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  1. Your first choice: the provision of and access to UFE
  2. Genetics/genomics in nursing and midwifery: task and finish group report to the Nursi
  3. Caring For Our Future: shared ambitions for care and support
  4. National Child Measurement Programme: publication of legal Directions
  5. Update to Green Book: chapter 19 influenza
  6. VIE (Vacuum insulated evaporator) main storage vessel for bulk medical oxygen supply
  7. Influenza vaccine uptake among frontline healthcare workers data collection
  8. Public consultation on regulations to transpose Organ Directive 2010/53/EU into UK le
  9. Electric traction lifts without motor rooms (also known as MRL lifts - machine roomle
  10. The drugs recovery pilot bids
  11. Government response to the House of Lords report of session 2010-12: No vaccine, no c
  12. Commissioning of substance misuse services from April 2013
  13. Long term health conditions 2011: research study
  14. Voluntary recall: Preflucel influenza vaccine
  15. Improving access to social care for adults with autism
  16. Communities connected: inclusion, participation and common purpose
  17. Health Select Committee: social care inquiry - consultation response
  18. Open public services white paper: a response from the Trades Union Congress
  19. Good medical practice 2012 - consultation
  20. Completing the revolution: transforming mental health and tackling poverty
  21. NHS breaches of data protection law
  22. Caring for wellbeing
  23. Future Forum, phase 2: education and training
  24. Good governance - a code for the voluntary and community sector: smaller organisation
  25. The Government plan for a secure data service: strengthening the international compet
  26. Market entry by means of pharmaceutical needs assessments and quality and performance
  27. 'Caring for our future' engagement: desk research to help inform the approach
  28. Cold weather plan for England
  29. 2010/11 working age adult (WAA) and older adult National Survey of investment in Ment
