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  1. Attributing the costs of health & social care Research & Development (AcoRD)
  2. Exceptions to the spending moratoria
  3. The Wigan approach: the model
  4. Stakeholder engagement on the new NHS provider licence: a summary of your feedback
  5. Factors that promote and hinder joint and integrated working between health and socia
  6. Quarterly business plans
  7. Structural reform plans progress report
  8. NHS Commissioning Board design changes
  9. Understanding personal health budgets
  10. Evaluation of the national Cleanyourhands campaign to reduce Staphylococcus aureus ba
  11. Standards for children and young people in emergency care settings
  12. Fulfilling the potential: a better journey for patients and a better deal for the NHS
  13. The role of the third sector in delivering social care
  14. Seasonal flu plan 2012/13
  15. Proposed abolition of the NHS Commissioning Board Authority and the transfer of emplo
  16. Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration - what you need to know
  17. Factors that promote and hinder joint and integrated working between health and socia
  18. Primary care: today and tomorrow - improving general practice by working differently
  19. Falls prevention: new approaches to integrated falls prevention services
  20. Transition programme risks: review of November 2010 risk register
  21. NHS pension scheme
  22. Review of services for people with learning disabilities
  23. Dental contractor loss analysis exercise
  24. What do we know now that we didn’t know a year ago? New intelligence on end of life c
  25. Redesigning support for care leavers: exploring the use of co-productive methods to c
  26. Accelerating the release of public sector land for development: main findings from th
  27. Attributing the costs of health & social care Research & Development (AcoRD)
  28. 'Roving' community practice teacher model within Norfolk Community - case study
  29. Staff engagement toolkit survey
  30. Unsung heroes: developing a better understanding of the emotional support needs of Se
  31. Citizens Council report on discounting: for public comment
  32. An outcomes strategy for COPD and asthma: NHS companion document
  33. Authorisation process for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  34. Making it real: marking progress towards personalised, community based support
  35. Race equality in mental health
  36. Public health transfer to local government - treatment of pensions
  37. QMAS underpayments: action for PCTs to correct payments made in respect of 2010/11 fi
  38. Technical amendment to the category A8 ambulance response time standard
  39. How to maintain quality during the transition - preparing for handover
  40. Mortality among inpatients with diabetes: key findings for England
  41. Smart guides to engagement
  42. Involving people who use services and their carers in the work of the GSCC (2001-2012
  43. Joint working – a quick start reference guide for NHS and pharmaceutical industry par
  44. Ministerial veto on disclosure of the Department of Health’s transition risk register
  45. Adult social care in London
  46. Healthy places: councils leading on public health
  47. All-Party Pharmacy Group medicines shortages report
  48. Euro health consumer index 2012
  49. Leadership and engagement for improvement in the NHS: together we can
  50. Stuck at home: the impact of day service cuts on people with a learning disability
  51. Doing good? Altruism and wellbeing in an age of austerity
  52. Supporting dementia workers: a case study-based manager’s guide to good practice in l
  53. Back pain management: occupational health practice in the NHS in England - a national
  54. Briefing on upcoming changes to the community pharmacy Medicines Use Review (MUR) ser
  55. Impact assessment: a new system for workforce planning education and training
  56. Medicines use review (MUR)
  57. The power of information: putting all of us in control of the health and care informa
  58. Alive and clicking: information that benefits all
  59. Heatwave plan for England 2012
  60. Adults living with congenital heart disease - improving everyday life for adults with
  61. Long term conditions (LTCs) compendium of information: third edition
  62. Measuring health system progress in reducing mortality from noncommunicable diseases
  63. Preparations for Olympic and Paralympic Games planning and reporting 2012
  64. GSCC targeted inspections of Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP) courses in E
  65. Health and wellbeing boards: your chance to shape secondary legislation
  66. How is the NHS performing? Quarterly monitoring report
  67. Pay framework for very senior managers in Arms Length Bodies (ALBs)
  68. Experiences of home care services
  69. Patients’ preferences matter: stop the silent misdiagnosis
  70. London's business case for employee health and well-being
  71. Proposed clinical commissioning group (CCG) configuration and member practices
  72. Clinical commissioning group (CCG) indicative running cost allowances
  73. Dentistry: an OFT market study
  74. Reforming social care: options for funding
  75. NHS procurement: raising our game
  76. A glossary for NHS finance and governance
  77. Quality, innovation and value in cardiac rehabilitation: commissioning for improvemen
  78. Improving home oxygen: testing the case for change
  79. Handling concerns about a practitioner's behaviour and conduct: an NCAS good practice
  80. Working locally: micro-enterprises and building community assets
  81. A common disease with an uncommon treatment: European guideline variations and access
