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  1. First Special Report - revalidation of doctors: General Medical Council’s response to
  2. Performance frameworks and board reporting II
  3. National heavy menstrual bleeding audit
  4. Ethical procurement for health
  5. The EU directive on cross-border healthcare - key points for commissioners
  6. The future of leadership and management in the NHS: no more heroes
  7. The National Programme for IT in the NHS: an update on the delivery of detailed care
  8. 'You’re Welcome': quality criteria for young people friendly health services
  9. Self-review tool for quality criteria for young people friendly health services (2011
  10. Applying the NHS Performance Framework to mental health trusts in 2011/12
  11. National audit of falls and bone health in older people report - 2011
  12. Help wanted? Providing and paying for long-term care
  13. Public engagement supporting care and support funding options: report of findings
  14. Understanding out of hospital dementia care report 2011
  15. Locum surgeons: principles and standards
  16. Are clinicians engaged in quality improvement?
  17. GP involvement in disabled children's healthcare
  18. Getting a life: work-life balance in obstetrics and gynaecology
  19. The procurement of consumables by National Health Service acute and Foundation Trusts
  20. Where next for the NHS reforms? The case for integrated care
  21. An NHS for patients
  22. Quality markers and measures for bereavement care and spiritual care at the end of li
  23. Care coordination model: better care at lower cost for people with multiple health an
  24. Mental well-being impact assessment (MWIA): a toolkit for well-being
  25. 2010 diabetes specialist nursing work force survey report
  26. The IAPT data handbook: guidance on recording and monitoring outcomes to support loca
  27. UK inflammatory bowel disease audit, 3rd round: report of the results for the nationa
  28. Departmental business planning, thirty-seventh report of session 2010–12
  29. CQC registration toolkit: guidance for GPs
  30. Responses to the Government's listening exercise on the Health and Social Care Bill 2
  31. Seasonal flu plan: winter 2011/12
  32. The seasonal influenza immunisation programme. Consultation: a review of the procurem
  33. Heatwave plan for England: protecting health and reducing harm from extreme heat and
  34. A realistic review of clinico-managerial relationships in the NHS: 1991-2010
  35. Cost-effective commissioning for continence care
  36. Dignity and nutrition for older people - reports
  37. Models of care to achieve better outcomes for children and young people living with a
  38. Supporting homeless people with advanced liver disease approaching the end of life
  39. Health innovation transfer from South to North
  40. Measuring value: pharmacoeconomics in theory and practice
  41. Care in crisis: causes and solutions
  42. The impact of the 2007-08 changes to public service pensions
  43. Meeting the needs of health people with learning disabilities: RCN guidance for nursi
  44. Common mental health disorders
  45. National audit of dementia services - establishment of memory services
  46. Making the most of public services: a systems approach to public innnovation
  47. Differences in costs and access to pharmaceutical products in the EU
  48. Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) quality and productivity indicators: supplementa
  49. Stroke team publications
  50. Accountability in the NHS: implications of the Government's reform programme
  51. Ensuring transparency and probity
  52. Improving value for money in adult social care
  53. Dignity and nutriton reports
  54. The end of life care patient charter
  55. Draft spiritual support and bereavement care quality markers and measures for end of
  56. QIPP and mental health: reducing the use of out of area services
  57. Obesity epidemic - paranoia or evidence-based?
  58. National head and neck cancer audit
  59. Update on Payment by Results (PbR) for Mental Health services for working age adults
  60. Capitation and quality scheme statement of financial entitlements 2011
  61. Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) cover for the management of clinical neg
