology
  65. All about personal health budgets: getting the healthcare you need
  66. Quality profiles
  67. Specialist services: a guide for commissioners
  68. There when you need it the most?: the cancer drugs fund 2011-12 annual report
  69. Right data, right payment: annual report on the Payment by Results (PbR) data assuran
  70. Process for making severance payments to very senior managers in Strategic Health Aut
  71. Interim measures for patient experience at the interfaces between NHS services
  72. Choice and competition in public services: learning from history
  73. Information sharing challenge fund (ISCF)
  74. Health protection and local government
  75. 2013/14 pay review body survey
  76. Workforce intelligence briefing papers
  77. Summary of stakeholder responses to the Strategic options for costing report
  78. Local pay, local growth: reforming pay setting in the public sector
  79. The National Hip Fracture Database national report 2012
  80. Public service pension reform - 2010 onwards
  81. Plain packaging of tobacco products
  82. Healthy lives, healthy people: consultation on the arrangements for consideration of
  83. Accounting officer system statement
  84. Patients first: improving access to GP practices
  85. The Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal for Distinguished Service guidance for NHS trust
  86. Consultation on service user involvement in education and training programmes
  87. Health protection and local government
  88. Standard Evaluation Framework (SEF) for physical activity and dietary interventions
  89. Getting it right first time: improving the quality of orthopaedic care within the Nat
  90. Working with older lesbian, gay and bisexual people: a guide for care and support ser
  91. The next phase: our consultation on our strategy for 2013 to 2016
  92. Configuration of NHS communications and engagement services agreed
  93. Impact assessment: the new NHS provider licence
  94. Tendering of sexual health GUM services
  95. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee first report of s
  96. Clinical commissioning factsheets
  97. 2011-12 programme budgeting guidance
  98. Transforming the delivery of health and social care: the case for fundamental change
  99. Child health profiles 2013 consultation
  100. Warm homes, healthy people fund 2012/13
  101. Referral guidance and flowchart
  102. Clinical advisory services for prescribed services: final recommendations
  103. The assistant practitioner role in children and young people’s services: working part
  104. Preventing suicide in England - a cross-government outcome strategy to save lives
  105. Facts about carers 2012
  106. The social cost of litigation
  107. Patient-level costing: can it yield efficiency savings?
  108. Dealing with financially unsustainable providers: how will the failure regime work?
  109. Home truths: how dysfunctional relationships between GPs and social care staff are dr
  110. Personal health records - putting people in control?
  111. Developing Care Markets for Quality and Choice (DCMQC) Programme
  112. British Social Attitudes 29
  113. Caring Conversations: Half a Million Voices: improving support for BAME (Black, Asian
  114. Safe staffing for older people: RCN full report and recommendations
  115. General practice 2022 – a call to action
  116. The state of medical education and practice in the UK
  117. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee report of session
  118. Health effects of climate change in the UK 2012: current evidence, recommendations an
  119. Recovery, personalisation and personal budgets
  120. Care and support at home: an audit of telecare services in England
  121. Procurement of healthcare (clinical) services: briefings for CCGs
  122. Local Healthwatch, health and wellbeing boards and health scrutiny: roles, relationsh
  123. Directors of public health in local government
  124. A shift in the right direction
  125. The future of community pharmacy in England
  126. Service users play vital role in improvements
  127. Identifying “value opportunities” in local commissioning: service reviews and busines
  128. Getting to grips with integrated 24/7 emergency and urgent care: a practical way forw
  129. Fair and transparent pricing for NHS services: a consultation on proposals for object
  130. Ward rounds in medicine: principles for best practice
  131. The NHS friends and family test: implementation guidance
  132. National capabilities survey
  133. Private patient income cap for NHS foundation trusts
  134. Employment check standards survey
  135. Draft social media highway code
  136. Remediation working group report
  137. Medical revalidation in the UK from December 2012
  138. Consultation on national performers list for GPs, dentists and ophthalmologists
  139. NHS foundation trusts: review of three months to 30 June 2012
  140. Engage toolkit for black and minority ethnic (BME) family carers
  141. Preventing disease and saving resources: the potential contribution of increasing bre
  142. The importance of influenza vaccination for nurses and midwives
  143. Department of Health annual report and accounts 2011-12
  144. Health visitor implementation plan quarterly progress report: July-September 2012
  145. Falls and fractures declaration
  146. Where the heart is: a review of the older people's home care market in England
  147. Advance Care Planning (ACP): it all ADSE up
  148. Commissioning person centred end of life care: a toolkit for health and social care p
  149. End of life care strategy: fourth annual report
  150. Dementia guide: commitment to the care of people with dementia in hospital settings
  151. The Slope Index of Inequality (SII) in life expectancy: interpreting it and compariso
  152. Review body on doctors and dentists remuneration: review for 2013
  153. Cold weather plan for England 2012
  154. Cold weather plan for England 2012
