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  1. Potential new QOF indicators unveiled
  2. Saving mothers' lives: reviewing maternal deaths to make motherhood safer: 2006-2008
  3. A shared agenda in the new world: the role of GP consortia and public health in impro
  4. Primary care? An audit of the experience in primary care of rarer cancer patients
  5. How to buy, what to buy: revising the EU public procurement rules - consultation
  6. NHS foundation trust annual reporting manual
  7. Learning report: Safer Patients Initiative
  8. Health and Social Care Bill: a genuine devolution of power?
  9. Costing the heavens: chaplaincy services in English NHS provider Trusts 2009/10
  10. Coding, classification and diagnosis of diabetes: a review of the coding, classificat
  11. Staffing in maternity units: getting the right people in the right place at the right
  12. National Perinatal Mental Health Project - perinatal mental health of black and minor
  13. Financial squeeze biggest worry for healthcare leaders
  14. Local HealthWatch Pathfinders in 2011-12
  15. Reconfiguring hospital services: lessons from South East London
  16. Cancer Drugs Fund
  17. Scientific advice and evidence in emergencies: third report of session 2010-11
  18. Predictive risk and health care: an overview
  19. Pandemic flu: national planning assumptions assessments tool
  20. Positive practice, positive outcomes: a handbook for professional in the criminal jus
  21. Complex needs, complex challenges: a report on research into the experiences of famil
  22. Progress in improving financial management in government
  23. NHS reporting on sustainability
  24. SHA recommendations for PCTs to be listed in the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS
  25. Organisation Patient Safety Incident Reports - data workbooks March 2011
  26. Healthy lives, healthy people: a tobacco control plan for England
  27. Impact of smokefree legislation: evidence review, March 2011
  28. NHS reforms in England: managing the transition
  29. The functions of GP commissioning consortia: a working document
  30. Public mental health and well-being: the local perspective
  31. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT): guidance for commissioning IAPT t
  32. Critical care paramedics: delivering enhanced pre-hospital trauma and resuscitation c
  33. Good management practice: guidance for all doctors
  34. Responding to a proposal for merger or reconfiguration of maternity services provisio
  35. Producing quality reports: external assurance of foundation trust quality reports 200
  36. Managing staff costs in central government
  37. Factors influencing dental practitioner performance: a literature review
  38. Exposition book 2011-2012
  39. Resource allocation: weighted capitation formula
  40. Increase in NHS prescription charges
  41. Management of NHS hospital productivity
  42. Hutton review of fair pay in the public sector: final report
  43. Lighting the path: guidance for developing consortia
  44. Dementia care in London
  45. Influenza season 2010-11 - use of antiviral medicines
  46. Preparation and Assurance for 2011/12 Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Programme
  47. GP contract settlement for 2011-12
  48. Safeguarding adults: the role of health services
  49. Consultation on options for improving information on the labels of alcoholic drinks t
  50. An evaluation of the impact of community-based interventions on hospital use: a case
  51. Closing the gap: changing relationships
  52. The operation of the deprivation of liberty safeguards in England 2009-10
  53. Chronic kidney disease quality standard
  54. National cardiovascular disease (CVD) profiles
  55. Social care funding and the NHS: an impending crisis?
  56. Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework developments for 2011/12
  57. Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) funding
  58. NHS staff survey 2010
  59. The vanguard of integration or a lost tribe? Care trusts ten years on
  60. Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advice on pneumococcal polysac
  61. Quality governance in the NHS - a guide for provider boards
  62. Quality Accounts Mini Guides for Quality Accounts: a guide for Local Involvement Netw
  63. Maintaining and improving quality during the transition: safety, effectiveness, exper
  64. Access to the NHS by foreign nationals - Government response to the consultation
  65. Diagnostic testing for Clostridium difficile infection (CDI)
  66. Public Health England (PHE)
  67. Efficient use of vaccines
  68. Changes to the methods of ordering childhood vaccines from Movianto UK Ltd with effec
  69. Major surgical resections England, 2004-2006
  70. Payment by Results - step-by-step guide: calculating the 2011-12 National Tariff
  71. NHS foundation trusts: review of nine months to 31 December 2010
  72. Contract dispute resolution: advice for NHS foundation trusts
  73. Restructuring costs/revenue recognition
  74. Quality Assurance Department reviews of 2009-10 audits of NHS foundation trusts: summ
  75. UK influenza pandemic preparedness strategy 2011: strategy for consultation
  76. Maintaining patients’ trust: modern medical professionalism
  77. Implementing and sustaining change in the contemporary NHS: lessons from the Producti
  78. Off balance
  79. Budget 2011
  80. Improving the quality of care in general practice: report of an independent inquiry c
  81. Facing up to the challenge of personal health budgets: the view of frontline professi
  82. The good practice guidelines for GP electronic patient records: version 4 (2011)
  83. Rapid impact assessment of The Productive Ward: releasing time to care
  84. Productive places: continuing the focus on place-based improvement
  85. Preliminary assessment of economic impacts of alcohol pricing policy options in the U
  86. Healthcare Technology Co-operatives: filling a niche in the English R&D landscape
  87. The Efficiency and Reform Group’s role in improving public sector value for money
  88. Supporting partnerships to reduce alcohol harm: key findings, recommendations and cas
  89. The Quarter: quarter 3, 2010/11
  90. The Cancer Drugs Fund: guidance to support operation of the Cancer Drugs Fund in 2011
  91. How to reduce excess mortality from cancer in areas with the worst health and highest
  92. NHS at home: children's community nursing services
  93. The state of health care and adult social care in England: an overview of key themes
  94. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee, fourth report of
  95. Stop smoking service delivery and monitoring guidance 2011/12
  96. Practice-based commissioning: budget guidance for 2011/12 - methodological changes an
  97. ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our Strategy for Public Health in England’ – opportun