  30. Information for the review body on doctors' and dentists' remuneration (DDRB): review
  31. Specialised burns care
  32. Guides for commissioners: cardiac rehabilitation services and services for people wit
  33. Consultation on student fitness to practise and registration
  34. Economic regulation in health care: what can we learn from other regulators
  35. Public health: twelfth report of session 2010-12
  36. Independence, choice and control: DLA and personal mobility in state-funded care
  37. The NHS Commissioning Board Authority (Functions of the Authority) directions 2011
  38. 2012/13 GMS contract negotiations
  39. A call to action health visitor implementation plan: summary progress report
  40. Public service pensions - the NHS pension scheme
  41. Proposed establishment of the NHS Trust Development Authority and Health Education En
  42. Together for health
  43. Contract changes 2012/13
  44. 2011 thoracic surgical blue book
  45. Voices on well-being: a report of research with older people
  46. Inpatient care for people with diabetes: the economic case for change
  47. Roundtable summary - acting in the best interests of patients
  48. Briefing for commissioners
  49. We've been listening, have you been learning?
  50. Structural reform plan progress reports
  51. International profiles of health care systems
  52. 2011 survey of patients with complex care needs in eleven countries
  53. Prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) quality improvemen
  54. Towards integrated care in Trafford
  55. The general dental services statement of financial entitlements and the personal dent
  56. The UK influenza preparedness strategy 2011
  57. Planning for contract transfer
  58. A framework for technology enhanced learning
  59. Developing commissioning support: towards service excellence
  60. Using happiness to value health
  61. Summary report of the OHE/EFPIA antibacterial roundtable
  62. All babies count: prevention and protection for vulnerable babies
  63. From illness to wellness: achieving efficiencies and improving outcomes
  64. Opportunities for volunteering: the legacy report
  65. NHS continuing healthcare: frequently asked questions
  66. Patient choice. The Department of Health's response to the Cooperation and Competitio
  67. Self management support centre
  68. Getting better value from public sector research establishments
  69. Changing climate, changing conversations: climate change and health reforms
  70. NHS Confederation support for clinical commissioning groups
  71. A fair deal: ensuring local authority fee levels reflect the real costs of caring for
  72. The financial cost of healthcare fraud: what data from around the world shows
  73. What makes a top hospital? Leadership
  74. Developing the new NHS provider licence: a framework document
  75. Guidance on emergency cover during industrial action
  76. Guide to using quality improvement tools to drive clinical audits
  77. How can the web support carers?
  78. Case management: what it is and how it can best be implemented
  79. Strengthening primary care: recent reforms and achievements in Australia, England and
  80. Warm Homes Healthy People Fund - 2011/ 12
  81. Management of blood-exposure in personnel of public and voluntary services
  82. 2010/11 reference costs publication
  83. Patient level information and costing systems (PLICS) survey 2011
  84. Future forum interim letter
  85. Antimicrobial stewardship: start smart - then focus
  86. Public health human resources (HR) concordat
  87. Design bugs out (DBO): project evaluation report
  88. Formula funding of local public services
  89. Reducing violence and aggression in A&E
  90. Total reward in the NHS
  91. Medical revalidation: what employers need to know and do
  92. Generating savings by improving health and well-being: experiences in NHS trusts
  93. The King's Fund conference
  94. Transition guidance
  95. Frontline first: November 2011 update
  96. Community nursing: transforming healthcare
  97. Improving outcomes and experiences for older women with breast cancer
  98. Joining in the conversation - social media and mental health services
  99. Professional boundaries: guidance for social workers
  100. EHR-based care coordination performance measures in ambulatory care
  101. Health at work: an independent review of sickness absence
  102. Listening to experience: an independent inquiry into acute and crisis mental healthca
  103. NHS sustainability portal
  104. Next steps to deliver an all foundation trust (FT) provider landscape
  105. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs): addressing outstanding size and configuration i
  106. Breaking the mould without breaking the system: new ideas and resources for clinical
  107. The hospital guide 2011
  108. Guidelines for the management of norovirus outbreaks in acute and community health an
  109. Sharps safety: RCN guidance to support implementation of the EU Directive 2010/32/EU
  110. Making the business case for ward sisters/team leaders to be supervisory to practice
  111. A process for rapid learning: sharing experience when things go wrong in out-of-hours
  112. A better life: what older people with high support needs value
  113. Living beyond 100: a report on centenarians
  114. The Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2012/13
  115. The Healthcare Associated Infections Technology Innovation Programme: showcase hospit
  116. Be clear on cancer: national campaign to promote earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer
  117. The adult social care outcomes framework: handbook of definitions
  118. Non-clinical substance misuse services in contracted adult prisons (England)
  119. NHS Operating Framework 2012/13: responses and comment
  120. The care of women requesting induced abortion: evidence-based clinical guideline numb
  121. A report by the Health Service Ombudsman and the Local Government Ombudsman about the
  122. End of life care
  123. Further detail on open data measures in the Autumn Statement 2011
  124. Whole system demonstrator programme: headline findings - December 2011
  125. Manual for cancer services: specialist palliative care measures
  126. Manual for cancer services: specialist palliative care measures
  127. Innovation, health and wealth
  128. oint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and joint health and wellbeing strategies expl
