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  1. Progress with value for money savings and lessons for cost reduction programmes
  2. Revalidation of doctors
  3. A fair start: A personalised pathway for disabled children and their families
  4. Foundation for excellence: an evaluation of the foundation programme
  5. NHS orthodontic contract - advice for Primary Care Trusts
  6. Commissioning talking therapies for 2011/12
  7. Collaboration beyond borders: European funding opportunities for the NHS
  8. Department of Health business plan 2011-2015
  9. Liberating the NHS: National Quality Board’s advice on implementing the White Paper
  10. Making sustainability add up: a strategic priority for foundation trusts
  11. Market profile, quality of provision and commissioning of adult social care services
  12. Destination unknown
  13. NHS Choices primary care consultation final report
  14. An age old problem: a review of the care received by elderly patients undergoing surg
  15. Frontline First: interim report
  16. Nothing ventured, nothing gained: risk guidance for people with dementia
  17. Transforming Community Services: pay for senior staff in provider organisations
  18. Elective care commissioning pathways
  19. Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) scheme: record retention and disposal policy
  20. Diabetes in adults quality standard
  21. Making sustainability add up: accounting for sustainability - a strategic priority fo
  22. Revalidation of doctors: uncorrected transcript of oral evidence - 4 November 2010
  23. Commissioning: uncorrected transcript of oral evidence - 2 November 2010
  24. Improvement in practice: Beth Israel Deaconess case study
  25. The essential guide to GP commissioning
  26. National Apprenticeship Advisory Committee: making apprenticeships an important and s
  27. Advanced level nursing: a position statement
  28. Improving care for people with long term conditions: 'at a glance' information sheets
  29. PL/CNO/2010/3 Eliminating mixed sex accommodation
  30. National statistics about the experience of black and minority ethnic patients: a con
  31. The Quarter, quarter 1 2010/11
  32. Uptake of the seasonal influenza vaccine
  33. Interventional Radiology: guidance for service delivery - a report from the National
  34. Tackling tough choices: creating public value
  35. Flexible workforce: strategic planning to reduce costs and improve quality
  36. Delivering the Cancer Reform Strategy
  37. The GP practice index
  38. Choosing a high-quality hospital: the role of nudges, scorecard design and informatio
  39. QIPP national workstream: back office efficiency and management optimisation
  40. Out of Hours Benchmark – Christmas period
  41. Draft chemotherapy measures for the Manual for Cancer Services
  42. National Statistics published by the Department of Health about the experience of bla
  43. The third year of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA) service 2009/10
  44. Clinical and service integration: the route to improved outcomes
  45. Prison healthcare: escort and bedwatch costs guidance on prolonged hospital stays
  46. Making written information easier to understand for people with learning disabilities
  47. Insight into staff engagement
  48. Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice. Supplementary guidance: public interest disclo
  49. Progress report: evaluation of the national integrated care pilots
  50. Managing winter
  51. Experiences of implementing personal health budgets: 2nd interim report
  52. Incentivising wellness: improving the treatment of long-term conditions
  53. 'Healthy lives, healthy people: our strategy for public health in England' (Local Aut
  54. 'Healthy lives, healthy people: our strategy for public health in England' (NHS Chief
  55. Consultation report - fitness to practise adjudication for health professionals: asse
  56. Department of Health business plan 2011-2015: consultation on the transparency framew
  57. Medical rehabilitation in 2011 and beyond
  58. Mental health and the productivity challenge: improving quality and value for money
  59. Listen to patients, speak up for change
  60. Maternity services 2010
  61. Call for evidence on the future funding of care and support
  62. Improving the prescribing of antipsychotic drugs for people with dementia
  63. Maternity issues for doctors in training
  64. The Back on Track framework for further training: restoring practitioners to safe and
  65. Healthy lives, healthy people: our strategy for public health in England
  66. Healthy lives, healthy people: impact assessments
  67. Research and development work relating to assistive technology 2009-10
  68. Uncorrected transcript of oral evidence - commissioning
  69. Measuring social value: how five social enterprises did it
  70. The Palliative Care Funding Review - interim report
  71. Guidance on safe nurse staffing levels in the UK
  72. Local innovations in wheelchair and seating services
  73. Routine childhood immunisation from November 2010
  74. Valuing People Now summary report March 2009 - September 2010
  75. National Cancer Patient Experience Survey Programme - 2010: national survey report
  76. Making sustainability add up
  77. Transfer and transform
  78. Social care and hospital use at the end of life
  79. Quality Accounts
  80. Recognised, valued and supported: next steps for the Carers Strategy: Response to the
  81. Commissioning mental wellbeing
  82. National heart failure audit: 2010
  83. Health of the public
  84. Decentralisation and the Localism Bill: an essential guide
  85. LASSL (DH) (2012) 2: Adults' personal social services: revenue grants and capital gra
  86. Private healthcare market study
  87. The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention and control o
  88. Response to the consultation on: The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice
  89. A plain English guide to the Local Government Finance Settlement for 2011-12
  90. Response to the Independent Review of the requirement to have insurance or indemnity
  91. Public expenditure: second report of session 2010-11
  92. Health resource allocation: a briefing for the House of Commons Health Select Committ
  93. Energise your estate the low carbon way: meeting public sector estate cost efficiency
  94. A summary of the consultation on changes to the allocation formulae for the learning
  95. Euro-wide health profiles
  96. End of life care: achieving quality in hostels and for homeless people
  97. Influenza season 2010/11: use of antivirals
  98. Schedule 6 of the terms of authorisation
  99. Clinical nurse specialists in cancer care; provision, proportion and performance
  100. Liberating the NHS: developing the healthcare workforce
  101. Healthy Lives, Healthy People: transparency in outcomes, proposals for a public healt
  102. Healthy lives, healthy people: consultation on the funding and commissioning routes f
  103. Transparency in outcomes - a framework for the NHS: Government response to the consul
  104. NHS outcomes framework
  105. Third Sector investment programme financial assistance fund 2010-2011: Information pa
  106. The E's of self management
  107. Using the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payment framework
  108. Provider economics impact assessment model
  109. Winter weather: Secretary of State's letters of thanks to the NHS
  110. Winter weather: Secretary of State's letters of thanks to the NHS
  111. 2010/11 seasonal influenza: prescription of antivirals - letter from the CMO
  112. Payment by Results (PbR) 2011-12 road test package
  113. Seasonal Flu 2010/11 in prisons and other closed institutions within the criminal jus
  114. The Family-Nurse Partnership Programme in England
  115. Royal College of Physicians interim report: national audit of dementia care in genera
  116. 2010/11 Seasonal Influenza: update on supply and availability of antivirals for child