  98. Integrating health and social care: where next?
  99. Health is Global: an outcomes framework for global health 2011-15
  100. Health visiting return to practice and recruitment drive
  101. Transparency in outcomes: a framework for quality in adult social care; a response to
  102. Adult social care outcomes framework
  103. Making quality your business: a guide to the right to provide
  104. HealthWatch transition plan
  105. Fulfilling and rewarding lives: the strategy for adults with autism - evaluating prog
  106. The cancer drugs fund: government response to consultation
  107. Response to sexual violence needs assessments (RSVNA) toolkit: informing the commissi
  108. Budget 2011 briefing
  109. Where next for NHS reform?
  110. Regulatory fees for 2011/12: guidance for service providers
  111. Patients’ experiences of the first-tier tribunal (mental health)
  112. Managing high value capital equipment in the NHS in England
  113. Commissioning - further issues
  114. Accountability for public money
  115. Implementing GP commissioning
  116. Review of the Mary Seacole scholarship awards: steering group governance processes
  117. Good practice procedure guide: the transfer and remission of adult prisoners under s4
  118. Cost-effective prescribing: Better Care Better Value (BCBV) indicator on statins
  119. National allied health professional (AHP) leadership challenge toolkit
  120. Public service output, inputs and productivity: healthcare
  121. National diabetes inpatient audit 2010
  122. Quality standards
  123. Early identification and management of chronic kidney disease in adults
  124. Weight management before, during and after pregnancy
  125. Healthy boards for a healthy London
  126. Count me in 2010
  127. NHS emergency planning guidance: planning for the management of burn-injured patients
  128. Working together for a stronger NHS
  129. Customer insight work on maternity and early years
  130. Developing relativities, costs and prices for the maternity Payment by Results (PbR)
  131. Manual for Cancer Services
  132. Funding for 2011/12 substance misuse services
  133. The public health national support teams 2006-11
  134. Statement of financial entitlements (amendment) directions 2011
  135. The primary medical services (directed enhanced services) (England) (Amendment) direc
  136. Freedom of Information report on waste management
  137. The health costs of cold dwellings
  138. Children’s and young people’s project - London’s specialised children’s services: gui
  139. Need 2 know: measuring wellbeing
  140. Hospital inpatient waste identification tool
  141. Commissioning for the future: learning from a simulation of the health system in 2013
  142. Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG) 2011
  143. Guidance: GP Extended Hours Access Scheme Directed Enhanced Service – 1 April 2011 to
  144. Strategic Health Authorities concerning GP Registrar (Amendment) Directions 2011
  145. Commissioning services for women and children who experience violence or abuse: a gui
  146. The Government's response to the recommendations in front line care: the report of th
  147. Summary of 2011/12 QOF indicator changes, points and thresholds
  148. Patient participation directed enhanced service (DES) for GMS contract: guidance and
  149. Fundamentals of commissioning health services for children
  150. The Good Medical Practice Framework for appraisal and revalidation
  151. UNISON duty of care handbook: for members working in health and social care
  152. Variations in health care: the good, the bad and the inexplicable
  153. Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health National Support Te
  154. Strategic high impact changes: childhood obesity
  155. Mental health promotion and mental illness prevention: the economic case
  156. The NHS Performance Framework: implementation guidance - April 2011
  157. Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS - managing the transition