  129. Public involvement in research applications to the National Research Ethics Service (
  130. Structural reform plan progress reports
  131. Preventing suicide through community and emergency healthcare
  132. Housing and mental health
  133. Developing an outcomes-based approach in mental health
  134. Counting the costs of cancer
  135. Involvement, shared decision-making and medicines
  136. Strength and opportunity 2011: the landscape of medical technology, medical biotechno
  137. NHS outcomes framework
  138. Analysis of the consultation on allocation options for distribution of additional fun
  139. Adults' personal social services (PSS): specific revenue grants and capital grant all
  140. Work in progress: meeting local needs with lower workforce costs
  141. British social attitudes survey 28
  142. Registration cycle for social workers in England consultation
  143. Why the BMA is opposing the whole bill
  144. Any Qualified Provider (AQP) services map
  145. Better services better value: draft clinical reports
  146. Improving sexual health services in Scotland: national overview
  147. Children and young people's health - where next?
  148. New service models in mental health: emerging lessons
  149. My Health London
  150. Mental Health Act (MHA) annual report 2010/11
  151. Review of learning disability services
  152. The Quarter, quarter 2 - 2011/12
  153. The integrated approach to planning and assurance between Department of Health and th
  154. Genetics/genomics in nursing and midwifery
  155. Implementing the overseas visitors hospital charging regulations 2011
  156. Building Partnerships, Staying Safe - the health sector contribution to HM Government
  157. New arrangements for provision of Health Care Chaplaincy Appointment Advisers
  158. Allied health professional referral to treatment (AHP RTT) revised guide 2011
  159. Technical guidance for the 2012/13 operating framework
  160. Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2012/13
  161. Implementing the Government ICT strategy: six-month review of progress
  162. Pensions FAQ
  163. NHS pension scheme heads of agreement
  164. Governing public hospitals: reform strategies and the movement towards institutional
  165. Board assurance prompt - safeguarding
  166. Modelling individual patient hospital expenditure for general practice budgets
  167. Data briefing: emergency bed use - what the numbers tell us
  168. Local Healthwatch
  169. Interactive slide pack on the NHS pension scheme
  170. A call to action - one year on: health visitor implementation progress report
  171. Consultation on a revised version of the Cancer of Unknown Primary Measures
  172. The fourth year of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA) service: 2010/11
  173. NHS standard contracts for 2012/13
  174. Mental Health Act annual report 2010/11
  175. Alcohol and sex: a cocktail for poor sexual health - a report of the Alcohol and Sexu
  176. Multinational comparisons of health systems data 2011
  177. Director of Public Health appointments
  178. Building the NHS Trust Development Authority
  179. RCN lone working survey 2011
  180. NHS quality accounts 2010/11 - providing external assurance: findings from auditors'
  181. The Commission on Assisted Dying
  182. Integrated care for patients and populations: improving outcomes by working together
  183. Supervision, support and safety: NMC quality assurance of the LSAs 2010-2011
  184. The feasibility and insurability of independent midwifery in England
  185. Lifestyles surveys: consultation review
  186. Healthcare quality standards process guide: consultation
  187. Implementing the Equality Act 2010: interim guidance for the NHS
  188. Implementing 7 day working in imaging departments: good practice guidance: a report f
  189. Poly Implant Protheses (PIP) breast implants: interim report of the expert group
  190. Consultation on Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators
  191. Alcohol guidelines: eleventh report of session 2012-12
  192. Recognising and approving trainers: a consultation
  193. IAPT accreditation advice
  194. Developing an outcomes-based approach in mental health
  195. Why the RCN is opposing the Health and Social Care Bill
  196. JSNAs and joint health and wellbeing strategies - draft guidance
  197. A concordat between the Department of Health and the telehealth and telecare industry
  198. Delivering sustainable cost improvement programmes (CIP)
  199. Hospital-level briefings on applications to the cancer drugs fund
  200. Preventing babies' deaths: what needs to be done
  201. NHS pension scheme increased contributions calculator for 2012-13 employee contributi
  202. Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) breast implants: joint surgical statement on clinical gui
  203. Health economic assessment tools (HEAT) for walking and for cycling: methodology and
  204. CCG case studies: patient and public engagement (PPE)
  205. Allied Health Professionals (AHP) referral to treatment data collection mandate
  206. Putting the quality into the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  207. After the event: getting care right for patients after a heart attack
  208. Public health transition planning support for primary care trusts and local authoriti
  209. Protecting independence: the voluntary sector in 2012
  210. Second stage of board governance guidance for aspirant foundation trusts
  211. Growth of Primary PCI for the treatment of heart attack patients in England 2008-2011
  212. More than a million: understanding the UK's carers of people with cancer
  213. Equality analysis: functions of the NHS Commissioning Board Special Health Authority
  214. Consultation on the regulation for HealthWatch England membership
  215. NHS Foundation Trust Annual Reporting Manual 2011/12
  216. Design of the NHS Commissioning Board
  217. Commissioning support survey
  218. A strategic review of the future healthcare workforce: informing medical and dental s
  219. Preventing emergency readmissions to hospital: a scoping review
  220. Defining mental health services: promoting effective commissioning and supporting QIP
  221. Equity and excellence for bowel cancer
  222. NHS costing manual
  223. Reference costs guidance for 2011-12
  224. Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety
  225. Equality for all: delivering safe care - seven days a week
  226. Resources for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  227. Paying for quality: an analysis of the impact of the 2012/11 Commissioning for Qualit
  228. Vitamin D - advice on supplements for at risk groups
  229. The national enquiry into ethical decision making in the NHS
  230. The national enquiry into ethical decision making in the NHS
  231. Department of Health review - Winterbourne View: update and action needed
  232. Statistics on alcohol
  233. NHS Constitution maximum waiting time right for consultant-led non-emergency treatmen
  234. Briefing notes on government amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill: Lords rep
  235. Summary of consultation responses: proposed duty of co-operation regulations
  236. Cost reduction in central government: summary of progress
  237. Implementing what works: the impact of the individual placement and support regional
  238. Job well done: employment and mental health problems, a guide for funders
  239. Sustainability in the NHS: health check 2012
  240. Deprivation and death: variation in place and cause of death
  241. Social care: fourteenth report of session 2010-12
  242. Mobility of health professionals across Europe. 2012: crunch time for recognition of
  243. Reforming public procurement: EU proposals for a new public procurement Directive
  244. Guidance for commissioners
  245. Government response to the House of Commons Health Committee Report on public health
  246. Whole of government accounts 2009-10: sixty-seventh report of session 2010-12
  247. Guidance for dealing with complaints about assisting suicide
  248. National survey of investment in mental health services for 2011-12
  249. Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria preventing and controlling contamination
  250. Baseline spending estimates for the new NHS and Public Health commissioning architect