  82. NHS bursary scheme rules
  83. Celebrating early implementer achievements - one year on: 150 years of health visitin
  84. An atlas of variations in social care: an analysis of the quality of social care serv
  85. Consultation on the training standards and code of conduct for healthcare support wor
  86. Listening to children's views on health provision: a rapid review of the evidence
  87. Managing industrial disputes: guidance for employers in the NHS
  88. Clinical commissioning group authorisation: draft guide for assessors undertaking des
  89. Toolkit for the commissioning of pathology services
  90. Snapshot: patient safety
  91. Consultation on adult social care data developments 2012
  92. Taking stock: assessing the value of preventative support
  93. Time to care
  94. Review of the guide to the methods of technology appraisal
  95. Health visitor employment: from training to practice - a guide for employers
  96. Technical amendment to the category A8 ambulance response time
  97. The functions of CCGs: updated to reflect the final Health and Social Care Act 2012
  98. Structural reform plan progress reports
  99. Director-governor interaction in NHS foundation trusts: a best practice guide for boa
  100. The Mental Health Act 2007: a review of its implementation
  101. Regulating ethics and conduct at the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicin
  102. NHS staff tracking
  103. Public perceptions of the NHS and social care
  104. Care at home: older people’s experience of domiciliary care
  105. Directions on the transfer of patient safety function to the NHS Commissioning Board
  106. Facilitating improvement in primary care: the promise of practice coaching
  107. Enablers and barriers to integrated care and implications for Monitor
  108. End of life care for people with dementia living in care homes
  109. Peer power
  110. Public satisfaction with the NHS and its services
  111. Leading the way
  112. Maintaining NHS emergency preparedness, resilience and response staff capability duri
  113. Healthy lives, healthy people: an update on public health funding
  114. Fair playing field review
  115. CBI Public Services The right care the right place: delivering care closer to home
  116. NHS atlas of variation in healthcare: diabetes atlas
  117. Mental health quality profiles
  118. Mandatory health care associated infection (HCAI) surveillance: redevelopment of the
  119. Addendum to reference costs guidance for 2011-12: cystic fibrosis specialist centres
  120. National diabetes inpatient audit 2011
  121. Birthplace in England - new evidence
  122. Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs)
  123. Further study on the affordability of alcoholic beverages in the EU
  124. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want
  125. Useful resources for health and wellbeing boards
  126. Quality care for older people with urgent and emergency care needs ('The Silver Book'
  127. Supporting recovery in mental health
  128. NHS Commissioning Board local area teams and clinical senates
  129. The route to success in end of life care – achieving quality for lesbian, gay, bisexu
  130. Reducing patient handover delays from ambulances to hospitals
  131. Carers in your workforce matter
  132. The impact of the economic downturn and policy changes on health inequalities in Lond
  133. Building social value in the NHS
  134. Update to accelerating the release of surplus public sector land
  135. Maintaining NHS emergency preparedness, resilience and response staff capability duri
  136. NHS Confederation members survey 2012: wave 1 - final report
  137. Quality and outcomes framework (QOF) frequently asked questions
  138. Department of Health review: Winterbourne View Hospital - interim report
  139. World class education and training, for world class healthcare: introducing Health Ed
  140. Pandemic influenza: guidance on the management of death certification and cremation c
  141. Transitional working arrangements guidance
  142. Standards of proficiency - social workers in England
  143. Older people and mental health and ethnic health reading lists
  144. Securing excellence in commissioning primary care
  145. Regulating social workers and social care education
  146. Public service mutuals: the next steps
  147. Clear and present data: how access to our medical records can help life-saving scienc
  148. Defence medical services: a review of compliance with the essential standards of qual
  149. COCOA: Care for Offenders Continuity of Access
  150. Learning disability services inspection programme: national overview
  151. The right to be heard: review of the quality of Independent Mental Health Advocate (I
  152. Recovery resources
  153. Toward best practice in interventional radiology
  154. Structural Reform Plan monthly implementation update
  155. Practice standards for young people with substance misuse problems
  156. Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
  157. Responsibility Deal partners - annual updates
  158. Advanced outcomes: a discussion paper on how best to measure and capture outcomes for
  159. Rare but common: a discussion paper on how to improve the evidence base on off-label
  160. Cancer commissioning: making the reforms work for patients
  161. Healthcare across the UK: a comparison of the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and Nor
  162. Lessons learned reports
  163. Guidance and information on supporting revalidation
  164. Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation: guidance for physicians
