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  1. The UK wide Square Table programme: overall learning and evaluation report
  2. Lost in translation: how much is translation costing the NHS, and how can we both cut
  3. Health and Social Care Bill: Lords report stage briefing
  4. Using an assets approach for positive mental health and well-being: an IRISS and East
  5. Medicines security audit results
  6. Nutrition Interested Parties letter
  7. Equity investment in privately financed projects
  8. Proposed licensing regime: consultation
  9. Apprenticeships that work: a guide for employers
  10. Partnership agreement: an agreement between Department of Health, NHS Employers and N
  11. Commissioning care homes: common safeguarding challenges
  12. Safeguarding and quality in commissioning care homes
  13. NHS dental service - live pilot practices and pilot types
  14. Long-term conditions and mental health: the cost of co-morbidities
  15. Learning disability reports
  16. Guide to commissioning for maximum value
  17. Health and Social Care Bill explained
  18. Death by indifference: 74 deaths and counting
  19. The Marmot Review: two years on data
  20. Environmental health inequalities in Europe: assessment report
  21. Towards co-production: taking participation to the next level
  22. Building on progress: where next for organ donation policy in the UK?
  23. CQC registration and the RCGP quality programme
  24. Tackling list inflation
  25. Must-knows on health and wellbeing
  26. Twenty years of using economic evaluations for reimbursement decisions: what have we
  27. Health and Social Care Bill: House of Lords – report stage briefing
  28. Plain packaging: commercial expression, anti-smoking extremism and the risks of hyper
  29. Projections of alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales - tragic toll or potential
  30. New organisational models for delivering health and social care
  31. NHS Foundation Trust annual reporting manual 2011/12
  32. General Medical Council (GMC) and General Dental Council (GDC) (Constitution) (Amendm
  33. Developing supportive design for people with dementia
  34. Does competition improve public hospitals' efficiency? Evidence from a quasi-experime
  35. 5 things you need to know about the NHS bill
  36. Guidance on varying the 2012/13 NHS standard contract one year default contract durat
  37. Maternity pathway payment system in 2012-13
  38. Building a Public Health England people transition policy
  39. Quality accounts reporting requirements for 2011-12 and planned changes for 2012-13
  40. NHS pension reforms
  41. National Prescribing Centre (NPC) reports on safe management and use of controlled dr
  42. Management of SHA and PCT administration estate
  43. NHS pension scheme proposal - factsheets
  44. Abortion Act (as amended): termination of pregnancy
  45. Patient experience in adult NHS services
  46. Developing end of life care practice: a guide to workforce development to support soc
  47. An evaluation of the reimbursment system for NHS-funded care
  48. Adults' Personal Social Services: specific revenue grants and capital grant allocatio
  49. Sector regulation: a short guide to the Health and Social Care Bill
  50. Launch of single operating model: part 1 - SHA development and FT assurance for NHS t
  51. The impact of patient age on clinical decision-making in oncology
  52. Promoting of personal injury legal services in NHS premises
  53. Performance and capability review - Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  54. Breaking through: building better falls and fracture services in England
  55. The national duplicate registration initiative (NDRI) 2009/10
  56. NHS standard contracts for 2012/13
  57. Healthcare public health advice to CCGs
  58. Outpatient survey 2011 - feedback
  59. Review of services for people with learning disabilities
  60. The guidelines manual: consultation on the 2012 update
  61. Second stakeholder survey
  62. Regulation of health and social care professionals: consultation paper
  63. Dual diagnosis: a challenge for the reformed NHS and for Public Health England
  64. The role and functions of departmental Chief Scientific Advisers
  65. Consultation on the United Kingdom Plan for rare diseases
  66. Commission on improving dignity in care: draft report and recommendations
  67. Outcomes after elective repair of infra-renal abdominal aortic aneurysm
  68. Personal experiences, public value: changing relationships in the NHS
  69. A short guide to health and wellbeing boards
  70. The Bribery Act 2010
  71. Updated review of research on risk and adult social care in England
  72. Health and Wellbeing Boards directory
  73. Bringing networks to life: an RCPCH guide to implementing clinical networks
  74. Patient level information and costing systems (PLICS) and reference costs best practi
  75. The health and social care experiences of black and minority ethnic older people
  76. Debate in the House of Commons: the future of social care
  77. Equality objectives consultation
  78. The NHS constitution for England
  79. Getting the best out of your health and wellbeing board: health and wellbeing board i
  80. Management induction standards
  81. Developing the role of the clinical academic researcher in the nursing, midwifery and
  82. Annual governance statements - guidance
  83. Shadowing for foundation year 1 (F1) doctors
  84. Children and young people's health outcomes consultation
  85. An economic case for patient and public involvement in commissioning
  86. Extra funding to pay for new health equipment and buildings
  87. Assisted suicide