  62. Review of community health partnerships
  63. Appreciating assets
  64. Adolescent health in the UK today: where next?
  65. Small and medium enterprise (SME) action plans
  66. Structural Reform Plan monthly implementation update
  67. Attitudes towards death and dying in the East of England: quantitative report
  68. Responses to the Government's listening exercise on the Health and Social Care Bill 2
  69. Holding back the British IVF revolution? A report into NHS IVF provision in the UK to
  70. Local adult neurology services for the next decade
  71. Environments for care at the end of life: The King's Fund's Enhancing the Healing Env
  72. Routes to success: achieving quality environments for care at end of life
  73. Community services governance indicators: Monitor's requirements for 2011/12
  74. The truth about suicide
  75. How health care organisations are using data on patients' race and ethnicity to impro
  76. Increasing electronic health record (EHR) use for quality improvement in community he
  77. The future for personalisation? Service users, carers and digital engagement
  78. NHS Future Forum: second phase of listening exercise announced
  79. Liberating the NHS: developing the healthcare workforce - a summary of consultation r
  80. An information revolution: summary of responses to the consultation
  81. Cancer waiting times, annual report 2010-11
  82. Implementation of patient safety alerts
  83. Private finance initiative - seventeenth report of session 2010-12
  84. Valuation techniques for social cost benefit analysis: stated preference, revealed pr
  85. Variation in reoperation after colorectal surgery in England as an indicator of surgi
  86. Reconfiguring hospital services
  87. Health and Social Care Bill 2011 (report stage and third reading briefing)
  88. Health and Social Care Bill: third reading and report stage briefing
  89. Proposed work programme and scales of fees 2012/13: health - consultation
  90. International healthcare survey: global trends, attitudes and influences
  91. Consent and confidentiality in clinical genetic practice: guidance on genetic testing
  92. Support sheet 18: Preferred Priorities for Care
  93. NHS staff management and health service quality
  94. Right to Provide deadline for expressions of interest
  95. Commissioning London’s HIV services
  96. Guidance for commissioning integrated urgent and emergency care: a whole system appro
  97. Services for the identification and treatment of hazardous drinking, harmful drinking
  98. Lessons from PFI and other projects
  99. No vaccine, no cure: HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom
  100. Think child, think parent, think family: interim evaluation report
  101. Always on call, always concerned
  102. Coping with the cuts
  103. Measuring patient experience in the primary care sector
  104. The size and burden of mental disorders and other disorders of the brain in Europe 20
  105. Capital health gains? A decade of public health intelligence with the London Health O
  106. August structural reform plans
  107. Protocol for the release of confidential abortions data for bona fide research purpos
  108. Coding for information recorded on the HSA4 abortion notification form
  109. Standards for assessing, measuring and monitoring vital signs in infants, children an
  110. The healthcare industry barometer 2011
  111. The route to success in end of life care – achieving quality in prisons and for priso
  112. The world alzheimer report 2011: the benefits of early diagnosis and intervention
  113. Pathways through participation: what creates and sustains active citizenship?
  114. The effect of financial incentives on the quality of health care provided by primary
  115. Establishing the extra in Extra Care: perspectives from three Extra Care housing prov
  116. Annual accountability hearing reports
  117. Inquiry into social care
  118. Transforming NHS ambulance services: forty-sixth report of session 2010-12
  119. Health and Social Care Bill 2011 - equality analyses
  120. Provision of hydration and nutrition for the terminally ill bill 2010-11
  121. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee report on complai
  122. Government response to the Science and Technology Committee report on behaviour chang
  123. Behavioural insight team annual update
  124. NHS Commissioning Board legislation
  125. State of care 2010/11
  126. 'Ready Reckoner' clinical commissioning groups running costs tool
  127. Developing clinical senates and networks
  128. NHS support for social care: provision of support for memory services
  129. Caring for our future: shared ambitions for care and support
  130. Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by podiatrists and physiotherapists