  158. Listening exercise: how to get involved
  159. Transforming Community Services: demonstrating and measuring achievement: community i
  160. Ordinary residence: guidance on the identification of the ordinary residence of peopl
  161. Liberating the NHS: orders of change?
  162. Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: a springboard for action
  163. Personalisation briefing: implications of the Equality Act 2010
  164. Implementing NICE public health guidance for the workplace: a national organisational
  165. Reducing spending on low clinical value treatments
  166. Childhood obesity in London
  167. Environmental design guide: adult medium secure services
  168. Hepatitis B antenatal screening and newborn immunisation programme: best practice gui
  169. Hepatitis B: pathway stages to protection - actions, roles, responsibilities and stan
  170. Price benchmarking and reducing non-pay spend
  171. Open letter on surgical interventions of low clinical effectiveness
  172. Making policy better: improving Whitehall's core business
  173. Proceed with caution: an economic perspective on the UK’s value based pricing proposa
  174. Driving improvement and learning from NHS complaints information
  175. Accounting for Transforming Community Services transactions
  176. NHS foundation trust accounts: a guide for non-executives and governors - April 2011
  177. Rural health economies and the health bill
  178. Leadership in clinically-led commissioning consortia: GPC guide to the Health and Soc
  179. Impact of Quality and Outcomes Framework on health inequalities
  180. How is the NHS performing? Quarterly monitoring report
  181. Guidance on the NHS standard contract for care home services 2011/12
  182. Extension of mandatory surveillance to E.coli bloodstream infections, June 2011
  183. Growing the social investment market: a vision and strategy
  184. Speaking up for vulnerable adults: what the whistleblowers say
  185. Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme process guide and methods guide
  186. Consultation on community service governance indicators and quality governance assess
  187. Facing the future: standards for paediatric services
  188. More for less 2009/10: are efficiency and productivity improving in the NHS?
  189. Spirituality in nursing care: a pocket guide
  190. Reablement: a cost-effective route to better outcomes
  191. Exploring the interdependency between public and charitable medical research
  192. National Health Service landscape review
  193. Update on Monitor's financial assumptions
  194. Positive action provisions
  195. Safe management of healthcare waste
  196. National audit of dementia services – establishment of memory services
  197. Public Health England
  198. Assessment of services to reduce diabetes-related mortality
  199. A generic workbook to facilitate local partners' investigation and development of a s
  200. Contract value uplifts for 2011/12
  201. The primary medical services (electronic prescription service authorisation) directio
  202. Inpatient services survey 2010
  203. Lessons from PFI and other projects
  204. Health care service standards in caring for neonates, children and young people
  205. Productive general practice: releasing time to care
  206. NHS Future Forum
  207. NHS costing manual 2010-11
  208. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) data standard
  209. Integration this time? Liberating the NHS and the role of local government
  210. Quick guide to local government
  211. Needs based palliative care commissioning for children, young people and their famili
  212. The Health and Social Care Bill: update
  213. Safe and effective service improvement: delivering the safety and productivity agenda
  214. People powered health
  215. A vision for the future health & social wellbeing of a city: final report of the Inde
  216. Evidence: helping people help themselves
  217. Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS), and reference costs best pract
  218. Governance arrangements for research ethics committees: a harmonised edition
  219. Dental quality and outcomes framework
  220. The Government's health reforms: an analysis of the need for clarification and change
  221. Agency workers regulations
  222. Specialised children’s services commissioning guidance: end of engagement report
  223. Working with patients and members of the public: current practice and future plans, 2
  224. Evaluating the impact of the 2005 OFT study into care homes for older people
  225. Adult social care excellence award - consultation
  226. Ensuring effective commissioning of cancer services: a survey of GPs
  227. Hospital Episode Statistics (HES): Improving the quality and value of hospital data
  228. Public and private sector terms, conditions and the issue of fairness
  229. Transforming our health care system: ten priorities for commissioners
  230. Evaluation of nurse and pharmacist independent prescribing in England: key findings a
  231. Delayed transfers of care
  232. Peeling the onion: learning, tips and tools from the Health Inequalities Scrutiny Pro
  233. Research briefing 37: mental health service transition for young people
  234. Adult social care
  235. Assistant practitioner scoping project
  236. Stealing the NHS: how careless is the NHS being with our tax money?
  237. Valuing carers 2011: calculating the value of carers' support
  238. South East toolkit
  239. National Sentinel Stroke Audit 2010: public report - round 7
  240. Policy+ 30: RM+RM = better midwifery care
  241. Prime Minister's speech on the NHS reforms
  242. Public perceptions of the NHS and social care - December 2010
  243. Statement of Government policy on adult safeguarding
  244. Immunisation against infectious diseases - The Green Book
  245. Allied health professions service improvement project
  246. Dying Matters public survey
  247. Costing care pathways: understanding the cost of the diabetes care pathway
  248. Staying effective in a changing world - tools of the trade for facilitators in end of
  249. Capacity, care planning and advance care planning in life limiting illnesses
  250. Public health inquiry