  88. Reforming the NHS pension scheme for England and Wales: proposed final agreement
  89. NHS mobile working knowledge centre
  90. Getting it right for children, young people and families
  91. Twins and multiples healthcare survey: making progress
  92. Structural reform plan progress reports
  93. Child Health Profiles 2012
  94. LASSL(DH)(2012)1: Adults' Personal Social Services: final specific revenue grants and
  95. Persistent challenges to providing quality care: an RCN report on the views and exper
  96. Getting it right: end of life care in advanced kidney disease
  97. Policy+ issue 34: is it time to set minimum nurse staffing levels in English hospital
  98. Euro headache index 2012
  99. NHS pay review body: twenty-sixth report 2012
  100. Review body on doctors’ and dentists’ remuneration: fortieth report 2012
  101. NHS foundation trusts: review of nine months to 31 December 2011
  102. Health and Social Care Bill: summary of Lords Committee and Report stages
  103. Closing the NHS continuing healthcare assessment process for cases during 2004-2012
  104. Guidance on the time limits applicable from April 2012 for requests on review of elig
  105. Update on PIP silicone gel breast implants
  106. Committed to carers: supporting carers of people at the end of life
  107. Managing early departures in central government
  108. Simple screening: a research report into the long term attitudes of UK young adults t
  109. ‘We have to stop meeting like this’: what works in health and local government partne
  110. Detailed guidance for external assurance on quality reports 2011/12
  111. Services for people with neurological conditions: seventy-second report of session 20
  112. Top tips for establishing a healthcare social enterprise
  113. Transforming patient experience: the essential guide
  114. At a glance: reablement
  115. London maternity profiles
  116. Care of people with dementia: consultation on quality standard
  117. Health and wellbeing of looked-after children: consultation on quality standard
  118. Patient-centred healthcare indicators review
  119. Health and Social Care Bill: summary of Lords Committee and report stages
  120. Future care: care and technology in the 21st century
  121. Allied health professionals (AHP) QIPP toolkits
  122. FTN benchmarking: driving improvements in elderly care services
  123. 'Join us on our journey': developing a new model of care for children and young peopl
  124. Health and Social Care Bill: Commons' consideration of Lords amendments
  125. Pay circular on Agenda for Change pay rates from 1st April 2012
  126. Consultation responses – on the proposal by the European Commission for a Regulation
  127. Maternity workforce: forward work
  128. The case for tomorrow - facing the beyond: a joint discussion paper on the future of
  129. Mandatory nurse staffing levels
  130. Alcohol strategy
  131. Department of Health capability action plan for 2011-12
  132. Identifying and managing tuberculosis (TB) among hard-to-reach groups
  133. Antenatal care quality standard - consultation
  134. Report on the implementation of Law Commission proposals
  135. Sustainable health and social care: connecting environmental and financial performanc
  136. National evaluation of Department of Health's integrated care pilots
  137. PCT estate: guidance on accounting for estate transfers
  138. Stroke improvement national audit programme (SINAP)
  139. Improving end-of-life care: professional development for physicians
  140. Budget 2012
  141. Deaths from liver disease: implications for end of life care in England
  142. Evaluation of the bowel cancer awareness pilot in the south west and east of England:
  143. Payment by Results (PbR) step-by-step guide: calculating the 2012-13 national tariff
  144. Learning disability reports
  145. Putting people first through shared decision-making and collective involvement
  146. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2010/11
  147. Dementia 2012: a national challenge
  148. The characteristics of individuals with colorectal cancer who die rapidly after their
  149. Government response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report o
  150. Prime Minister's challenge on dementia
  151. ‘No decision’ – how the Health and Social Care Act should help patient involvement in
  152. The Quarter, quarter 3 2011/12
  153. NHS Outcomes Framework 2010/11 indicators
  154. Continuity of care for older hospital patients: a call for action
  155. The care of frail older people with complex needs: time for a revolution
  156. Healthy lives, healthy people: towards a workforce strategy for the public health sys
  157. The case for tomorrow: a joint discussion document on the future of services for olde
  158. Effective pathways for long term conditions
  159. Understanding the cost of end of life care in different settings
  160. Position statement on the education and training of health care assistants (HCAs)
  161. Open public services 2012
  162. Improving safety in maternity services: a toolkit for teams
  163. Letter from Secretary of State to NHS staff on Health and Social Care Act
  164. Guidance on collaboration between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical ind
  165. Reablement: a guide for families and carers
  166. Developing Payment by Results (PbR) for sexual health
  167. Emergency hospital admissions for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions (ACSCs): ident
  168. Arrangements for health emergency preparedness, resilience and response from April 20
  169. A methodology for approving local modifications to the national tariff
