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  1. Amendments to applying for NHS Foundation Trust status - guide for applicants
  2. Medical error - what do to if things go wrong: a guide for junior doctors
  3. Supporting people to live and die well: a framework for social care at the end of lif
  4. Payment by Results data assurance framework programme 2010/11
  5. RCGP revalidation pilots: England & Wales
  6. Revalidation processes for sessional GPs: a feasibility study to pilot current propos
  7. National Quality Board: quality information strategy
  8. Death by market power: reform, competition and patient outcomes in the National Healt
  9. Strategic Health Authorities and GP Registrar (Amendment) Directions 2010
  10. Self-harm, suicide and risk: helping people who self-harm
  11. Review of the Cancer Reform Strategy
  12. Interoperability in a crisis 2: human factors and organisation processes
  13. The quality of death: ranking end-of-life care across the world
  14. Take Care Now report
  15. General ophthalmic services: payments for continuing education and training and pre-r
  16. The NHS and people lacking mental capacity
  17. Save money by saving carbon
  18. 2009/10 National Survey of Investment in Adult Mental Health Services
  19. Independent review of the requirement to have insurance or indemnity as a condition o
  20. Direct payments for health care: Information for pilot sites
  21. Sex and violence: improving your care. Taskforce on the health aspects of violence ag
  22. Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS
  23. Focus on: Department of Health White Paper
  24. Department of Health draft structural reform plan
  25. Liberating the NHS: managing the transition
  26. Data briefing: Government plans to transfer commissioning responsibility from PCTs to
  27. From feast to famine: reforming the NHS for an age of austerity
  28. Transparency in outcomes - a framework for the NHS
  29. The White Paper - supplementary management bulletin
  30. Early experiences of implementing personal health budgets
  31. Liberating the NHS: commissioning for patients - consultation on proposals
  32. Liberating the NHS: local democratic legitimacy in health - a consultation on proposa
  33. Improving NHS productivity: more with the same not more of the same
  34. The route to success in end of life care - achieving quality in acute hospitals
  35. Liberating the NHS: report of the arms-length bodies review
  36. Liberating the NHS: regulating healthcare providers - a consultation on proposals
  37. Perinatal mortality 2008
  38. Early experiences of implementing personal health budgets
  39. Financing PFI projects in the credit crisis and the Treasury’s response
  40. Diagnosis and management of metastatic malignant disease of unknown primary origin
  41. AIDS support grant for social care for people with HIV/AIDS: financial year 2010/11.
  42. Consultation on changes to the allocation formulae for the Learning Disability Commis
  43. Careless: funding long-term care for the elderly
  44. Extent and causes of international variations in drug usage: a report for the Secreta
  45. The nature and consequences of support workers in a hospital setting
  46. Government response to the Science and Technology Committee report 'Evidence Check 2:
  47. Fitness to practise adjudication for health professionals: assessing different mechan
  48. The Coalition Government's NHS reforms: an assessment of the White Paper
  49. Continuing care for veterans
  50. Stimulating new markets - commissioning social enterprises: report for the National P
  51. Third sector investment programme: innovation excellence and service development fund
  52. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT): data handbook (v1.0)