  155. NHS Pay Review Body review for 2013
  156. Hospital 2 Home
  157. Ten years of maternity claims: an analysis of NHS Litigation Authority data
  158. Handover and close down guidance for transition to the new health and care system
  159. Health services and medicines standard notes
  160. PARR-30 model
  161. A fair route to revalidation
  162. My life until the end: dying well with dementia
  163. My home life: promoting quality of life in care homes
  164. Funding for care homes and wards for people with dementia
  165. Update to charging arrangements for adult social care services
  166. Finance transition planning
  167. Hospital quality competition under fixed prices
  168. Can sustainable hospitals help bend the health care cost curve?
  169. Plugging the gap: the social care challenge
  170. All together now: competitive integration in the NHS
  171. Evaluation of NHS 111 pilot sites: final report
  172. A sense of place: retirement decisions among older black and minority ethnic people
  173. A guide to interpreting and engaging with local change
  174. Public perceptions of the NHS tracker survey: Spring 2012 wave report
  175. Commencement order: new powers to protect patient services at failing hospitals
  176. Protecting people, promoting health: a public health approach to violence prevention
  177. Securing sustainable NHS services consultation
  178. Payment by Results: how can payment systems help to deliver better care?
  179. Protecting patients’ interests – ensuring continuity of NHS services: a consultation
  180. Consultation on the regulation and governance of NHS charities
  181. Review of medicines and pharmacy sanctions and penalties
  182. NHS Business Services Authority (amendment) directions 2012
  183. Standards for members of NHS boards and clinical commissioning group governing bodies
  184. Developing outstanding leadership: the choices ahead
  185. Euro hepatitis care index 2012
  186. Improving GP services in England: exploring the association between quality of care a
  187. Transforming Whitehall departments
  188. Red tape challenge: healthy living and social care
  189. Consultation on proposed financial amendments to the NHS Foundation Trust Reporting M
  190. Medical revalidation: cost benefit and equality analysis
  191. Radiotherapy services in England 2012
  192. Regional pay in the NHS
  193. A report for HCA
  194. Diabetes transition: assessment of current best practice and development of a future
  195. Template service level agreement (SLA) for CCGs
  196. Department of Health: the management of adult diabetes services in the NHS
  197. European Antibiotics Awareness Day (EEAD) 2011 evaluation
  198. The NHS outcomes framework 2013/14
  199. The mandate: a mandate from the government to the NHS Commissioning Board: April 2013
  200. Self management support resource centre
  201. Consultation on the revision of European legislation on medical devices
  202. Frontline first: protecting services, improving care
  203. Orphan medicines: special treatment required?
  204. Evaluation of the Equality Delivery System (EDS) for the NHS - phase one: final repor
  205. Strategic clinical networks: single operating framework
  206. Engaging your staff: the NHS staff engagement resource
  207. Ambulance Service Network (ASN) annual review 2010/11
  208. With money in mind: the benefits of liaison psychiatry
  209. Doctors and nurses
  210. Public sector mapping agreement (PSMA) case studies
  211. Practical guides for health and wellbeing boards
  212. Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer: volume one, 2011 - on the state of the pu
  213. Cancer patients in crisis: responding to urgent needs
  214. EPaCCS: making the case for change
  215. Find your 1%: helping GPs to support people to live and die well
  216. Personalisation: rough guide
  217. Public health outcomes framework data tool
  218. Patients’ experience of integrated care
  219. Palliative care services: solutions for better patient care and today’s health care d
  220. Implementing health and well-being
  221. Workforce planning tools
  222. Choosing the place of care: the effect of patient choice on treatment location in Eng
  223. Health at a glance: Europe 2012
  224. Consultation: how well are you living with dementia?
  225. The right care: creating dementia-friendly hospitals
  226. TARGET antibiotics toolkit
  227. Sandwich caring
  228. A good death: the role of the local authority in end of life care
  229. End of life care facilitator competency framework
  230. Understanding common induction for social care workers
  231. General dental services contracts
  232. A minimum price for alcohol?
  233. Alcohol strategy consultation
  234. Walking and cycling
  235. European action plan to to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012-2020
  236. Health policy under the coalition government: a mid-term assessment
  237. Implementing NICE public health guidance for the workplace: overcoming barriers and s
  238. Policy+: what are the benefits and challenges of ‘bedside’ nursing handovers?
  239. Building health partnerships: call for expressions of interest
  240. Scientific Pandemic Influenza Advisory Committee modelling summary
  241. Consultation on amendments to the NHS pension scheme regulations
  242. Proposed work programme and scales of fees 2013/14: health bodies
  243. All systems go: testing the new licensing system for providers of NHS-funded care
  244. First wave of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) authorised to commission health se
  245. Unsustainability of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
  246. NHS Foundation Trust FTC completion instructions 2012-13: month 9
  247. The cost of our ageing society
  248. Creating change: innovation health and wealth (IHW) one year on
  249. Transforming care: a national response to Winterbourne View Hospital
  250. Health care for undocumented migrants: European approaches