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  1. Your choice of GP practice: a consultation on how to enable people to register with t
  2. ‘Fulfilling and rewarding lives’: the strategy for adults with autism in England
  3. Enhanced recovery
  4. Working it out: employment for people with a mental health condition
  5. Consultation on the de-authorisation of NHS foundation trusts
  6. Consultation on proposed regulations on “duty of co-operation”: relating to sharing i
  7. The nursing roadmap for quality: a signposting map for nursing
  8. Primary care and emergency departments
  9. Teenage pregnancy strategy: beyond 2010
  10. Priority review of long term conditions care planning commitment and PSA target
  11. Invisible patients: report of the working group on the health of health professionals
  12. Regional factsheets on carers
  13. Leading the way through social enterprise: the Social Enterprise Pathfinder Programme
  14. Changes to the NHS Constitution: Government response to the consultation on new patie
  15. The NHS Constitution for England
  16. The handbook to the NHS Constitution for England
  17. The Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities (Waiting Times) Directions 2
  18. Funding social care: what service users say
  19. NHS Appraisal Toolkit website restored after security checks satisfied
  20. Consultation on additional annual reporting requirements 2009/10
  21. Healthy balance: a review of public health performance and spending
  22. Getting the most out of PROMS: putting health outcomes at the heart of NHS decision-m
  23. A better future: a consultation on a future strategy for adults with autistic spectru
  24. Health and social outcomes and health service experiences of UK military veterans: a
  25. Age equality in health and social care: a report on the consultation
  26. NHS Pharmaceutical Services: transfer of the global sum to PCT allocations
  27. Median Index of Public Sector Building Tender Prices (MIPS)
  28. The report from the taskforce on the health aspects of violence against women and chi
  29. The NHS quality, innovation, productivity and prevention challenge: an introduction f
  30. Currency options for the Healthy Child Programme: Transforming Community Services
  31. Manual for Cancer Services 2008: Cancer Research Network Measures
  32. Rising to the challenge: health priorities for government and the NHS
  33. Clinical directed enhanced services (DESs) for GMS contract – guidance and audit requ
  34. Guide to Monitor for Local Involvement Networks (LINks)
  35. The personalisation agenda: implications for the third sector
  36. Social care: third report of session 2009-10
  37. Securing good care for people: options for reform
  38. Funding care: how can each generation pay its fair share?
  39. Code of governance for NHS foundation trusts
  40. On the state of public health: annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2009
  41. Advancing health: examples of the work of the Chief Medical Officer for England, 1998
  42. Exceptional progress? Assessing the progress made in improving access to treatment fo
  43. Personal care at home: a consultation on proposals for regulations and guidance - the
  44. Ready to go? Planning the discharge and the transfer of patients from hospital and in
  45. NICE invites stakeholders to comment on 2011/12 Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  46. Maternity and early years - making a good start to family life