  53. Commissioning assessment guide: priority for improvement council policy and guidance
  54. Implications of contracting directly with GP federations
  55. Implications of contracting directly with GP federations
  56. Carers Strategy Demonstrator Sites project funding allocations 2010/11
  57. The role of GPs in maternity care - what does the future hold?
  58. Update on progress following the internal audit report - learning and implications fr
  59. Policy+ 26: what are nurse sensitive patient outcomes in ambulatory chemotherapy?
  60. ‘The billion dollar question’: embedding prevention in older people’s services - 10 ‘
  61. Report of consultation findings on proposed new standards for pre-registration nursin
  62. Exercising healthy outcomes: sport and exercise medicine: a guide for commissioners t
  63. How to why to: insulin pump therapy
  64. Paying for the NHS
  65. Commissioning for personalisation: from the fringes to the mainstream
  66. Market research for online communities in the NHS
  67. Evaluation of the Leadership Qualities Framework 360 review process
  68. Referral management: lessons for success
  69. Variations in place of death in England: inequalities or appropriate consequences of
  70. Implementation of patient safety alerts
  71. Implementing trauma systems: key issues for the NHS
  72. The national specifications for cleanliness in the NHS: guidance on setting and measu
  73. Dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia: a guide for managers and practitioners
  74. Home oxygen programme update
  75. Procedures for placing a risk of violence marker on electronic and paper records
  76. NHS Pension Scheme retirement flexibilities: resource pack
  77. Transforming adult social care delivery support architecture
  78. Milestones for Putting People First: progress measures for the delivery of transformi
  79. The principles of GP commissioning: a General Practitioners Committee statement in th
  80. Holistic assessment: support sheet 16
  81. The transformative power of effective facilitation - practical steps to making a diff
  82. Regional skills and labour market intelligence (LMI) briefings
  83. Understanding the contribution of skills to productivity in the UK health sector
  84. Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) consultation
  85. Best practice guidance for managing appointment slot issues within Choose and Book
  86. 'Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS' - opportunities and challenges
  87. The first hundred days
  88. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) year one sites data review