  117. £162m additional winter pressures to primary care trusts
  118. Healthcare and Life Sciences Growth Review: life sciences questionnaire
  119. QIPP National Urgent Care Clinical Dashboard - invitations for expressions of interes
  120. Extension of mandatory surveillance to Meticillin Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus (MS
  121. Making the best use of health and social care resources in an era of austerity
  122. Active Patient - the case for self-direction in healthcare
  123. Feeling better? Improving patient experience in hospital
  124. How do quality accounts measure up? Findings from the first year
  125. Applying behavioural insight to health
  126. Getting better? Improving outcomes for children and young people - research messages
  127. Local Involvement Networks (LINks) Annual Reports 2009/10
  128. An independent review into the approach and behaviour of NHS South West in relation t
  129. Commissioning of NHS IVF services
  130. Recognition of pharmacist qualifications awarded in the European Economic Area and Sw
  131. Improving outcomes: a strategy for cancer
  132. Living well with dementia: a National Dementia Strategy - good practice compendium
  133. Performance-related pay awards for staff covered by the Pay Framework for Very Senior
  134. NHS support for social care: 2010/11 – 2012/13
  135. Review of services for people who have had a stroke and their carers
  136. East Midlands Innovation Report
  137. Finding, using and managing information: nursing, midwifery health and social care in
  138. The management of lower urinary tract symptoms in men commissioning guide
  139. Lessons learned from recent NHS foundation trust applications
  140. Manual for Cancer Services 2008: teenage and young adults
  141. Manual for Cancer Services 2008: brain and CNS
  142. Review of the support available to individuals infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV b
  143. A new pathway for the regulation and governance of health research
  144. Commissioning
  145. Private finance initiative (PFI) in housing and hospitals
  146. Liberating the NHS. What might happen?
  147. Tomorrow’s people? A guide for overview and scrutiny committees about involving young
  148. Improving the productivity of the English NHS
  149. Engaging the public in delivering health improvement
  150. A plain English guide to the Localism Bill
  151. Focus On: Health and Social Care Bill 2011
  152. Health and Social Care Bill 2011: combined impact assessments
  153. National Health Service landscape review
  154. GP commissioning: insights from medical groups in the United States
  155. Hospitals in the new health service
  156. How can local authorities with less money support better outcomes for older people?
  157. Risk, ‘Equity and Excellence’: a commentary on the NHS White Paper
  158. Health profiles 2010
  159. Remote control: the patient-practitioner relationship in a digital age
  160. Transport and health resource: delivering healthy local transport plans
  161. Impact assessment for the continuation of a statutory scheme to control the prices of
  162. Technical guidance for the 2011/12 Operating Framework
  163. Influenza, meningococcal infection and other bacterial co-infection including pneumoc
  164. Winter Pressures
  165. Healthy lives, healthy people briefing
  166. Parliamentary briefing: Health and Social Care Bill, second reading, 31 January 2011
  167. What’s leadership got to do with it? Exploring links between quality improvement and
  168. Annual HPV vaccine coverage in England in 2009/2010
  169. Surgical workforce 2010: profile and trends
  170. Spiritual care at the end of life: a systematic review of the literature
  171. Bereavement care services: a synthesis of the literature
  172. Learning from the past - setting out the future: developing learning disabilities nur
  173. Commissioning health services: a guide for Royal College of Nursing (RCN) activists a
  174. Invitation to be an early implementer for health and wellbeing boards
  175. Mental Health Act 1983 - proposed amendments in the Health and Social Care Bill 2011
  176. Support. Stay. Save. Care and support of people with dementia in their own homes
  177. WHO surgical safety checklist: for maternity cases only
  178. NIHR Clinical Research Network North West Exemplar Programme: phase 2 report and reco
  179. National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2010 – Trust level reports
  180. PCT cluster implementation guidance
  181. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee Report on Public
  182. Government response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee, third report of
  183. Department of Health people survey results 2010