  170. Regulation of health and social care professionals
  171. Compliance framework 2012/13
  172. Productivity of the English National Health Service 2003-4 to 2009-10
  173. Clinical governance approved particulars
  174. Best practice tariff for paediatric diabetes (diabetes in children and young people a
  175. Evaluation of consultant input into acute medical admissions management in England
  176. Adult social care outcomes framework (ASCOF)
  177. Dementia 2012: a national challenge
  178. Water sources and potential Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection of taps and water system
  179. Clinical governance approved particulars
  180. Affordability and access: pharmaceuticals and value for money in the NHS
  181. The health benefits of greenhouse gas reduction policies
  182. Safeguarding in 2012: views from the frontline
  183. Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in England: the case-mix adjustment methodo
  184. Decision of the first-tier tribunal: NHS risk register
  185. Maternity services pathway payment system: a simple guide 2012-13
  186. Consultation on the quarterly NHS staff earnings publication
  187. Well-being evidence for policy: a review
  188. The role of the health workforce in tackling health inequalities: action on the socia
  189. Local payment by results (PbR)
  190. Response to a consultation on proposed changes to regulations for Care Quality Commis
  191. Equality objectives
  192. Good health adds life to years: global brief for World Health Day 2012
  193. March 2012 structural reform plans
  194. Developing the new public health system
  195. Health visitor implementation plan quarterly progress report: April 2012
  196. Plain tobacco packaging : a systematic review
  197. Standardised packaging of tobacco products consultation
  198. Community services governance indicators: frequently asked questions
  199. Quality assurance of medical appraisers: recruitment, training, support and review of
  200. Supporting doctors to provide safer care: responding to concerns about a doctor's pra
  201. Direct access to diagnostic tests for cancer: best practice referral pathways for gen
  202. Record keeping audit tools
  203. Health and wellbeing boards: system leaders or talking shops?
  204. NHS Pay Review Body - market facing pay: written evidence from the Health Department
  205. Improving adult asthma care: emerging learning from the national improvement projects
  206. Case study: Wandsworth CCG patient and public involvement (PPI) resource centre
  207. Strategic review of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC): interim report
  208. Work programme and scales of fees 2012/13: health
  209. Coverage with evidence development, only in research, risk sharing or patient access
  210. Dementia: a public health priority
  211. The waiting game: the results of Patients Association research into elective surgical
  212. On line benchmark for out of hours services
  213. By definition: improving data definitions and their use by the NHS
  214. Cross-government review: implementing transparency
  215. Mental health and homelessness: planning and delivering mental health services for ho
  216. Long-term health gains: investing in emotional and psychological wellbeing for patien
  217. Investing in emotional and psychological wellbeing for patients with long-term condit
  218. Responsible officers in the new health architecture: a public consultation on the ame
  219. Improving care for lung cancer patients: a collaborative approach
  220. Guidance to assist local staff sides facing proposals to change pay terms and conditi
  221. 'Striking the Balance': practical guidance on the application of Caldicott Guardian P
  222. Update to Monitor's financial assumptions
  223. Return to work guidance
  224. The Government's strategic objectives for the NHS Commissioning Board Authority
  225. National Child Measurement Programme: operational guidance for the 2012/13 school yea
  226. Fees paid under parts 2 & 3 of Annex G of the GMS Statement of Financial Entitlement:
  227. Dementia and end of life care: implications for people with sensory loss
  228. Health and social care influenza pandemic preparedness and response
  229. From vision to action: making patient-centred care a reality
  230. Smart guides to engagement
  231. Attitudes to children’s food and obesity prevention - a survey
  232. The dementia voice nurse service pilot: overview of findings and learning from the ev
  233. The art of exit: NESTA/Ipsos MORI survey of public sector leaders - technical briefin
  234. Personalisation: lessons from social care
  235. Telehealth in Lancashire
  236. Kidney disease health investment education packs (HIEPS)
  237. Hospital discharge and black, asian & minority ethnic (BAME) carers
  238. Health and well-being news update
  239. Struggling to recover: life after stroke campaign briefing
  240. Briefing for MPs on EU working time regulation and the NHS
  241. 'What we know so far...' briefings
  242. NHS staff: social indicators
  243. Commissioning occupational health (OH) services
  244. The statement of financial entitlements (amendment) directions 2012
  245. The primary medical services (directed enhanced services) (England) (amendment) direc
  246. The primary medical services (patient choice scheme) directions 2012
  247. Caring in crisis: the impact of the financial crisis on nurses and nursing
  248. NHS pension scheme
  249. Baseline spending estimates for the new NHS and public health commissioning architect
  250. The supply of social work practice placements: employers’ views