  165. Public sector innovation and local leadership in the UK and the Netherlands
  166. General ophthalmic services contracts (continuing education and training allowance) p
  167. Vision for Public Health England
  168. Quick wins... and missed opportunities: how local authorities can work with blind and
  169. Service improvement in microbiology: why, what and how
  170. Summary of stakeholder responses to the 'Evaluation of the reimbursement system for N
  171. Care is not a commodity: UKHCA commissioning survey 2012
  172. Statutory guidance for Trust Special Administrators appointed to NHS Trusts
  173. Commission on the future of local government - final report
  174. New arrangements for the collection and reporting of patient reported outcome measure
  175. Introduction to Monitor's future role
  176. A picture of health and education: higher education - a core strategic asset to the U
  177. NHS foundation trusts: review of twelve months to 31st March 2012
  178. NHS change model
  179. Principles of quality in national clinical audit
  180. CCG clinical leaders invited to join new commissioning assembly
  181. Lay assessors on CCG authorisation panels
  182. Undetected sight loss in care homes: an evidence review
  183. Fair care for the future: why social care matters for deafblind people
  184. Healthy start: retailer research summary
  185. Informatics: the future - an organisation summary
  186. Protecting children and young people: the responsibilities of all doctors
  187. Unavailability of intravesical BCG for treatment of bladder cancer
  188. Health visitor implementation plan quarterly progress report: April - June 2012
  189. Loneliness toolkit for health and wellbeing boards
  190. Health visitor teaching in practice: a framework intended for use for commissioning,
  191. Termination of pregnancy inspections
  192. Improved NHS services through new perspectives: a toolkit for doctors and managers to
  193. Never again? The story of the Health and Social Care Act 2012
  194. Caring for our future: reforming care and support
  195. Shaping the choreography of care and support for older people in Glasgow: report of t
  196. Consultation on an update to the guide for applicants
  197. A new development tool for health and wellbeing boards
  198. The NHS Performance Framework 2012/13 update to patient experience annex B
  199. Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Ofsted guidance: registration of healthcare at chil
  200. Proposal to introduce an early access to medicines scheme in the UK
  201. Falls prevention resource pack
  202. Rapid access to treatment and rehabilitation for NHS staff
  203. Care now and for the future: an inquiry into social care
  204. Guide to health records access
  205. Briefings: Care and Support bill and white paper and Health and Social Care Act
  206. Building a business case for adaptive technologies in England
  207. Post-legislative assessment of the Mental Health Act 2007
  208. Sector regulation: an update on plans for consultation and implementation
  209. English hospitals can improve their use of resources: an analysis of costs and length
  210. Volunteering: unlocking the real wealth of people and communities
  211. Service improvement in microbiology: why, what and how
  212. Preventing type 2 diabetes: risk identification and interventions for individuals at
  213. Care and Support bill and white paper briefings
  214. National confidential enquiry into suicide and homicide by people with mental illness
  215. Progress in implementing the 2010 adult autism strategy
  216. Rest assured? A study of unpaid carers' experiences of short breaks
  217. Fiscal sustainability report
  218. The role of local authorities in health issues
  219. Lessons learnt from co-design and commissioning with payment by results (PbR)
  220. Consultation on funding allocations for independent mental health services
  221. Transfer of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) to HPC
  222. Children's hospice and hospice at home new grant
  223. The route to success in end of life care - achieving quality for social work
  224. Clinical commissioning in action
  225. Young people’s views and experiences of GP services in relation to emotional and ment
  226. When doctors and patients talk: making sense of the consultation
  227. Government's alcohol strategy
  228. Sport and exercise science and medicine: building on the Olympic legacy to improve th
  229. Structure of Public Health England
  230. Public health briefings for local government
  231. The new NHS in England: structure and accountabilities
  232. Resources for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  233. The way forward: strategic clinical networks
  234. The safer management of controlled drugs
  235. National Early Warning Score (NEWS)
  236. NHS check report
  237. NHS internal audit standards
  238. Resource pack for local health resilience partnerships
  239. Report of the children and young people's health outcomes forum
  240. 'How to' guides to monitoring quality during transition
  241. Preparing for the Francis report: how to assure quality in the NHS
  242. Social care white paper survey
  243. Progress in Measuring National Well-being outlined
  244. Everyday excellence
  245. London Health and Wellbeing Board Partnership Support programme
  246. Implementing the arrangements for emergency preparedness, resilience and response
  247. How to measure for improving outcomes: a guide for commissioners
  248. Professional eligibility for the NHS bursary scheme - call for evidence
  249. National cancer patients’ experience survey programme 2012/13
  250. COPD commissioning toolkit