  131. Using telehealth to support care at home in children's palliative care
  132. Judgement framework and enforcement policy consultation
  133. Influencing the new health system in the local area
  134. Mental health care and the criminal justice system
  135. Schedule 6 of the terms of authorisation
  136. Reform journal 2011
  137. The impact of health reforms on deaf BME communities
  138. Second statement of new regulation (SNR2)
  139. End of life care strategy: third annual report
  140. Seasonal flu immunisation programme 2011/12 – Viroflu vaccine and risk of fever in ch
  141. The Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced and Enhanced Services) (England) Directions 201
  142. N=1: why people matter in medicines - recommendations of a subgroup of the Royal Coll
  143. New horizons for local governance
  144. Integrated care summary: What is it? Does it work? What does it mean for the NHS?
  145. Social care and clinical commissioning for people with long-term conditions
  146. Adult emergency services: acute medicine and emergency general surgery - case for cha
  147. The NHS Employers organisation's submission to the NHS pay review body: 2012/13
  148. Managing conflicts of interest in clinical commissioning groups (CCG)
  149. Update on the dismantling the NHS National Programme for IT
  150. Communication to general practitioners using medical performers lists
  151. The National Patient Safety Agency (Amendment No. 2) Directions 2011
  152. Seasonal flu immunisation programme 2011/12
  153. Issues facing commissioners of end-of-life care
  154. Preparations for winter planning and reporting 2011/12
  155. The Government's response to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) on th
  156. The mandatory collection of data on the vaccination of frontline healthcare workers a
  157. NHS foundation trusts: review of three months to 30 June 2011
  158. Health and Social Care Bill: report
  159. Smoothing the way: developing local Healthwatch through lessons from local involvemen
  160. The higher risk general surgical patient: towards improved care for a forgotten group
  161. The changing NHS and public health landscape: what does it mean for local representat
  162. Major Projects Authority Programme assessment review of the National Programme for IT
  163. Commission impossible? Shaping places through strategic commissioning
  164. The influence of health services research on the NHS
  165. Health and Social Care Bill: briefing for the House of Lords (second reading)
  166. Consultation on developing integrated care
  167. The governance of adult safeguarding: findings from research into Safeguarding Adults
  168. Developing clinical commissioning groups (CCGs): towards authorisation
  169. The Quarter: quarter 1 2011/12
  170. NHS Pay Review Body: review for 2012
  171. An evidence base for the delivery of adult social services
  172. Suffering in silence
  173. A stronger biomedical research for a better European future
  174. A stronger biomedical research for a better European future
  175. Regulatory fees scheme consultation
  176. Consultant physicians working with patients: the duties, responsibilities and practi
  177. Autism spectrum disorders in children and young people: recognition, referral and dia
  178. Get connected to e-learning - for social care providers
  179. Training needs analysis (TNA) questionnaires
  180. Health and Social Care Bill: second reading
  181. The NHS as a driver for growth
  182. Diabetes integrated care
  183. Towards more effective commissioning of local voluntary sector organisations
  184. Commission on improving care in dignity for older people: consultation response
  185. Disposal strategy - land for housing
  186. Product pricing project
  187. Information on plans for Payment by Results (PbR) in 2012-13
  188. Payment by Results: draft 2012-13 mental health guidance
  189. Right to provide - FAQ
  190. Social enterprise in action – right to request projects
  191. Personal health budgets: countdown to roll-out
  192. New medical professionalism: a scoping report for the Health Foundation
  193. Making and shaping equality objectives
  194. Stretched to the limit
  195. Statements on the Health and Social Care Bill: second reading
  196. PCT cluster governance
  197. Slide pack for patients and public
  198. Health and Social Care Bill: 18th report of session 2010-12
  199. Review of fees for applications to provide pharmaceutical services in England: summar
  200. Healthy lives, healthy people: a call to action on obesity in England
  201. Change4Life three year social marketing strategy
  202. Dignity and nutrition inspection programme: national overview
  203. Achievement of foundation trust status by NHS hospital trusts
  204. NHS (England) summarised accounts 2010-2011
  205. Guiding patients through complexity: modern medical generalism
  206. A review of telehealth in Scotland
  207. Wasting lives 2011: a statistical analysis of NHS performance since 1981
  208. Dietary recommendations for energy
  209. Listening and learning: the Ombudsman's review of complaint handling in the NHS in En
  210. NHS information governance: effective management of records during a period of transi
  211. The NHS Constitution and whistleblowing: consultation report
  212. Social action health and well-being: building co-operatives communities - Department
  213. NHS blood and transplant commercial review
  214. Not a one way street: research into older people's experiences of support based on mu
  215. Uncertainty, evidence and irrecoverable costs: informing approval, pricing and resear
  216. Improving support for older people looking after someone with advanced cancer
  217. Older carers and involvement in research: why, what and when?
  218. A positive partnership - the independent sector and the NHS
  219. Operating principles for health and wellbeing boards
  220. Patient and public engagement (PPE) in the new commissioning system
  221. Building a successful NHS Commissioning Board: a perspective from the NHS
  222. Making the case for public engagement
  223. Social determinants of health – what can doctors do?
  224. Safety first: mobility of healthcare professionals in the EU
  225. Enhancing recovery rates in IAPT services : lessons from analysis of the year one dat
  226. Tailor made
  227. Draft mental health Payment by Results (PbR) guidance for 2012-13 and update on other
  228. Preparation for birth and beyond: a resource pack for leaders of community groups and
  229. Summary list of HealthWatch pathfinders
  230. Local Involvement Networks (LINks) annual reports 2010-11
  231. Personal health budgets: early experiences of budget holders: fourth interim report
  232. Response to the offender personality disorder consultation
  233. Accessing the flu vaccine strategic reserve in England
  234. Response to the NHS Future Forum consultation (second phase)
  235. When someone asks for your assistance to die: RCN guidance on responding to a request
  236. Recognising excellence in adult social care
  237. New finance for a new world: how local government can harness social investment for s
  238. Preparing for the introduction of medical revalidation: a guide for independent secto
  239. Developing the NHS Commissioning Board: update
  240. Public Health Responsibility Deal monitoring templates
  241. Next steps in the sequence: the implications of whole genome sequencing for health in
  242. Supporting carers: an action guide for general practitioners and their teams
  243. Principles for integrated care
  244. Health and Social Care Bill Lords Committee stage briefing
  245. National survey of GP opinion 2011
  246. RCP parliamentary briefing: Health and Social Care Bill Committee stage in the House
  247. Consultations on continuing professional development guidance and revalidation regula
  248. Getting personal: making direct payments work in local authorities
  249. Managing high value capital equipment in the NHS in England
  250. Regulatory activity in hospital settings: a critical analysis of the Care Quality Com