  184. How health systems make available information on service providers: experience in sev
  185. Detection and management of outliers: guidance prepared by National Clinical Audit Ad
  186. Route map for sustainable health
  187. The social enterprise investment fund (SEIF) evaluation: Phase one: scoping, review a
  188. An introduction to procurement and competition for GP commissioners
  189. Efficiency in mental health services: supporting improvements in the acute care pathw
  190. First aid for hospital food
  191. Delivering health ambitions better for less: commissioning for sexual health
  192. QMAS underpayments – revenue resources and cash limit adjustments to compensate PCTs
  193. Transforming community services transformational guides
  194. Health visitor implementation plan 2011-15: a call to action, February 2011
  195. No health without mental health: a cross-government mental health outcomes strategy f
  196. Delivering better mental health outcomes
  197. The economic case for improving efficiency and quality in mental health
  198. Talking Therapies: a four year plan of action
  199. The procurement of consumables by NHS acute and foundation trusts
  200. The Primary Medical Directions (Electronic Prescription Service Authorisation) (Amend
  201. Best practice for ensuring the efficient supply and distribution of medicines to pati
  202. Marmot indicators for local authorities in England
  203. Government commitment on health visiting: NHS Operating Framework and assurance: for
  204. Service vision for health visiting in England: CPHVA conference 20-22 October 2010
  205. Health committee - fourth report: revalidation of doctors
  206. Managing sickness absence in the NHS
  207. Value-based pricing for pharmaceuticals: its role, specification and prospects in a n
  208. The Government's response to 'Raising our sights: services for adults with profound i
  209. Eliminating mixed sex accommodation - declaration exercise
  210. Health services for the armed forces and veterans
  211. Measuring impact in health improvement: an accessible guide for health practitioners
  212. The IRIS case study
  213. Measuring sustainable development
  214. Code of conduct for Payment by Results (PbR): from 1 April 2011
  215. Enabling excellence: autonomy and accountability for health and social care staff
  216. Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS - managing the transition
  217. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in government: landscape review
  218. Future ownership and management of PCT-owned estate by aspirant Community Foundation
  219. Predicting death: estimating the proportion of deaths that are ‘unexpected’
  220. 2011 Reform scorecard
  221. External causes of death
  222. Consultation on the joint Department of Health/ National Offender Management Service
  223. Estimating the costs of specialised care
  224. Evaluation of the Dying Matters GP pilot project
  225. Time for social enterprise: a report from the Social Enterprise Coalition
  226. Deaths registered as occurring ‘Elsewhere’
  227. Directions concerning all transactions involving property 2011
  228. The patient voice in revalidation: a discourse analysis
  229. The NHS standard contracts for acute hospital, mental health, community and ambulance
  230. Publication of the final 2011-12 Payment by Results tariff package
  231. Guidance on the microbiological safety of human organs, tissues and cells used in tra
  232. Too little too late?
  233. Keeping personal budgets personal: learning from the experiences of older people, peo
  234. Funding adult social care over the next decade: who cares?
  235. Review of the operation of ‘Any Willing Provider’ for the provision of routine electi
  236. The 'never events' list for 2011/12
  237. NHS cuts to jobs: the list in full
  238. Predicting social care costs: a feasibility study
  239. Alcohol use disorders: diagnosis, assessment and management of harmful drinking and a
  240. Draft sarcoma measures
  241. In their words: what patients think about our NHS
  242. Improved quality and access to health data essential to global health
  243. Emergency access to establishments for ambulance services
  244. QIPP National Workstream: procurement - a best practice procurement diagnostic
  245. Randomised trial of the effectiveness of naloxone
  246. Transition Programme Board: summaries of proceedings of scheduled meetings
  247. Questions that local groups and interested individuals might want to ask about progre
  248. Female genital mutilation: multi-agency practice guidelines
  249. The European dementia research agenda
  250. Delivering the Cancer Reform Strategy: twenty-fourth report of session 2010-11