  47. Progress in implementing the White Paper ‘Trust Assurance and Safety’
  48. Improving dementia services in England - an interim report: nineteenth report of sess
  49. Governing health services research: is it working?
  50. Paths to personalisation in mental health: a whole system, whole life framework
  51. Fewer hospitals, more competition
  52. Regulating for better care: ambulance trusts
  53. New Horizons: towards a shared vision for mental health - report on responses to the
  54. Cross-border arrangements between England and Wales
  55. Survey of NHS staff 2009
  56. Strengthening national commissioning consultation - summary of responses to the consu
  57. Valuing people now: transfer of funding and commissioning of social care for adults w
  58. Putting our heads together: what makes senior joint posts work?
  59. Successful commissioning toolkit
  60. World class commissioning: March 2010 update
  61. Guidance for the 2010/11 human papillomavirus vaccination programme
  62. Building a safe and confident future: implementing the recommendations of the Social
  63. When I’m 94: how to fund care for an ageing population
  64. Towards Tesco - improving public sector procurement
  65. Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG)
  66. Valuing people now: a new three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities
  67. Reducing cancer inequality: evidence, progress and making it happen: a report by the
  68. Proposals to introduce prescribing responsibilities for paramedics: stakeholder engag
  69. Cardiac imaging: a report from the National Imaging Board, March 2010
  70. Healthcare for single homeless people
  71. Choice and Competition in Public Services: a guide for policy makers
  72. Inclusion Health: improving primary care for socially excluded people
  73. One year on - the first report from the National Advisory Council for children's ment
  74. Heatwave plan for England: protecting health and reducing harm from extreme heat and
  75. Practice Based Commissioning Group and Independent Leads Survey: Wave 2
  76. Budget 2010: securing the recovery: economic and fiscal strategy report and financial
  77. Bridging the quality gap: heart failure
  78. A framework for staff engagement: an introduction to staff engagement in the NHS and
  79. NHS emergency planning guidance: the ambulance service guidance on dealing with radio
  80. NHS emergency planning guidance: planning for the development and deployment of Medic
  81. Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives: a research and surveillance plan for England - update
  82. Organising quality and effective spinal services for patients: a report for local hea
  83. Very Senior Managers' Pay Framework: job evaluation
  84. Caldicott Guardian Manual 2010
  85. Improving oral health and dental outcomes: developing the dental public health workfo
  86. NHS Global
  87. The Quarter: quarter 3, 2009/10
  88. Health protection legislation guidance 2010
  89. Commercial skills for the NHS
  90. Principles and rules of cooperation and competition
  91. Building the National Care Service
  92. Shaping the future of care together: report on the consultation
  93. Planning and developing the NHS workforce: the national framework
  94. Pharmacy in England: building on strengths, delivering the future - draft regulations
  95. A national framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care
  96. Invest in engagement
  97. Transforming community services: allied health professional referral to treatment gui
  98. Talking it through: the importance of communications when discussing local service ch
  99. Requested allocation of a deceased donor organ
  100. Transforming adult social care - the Social Care Reform Grants
  101. Direct payments for health care: a consultation on proposals for regulations and guid
  102. Self-assessment management tool for delivery of information prescriptions
  103. Meeting the quality and productivity challenge for the NHS in partnership
  104. Pandemic H1N1 antiviral stand down arrangements
  105. Uniforms and workwear: guidance on uniform and workwear policies for NHS employers
  106. The NHS performance framework: implementation guidance 2010/11
  107. NHS continuing healthcare practice guidance
  108. NHS continuing healthcare: refunds guidance
  109. Acute awareness: improving hospital care for people with dementia
  110. Pharmacy in England: building on strengths - delivering the future - regulations unde
  111. Decentralisation and performance: autonomy and incentives in local health economies
  112. MRSA screening - operational guidance 3
  113. One year on: Healthy lives, brighter futures: the strategy for children and young peo
  114. Mental health system reform: towards delivering New Horizons and Quality and Producti
  115. New report analyses spending on hospital food
  116. Briefing note: Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks
  117. Health Profile of England 2009
  118. Compliance framework 2010-11
  119. Health Inequalities (HINST) Enhanced Support Programme resource manual
  120. Climate change plan
  121. Towards 'Fulfilling and rewarding lives': the first year delivery plan for adults wit
  122. Personalisation through person - centred planning
  123. Valuing People Now delivery plan 2010-11
  124. Cancer awareness: the impact of sexual orientation
  125. Housing rights resource pack
  126. Human rights training materials and human rights resources
  127. Delivering enhanced recovery: helping patients to get better sooner after surgery
  128. Mutual benefit: giving people power over public services
  129. General Election - 2010 Guidance
  130. General Election - 2010 Guidance
  131. NHS foundation trusts: review of nine months to 31 December 2009
  132. The use of overseas doctors in providing out-of-hours services
  133. Cross-border healthcare and patient mobility: revised advice on handling requests fro
  134. Consultation on seeking external assurance on the Quality Accounts of NHS foundation
  135. A high-performing NHS? A review of progress 1997 - 2010
  136. Health priorities for an incoming government
  137. London Health Inequalities Strategy
  138. Summary of responses to the consultation on seeking external assurance on the quality
  139. Care Quality Commission (CQC) - New registration guidance for adult social care and i
  140. Accounting for quality to the local community: findings from focus group research
  141. My name is not dementia
  142. NHS foundation trust annual reporting manual 2009-10
  143. Harnessing the benefits of the independent sector: priorities for the next government
  144. Real involvement for SHAs: working with people to improve health and health services
  145. Good practice in research and consent in research
  146. Putting quality first in the boardroom: improving the business of caring
  147. NHS accounts guides for non-executives and governors
  148. Developing tariffs for integrated sexual health services
  149. Monitor business plan 2010-2011
  150. New foundations: the future of NHS Trust providers
  151. Children's heart surgery - the need for change
  152. A matter of emergency
  153. Emergency medicine consultants - workforce recommendations
  154. Changing cultures, relationships and performance in local health care economies
  155. Medical chief executives in the NHS: facilitators and barriers to their career progre
  156. Implementing recovery: a methodology for organisational change
  157. Formulas at war over two sorts of inequality in health funding
  158. Detailed guidance for the dry-run of external assurance on the quality reports
  159. Report of the RQIA review of interpartum care
  160. Measuring sustainable development in the NHS
  161. NHS sustainable board leadership programme
  162. Too little, too late? Why Europe should do more for preterm infants
  163. Commissioning for sustainable development: a how-to guide for commissioners
  164. Not just a phase: a guide to the participation of children and young people in health
  165. Lessons from the US: using technology and homecare to improve chronic disease managem
  166. The Coalition: our programme for government
  167. Involving users in commissioning local services
  168. A review of collaborative procurement across the public sector
  169. Healthcare for London affordability study
  170. Treatment and care towards the end of life: good practice in decision making
  171. Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in hospitalised patients