  89. The NHS Bursary Scheme - eleventh edition
  90. Draft acute oncology measures
  91. Working and training in the National Health Service – a guide for international medic
  92. GP commissioning
  93. End of Life Care Strategy: second annual report
  94. National Sentinel Stroke Audit - organisational audit 2010: public report for England
  95. Improving data quality in the NHS: annual report on the Payment by Results (PbR) assu
  96. Managing serious incidents in National Screening Programmes
  97. Medical leadership competency framework: enhancing engagement in medical leadership (
  98. Pillars of the community: the RCN’s UK position on the development of the registered
  99. Developing specialties in medicine: protocol for handling applications for new CCT sp
  100. Moving beyond sponsorship: interactive toolkit for joint working between NHS and the
  101. Still hungry to be heard
  102. Adaptation to climate change in NHS organisations: what you need to know
  103. Leadership needs of medical directors and clinical directors
  104. Removing the policy barriers to integrated care in England
  105. The national hip fracture database national report 2010
  106. Public service ombudsmen
  107. Community engagement report for the Health Foundation
  108. Engaging communities for health improvement: a scoping study for the Health Foundatio
  109. New drugs to tackle antimicrobial resistance: analysis of EU policy options
  110. Development of a national tariff for integrated sexual health services
  111. Water sources and potential for infection from taps and sinks
  112. National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services - type 1
  113. Investing in social growth: can the Big Society be more than a slogan?
  114. Section 67 of the Mental Health Act
  115. Cross-border transfers of patients under the Mental Health Act
  116. Engagement exercises to seek views on possibilities for introducing independent presc
  117. Delivering enhanced pharmacy services in a modern NHS: improving outcomes in public h
  118. Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) Funding for 2010/11
  119. Achieving equity and excellence for children
  120. Getting it right for children and young people: overcoming cultural barriers in the N
  121. Establishment of regional networks of trauma care
  122. Preparing for change: implementing the new pre-registration nursing standards
  123. The foundations of good governance
  124. From social security to social productivity: a vision for 2020 public services
  125. Analysis of consultation on assessments of quality in 2010-11
  126. The Government response to Law Commission consultation paper 192 - review of the law
  127. Liberating the NHS: managing the transition
  128. Community mental health survey results
  129. White paper consultation
  130. Update on commissioning activity
  131. Shedding the pounds: obesity management, NICE guidance and bariatric surgery in Engla
  132. World Alzheimer report 2010: the global economic impact of dementia
  133. NHS: local spending data
  134. Rising to the challenge: creating momentum through QIPP in the new NHS
  135. The intelligent board 2010: patient experience
  136. Reforming health care: why we need to learn from international experience
  137. Next steps on GP-led commissioning
  138. On the face of it: a review of the organisational structures surrounding the practice
  139. Healthier Food Mark - module 3 - self-assessment evaluation
  140. Key themes from stage two of Monitor’s Annual Plan Review 2010
  141. National Child Measurement Programme 2010/11
  142. Pilot campaigns to promote early diagnosis of bowel cancer
  143. Meeting the healthcare needs of veterans: a guide for general practitioners
  144. Statement of Financial Entitlements (Amendment) (No.3) Directions 2010
  145. Requirement for NHS organisations to publish expenditure over £25,000
  146. Preparations for winter planning and reporting 2010/11
  147. Patterns of specialist mental health service usage in England
  148. Pharmaceutical needs assessments (PNAs)
  149. GP Patient Survey, July 2009 to June 2010
  150. Acting now for better health: a 30% reduction target for EU climate policy
  151. Delays in deliveries of seasonal influenza vaccine 2010
  152. Progressing to NHS Foundation Trust (FT) status
  153. Normal birth as a measure of the quality of care
  154. NHS foundation trusts: review of three months to 30th June 2010
  155. The Patel report: reducing drug-related crime and rehabilitating offenders
  156. Update on work to prepare the tariff for Payment by Results for 2011-12
  157. A simple guide to Payment by Results
  158. Draft guidance on NHS commissioning and contracting of adult and neonatal critical ca
  159. Protocol for ordering, storing and handling vaccines
  160. Essence of care 2010
  161. A model for service provision for pregnant women with complex social factors
  162. NICE consultation on new draft quality standards
  163. How the Government’s planned cuts will affect older people
  164. Prison mental health: vision and reality
  165. Improving quality and productivity in the NHS whilst facing the financial pressures
  166. Economic and social costs of mental health problems in 2009/10
  167. Postnatal care: still a Cinderella story?
  168. Equality and diversity and older people with high support needs
  169. Legacy application modernisation in the public sector
  170. General practice profiles on cancer
  171. National Capabilities Survey 2010
  172. Revenue generation initiative - reporting information about treatment of overseas vis
  173. Strategies to achieve cost-effective prescribing: guidance for primary care trusts an
  174. Enhancing the benefits from biomedical and health research spillovers between public,
  175. End of life care planning with people who have a personal health budget
  176. Grasping the nettle: early intervention for children, families and communities
  177. Primary care and emergency departments
  178. Expanding the list of “never events”: policy proposals for engagement
  179. How fair is Britain? Equality, human rights and good relations in 2010 - the first tr
  180. Reviews into Summary Care Record
  181. Public dividend capital 2010-11
  182. Quality improvement in general practice
  183. The NHS Constitution and whistleblowing: a paper for consultation
  184. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) prophylaxis: recommendations for the use of the pas
  185. An information evolution: a consultation on proposals
  186. Liberating the NHS: greater choice and control: a consultation on proposals
  187. Response to consultation: your choice of GP practice: a consultation on enabling peop
  188. Strategic Commissioning Development Unit (SCDU): commissioning packs
  189. Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS for allied health professionals
  190. Review of the Organ Donor Register by Professor Sir Gordon Duff
  191. The Quarter: quarter 4, 2009/10
  192. A funding settlement that works for people, not services
  193. Shaping public spending priorities for adult social care
  194. Consultation on proposed financial reporting amendments to the NHS Foundation Trust A
  195. The Equality Act 2010: employment implications for the NHS - October 2010
  196. Central government's use of consultants and interims
  197. Promoting the quality of life of looked-after children and young people
  198. Regional variation in the productivity of the English National Health Service
  199. Foundation trusts: a retrospective review
  200. Spending Review 2010
  201. The Spending Review settlement (NHS)
  202. The Spending Review settlement (Social Care)
  203. Deaths in older adults in England
  204. Putting GP-led commissioning into practice
  205. Being a good research partner: the virtues and rewards
  206. Addendum to the transactions manual
  207. The 21st century doctor: understanding the doctors of tomorrow
  208. MARSIPAN: Management of really sick patients with anorexia nervosa
  209. Real time patient feedback
  210. A shower not a hurricane
  211. Prevention and control of blood-borne virus infection addendum: guidelines for dialys
  212. Review of coding for success implementation
  213. Absent without leave: definitions of escape and abscond
  214. Occupational health and safety standards
  215. GP Consortia Pathfinder Programme letter from Dame Barbara Hakin
  216. Contracting for support to Local Involvement Networks in 2011-2012: supporting the p
  217. Consultation on Cancer Drugs Fund
  218. LAC (DH) (2010) 6: The Personal Care at Home Act 2010 and charging for re-ablement
  219. 2010/11 funding for re-ablement linked to hospital discharge
  220. Pandemic H1N1 flu
  221. Working with radiation in the NHS – advice for managers and staff
  222. NHS resources and reform: response to the White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberati
  223. Implementing the End of Life Care Strategy: lessons for good practice
  224. Financial management of personal budgets: challenges and opportunities for councils
  225. Toolkit to support the development of Primary Care Federations
  226. Impact of the health White Paper: what do doctors think?
  227. Reforming health care: why we need to learn from international experience
  228. How to create an attractive and supportive working environment for health professiona
  229. Should healthcare support workers be regulated?
  230. The chance of a lifetime? Bliss baby report 2010
  231. Ethnic monitoring: is health equality possible without it?
  232. Tackling inequalities in life expectancy in areas with the worst health and deprivati
  233. Public expenditure - uncorrected transcript of oral evidence
  234. Quantitative systematic review of short term associations between ambient air polluti
  235. Integrated Drug Treatment System for Prisons (IDTS) allocations for 2010/11
  236. Fairer contributions guidance 2010: calculating an individual's contribution to their
  237. Anti-cancer medicines
  238. Pushing the boundaries of social care - innovation on the front line
  239. Continuous improvement in cytology: sustaining and accelerating improvement
  240. National roll-out of Primary PCI (PPCI) for patients with ST segment elevation myocar
  241. Sustainable finances: reporting on sustainability for NHS finance managers
  242. Raising and escalating concerns: guidance for nurses and midwives
  243. The quality of care in general practice: capturing opinions from the front line
  244. Taking the temperature of local communities: The Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WA
  245. Putting NICE guidance into general practice
  246. Local tobacco control profiles
  247. The national audit of theatre equipment 2010
  248. NHS standard terms and conditions of contract for the purchase of goods and supply of
  249. National review of the hospital standardised mortality ratio
  250. NICE consultation on draft quality standards for diabetes and glaucoma