  172. Residential care home workforce development: the rhetoric and reality of meeting olde
  173. Malnutrition matters: meeting quality standards in nutritional care
  174. Very senior managers’ pay
  175. Contraceptive services for socially disadvantaged young people: draft guidance consul
  176. Future physician: changing doctors in changing times
  177. How safe are clinical systems?
  178. Department of Health on service reconfiguration
  179. Inpatient Survey 2009
  180. Prescription charges review: implementing exemption from prescription charges for peo
  181. Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme: instructions and guidance for the NHS
  182. Mixing of medicines prior to administration in clinical practice: medical and non-med
  183. Expert Advisory Group on AIDS annual report 2009
  184. Help is at hand: a resource for people bereaved by suicide and other sudden, traumati
  185. Shift-work, rest and sleep: minimising the risks
  186. Commissioning health care in prisons 2008/09
  187. Alcohol-use disorders: preventing harmful drinking
  188. Consultation on eye care publications.
  189. The influenza immunisation programme 2010/11
  190. Widening participating in pre-registration nursing programmes
  191. General Practitioners Committee Sessional GPs representation working group report
  192. Consultation on the de-authorisation of NHS foundation trusts
  193. Patient choice: how patients choose and how providers respond
  194. Mandatory surveillance weekly reports
  195. McKinsey report on the fiscal future of the NHS
  196. The smoke filled room
  197. The influenza immunisation programme 2010/11
  198. Implementation of medicines for human use (miscellaneous amendments) order 2010: midw
  199. Weekly publication of hospital data on MRSA bacteraemias and C. Difficile infections
  200. Doctors' & Dentists' Review Body distribution of the award for General Medical Servic
  201. Seeing ambulance services in a different light
  202. Implementation of the right to access services in the maximum waiting times: guidance
  203. You need to know
  204. Pressure ulcer productivity calculator
  205. GP budget holding: lessons from across the pond and from the NHS
  206. The GP patient survey: briefing for strategic health authorities, primary care trusts
  207. Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  208. Time for training: a review of the impact of the European Working Time Directive on t
  209. Improving services for adults with autism
  210. Primary care trusts: an introduction
  211. NHS European Office: your voice in Europe
  212. The role of boards in improving patient safety
  213. Revision to the Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2010/11
  214. Budget 2010
  215. Mobile working readiness assessment framework
  216. Cutting the costs without cancelling the services: how to save £12bn in a year
  217. The deficit: a longer term view
  218. Budget 2010: taking the tough choices
  219. The devil’s in the detail: final report of the independent evaluation of the Summary
  220. The performance and management of hospital PFI contracts
  221. Allergy services: still not meeting the unmet need
  222. Guidance on the completion of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards data collation sh
  223. LAC (DH)(2010)3: The Mental Capacity Act
  224. Head and Neck Measures for the Manual for Cancer Services 2008
  225. NHS foundation trusts: review of twelve months to 31 March 2010
  226. Dartington review on the future of adult social care
  227. Embedded workforce within the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)
  228. International profile of health care systems: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Fr
  229. Abolition of the four-hour waiting standard in accident and emergency
  230. The influenza immunisation programme 2010/11 - amendment
  231. Department of Health business expenses
  232. Making the most of frontline staff
  233. Dr Foster readmissions research
  234. Statement of financial entitlements (specification of national minimum percentage upl
  235. Giving GPs budgets for commissioning: what needs to be done?
  236. Improving health outcomes: a guide for action
  237. Funding for children’s palliative care
  238. Trends in emergency admissions in England 2004-2009: is greater efficiency breeding i
  239. International and European nurse recruitment: RCN guidance for nurses, health care as
  240. Building the evidence base in pre-hospital urgent and emergency care: a review of res
  241. Community green: using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health
  242. Practice based commissioning group and independent leads survey: wave 3
  243. Building high-quality commissioning: what role can external organisations play?
  244. Report on the National Patient Choice Survey, England - February 2010
  245. National Quality Board: NICE quality standards
  246. Does hospital competition improve efficiency?
  247. Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Programme Team, social care flu resilience social car
  248. Report of the Swine Flu Critical Care Clinical Group and Key Learning Points for Futu
  249. Learning the lessons from the H1N1 vaccination campaign for Health Care Workers
  250. Tackling inequalities in life expectancy in areas with the worst health and deprivati